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Thursday, March 6th, 1980 Unknown Tokyo Japan
Friday, April 11th, 1980 Ostwestfallenhalle Kaunitz Germany
Saturday, April 12th, 1980 Stadthalle Karlsruhe Germany
Sunday, April 13th, 1980 Circus Kronebau Munich Germany
Tuesday, April 15th, 1980 Freiheitshalle Hof Germany
Thursday, April 17th, 1980 Stadthalle Offenbach Germany
Friday, April 18th, 1980 Stadthalle Wolfsburg Germany
Saturday, April 19th, 1980 Ernst-Merck Halle Hamburg Germany
Monday, April 21st, 1980 Hippodrome Paris France
Tuesday, April 22nd, 1980 Ancienne Belgique Brussels Belgium
Friday, April 25th, 1980 Sporthalle Cologne Germany
Saturday, April 26th, 1980 Tauberfrankenhalle Lauda-Königshofen Germany
Sunday, April 27th, 1980 Hemmerleinhalle Nürnberg Germany
Monday, April 28th, 1980 Donauhalle Ulm Germany
Tuesday, April 29th, 1980 Haldenberghalle Uhingen Germany
Thursday, May 1st, 1980 Stadthalle Bremen Germany
Friday, May 2nd, 1980 Eilenriederhalle Hannover Germany
Saturday, May 3rd, 1980 Neue Welt Berlin Germany
Sunday, May 4th, 1980 Neue Welt Berlin Germany
Monday, May 5th, 1980 Ostseehalle Kiel Germany
Tuesday, May 6th, 1980 Nordlandhalle Lüneburg Germany
Thursday, May 8th, 1980 Stadthalle Kassel Germany
Friday, May 9th, 1980 Grugahalle Essen Germany
Saturday, May 10th, 1980 Eberthalle Ludwigshafen Germany
Sunday, May 11th, 1980 Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken United Kingdom
Tuesday, May 13th, 1980 City Hall Newcastle Germany
Wednesday, May 14th, 1980 Apollo Theatre Manchester United Kingdom
Friday, May 16th, 1980 City Hall Sheffield United Kingdom
Saturday, May 17th, 1980 Apollo Theatre Glasgow United Kingdom
Sunday, May 18th, 1980 Odeon Theater Birmingham United Kingdom
Monday, May 19th, 1980 Gaumont Theatre Southampton United Kingdom
Friday, May 23rd, 1980 Cow Palace San Francisco United States
Saturday, May 24th, 1980 PACIFIC COLISEUM Vancouver Canada
Sunday, May 25th, 1980 Sports Arena Los Angeles United States
Monday, May 26th, 1980 Memorial Coliseum Portland United States
Tuesday, May 27th, 1980 Coliseum Spokane United States
Wednesday, May 28th, 1980 Center Coliseum Seattle United States
Thursday, May 29th, 1980 Unknown Spokane United States
Friday, May 30th, 1980 Unknown Vancouver Canada
Saturday, May 31st, 1980 Sam Houston Coliseum Houston United States
Sunday, June 8th, 1980 Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Phoenix United States
Wednesday, June 11th, 1980 Civic Auditorium Omaha United States
Thursday, June 12th, 1980 Veterans Memorial Auditorium Des Moines United States
Friday, June 13th, 1980 Dane County Coliseum Madison United States
Saturday, June 14th, 1980 Mecca Arena Milwaukee United States
Sunday, June 15th, 1980 Rosemont Horizon Chicago United States
Tuesday, June 17th, 1980 Checkerdome St. Louis United States
Wednesday, June 18th, 1980 Kemper Arena Kansas City United States
Thursday, June 19th, 1980 McNichols Sports Arena Denver United States
Friday, June 20th, 1980 McNichols Sports Arena Denver United States
Saturday, June 21st, 1980 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque United States
Sunday, June 22nd, 1980 Memorial Coliseum Phoenix United States
Tuesday, June 24th, 1980 Chapparal Center Midland United States
Wednesday, June 25th, 1980 Hemisphere Arena San Antonio United States
Thursday, June 26th, 1980 Reunion Arena Dallas United States
Friday, June 27th, 1980 The Summit Houston United States
Saturday, June 28th, 1980 Riverside Centroplex Baton Rouge United States
Sunday, June 29th, 1980 Hirsch Memorial Coliseum Shreveport United States
Tuesday, July 1st, 1980 Mid South Coliseum Memphis United States
Wednesday, July 2nd, 1980 Unknown Nashville United States
Thursday, July 3rd, 1980 Convention Hall Asbury Park United States
Friday, July 4th, 1980 Atlanta International Raceway Hampton United States
Saturday, July 5th, 1980 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale United States
Monday, July 7th, 1980 Calderone Concert Hall Hempstead United States
Tuesday, July 8th, 1980 Center Arena Towson United States
Wednesday, July 9th, 1980 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro United States
Saturday, July 12th, 1980 Legend Valley Hebron United States
Sunday, July 13th, 1980 Capitol Center Largo United States
Monday, July 14th, 1980 The Spectrum Philadelphia United States
Tuesday, July 15th, 1980 Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven United States
Wednesday, July 16th, 1980 Memorial Auditorium Buffalo United States
Friday, July 18th, 1980 Triangle Theatre Rochester United States
Wednesday, July 23rd, 1980 Wings Stadium Kalamazoo United States
Friday, July 25th, 1980 Aragon Ballroom Chicago United States
Saturday, July 26th, 1980 Aragon Ballroom Chicago United States
Sunday, July 27th, 1980 Rockford Speedway Rockford United States
Monday, July 28th, 1980 Five Flags Center Dubuque United States
Tuesday, July 29th, 1980 Wing Stadium Kalamazoo United States
Wednesday, July 30th, 1980 Hara Arena Dayton United States
Thursday, July 31st, 1980 Stanley Theater Pittsburgh United States
Saturday, August 2nd, 1980 Orpheum Theatre Boston United States
Sunday, August 3rd, 1980 Landmark Theatre Syracuse United States
Wednesday, August 6th, 1980 Civic Center St. Paul United States
Saturday, August 16th, 1980 Monsters of Rock Festival – Donington Park Castle Donington United Kingdom
Tuesday, September 9th, 1980 Olympian Lund Sweden
Wednesday, September 10th, 1980 Gota Lejon Stockholm Sweden
Saturday, September 13th, 1980 Groenoordhallen Leiden Netherlands
Sunday, September 14th, 1980 Brielpoort Deinze Belgium
Monday, September 15th, 1980 Les Arênes Poitiers France
Tuesday, September 16th, 1980 Salle des Fêtes du Grand Parc Bordeaux France
Wednesday, September 17th, 1980 Hall Comminges Colomiers France
Thursday, September 18th, 1980 Parc des expositions Tours France
Saturday, September 20th, 1980 Palais des Sports Montpellier France
Monday, September 22nd, 1980 Alpexpo Grenoble France
Tuesday, September 23rd, 1980 Palais des Sports Lyon France
Wednesday, September 24th, 1980 Hall de Prestige Orléans France
Thursday, September 25th, 1980 Stade de la Beaujoire Nantes France
Friday, September 26th, 1980 Salle Omnisports Quimper France
Sunday, September 28th, 1980 La Rotonde Le Mans France
Monday, September 29th, 1980 Docks Océane Le Havre France
Tuesday, September 30th, 1980 Parc des Expositions Lille France
Wednesday, October 1st, 1980 Parc des Expositions Reims France
Thursday, October 2nd, 1980 Hall Rhenus Strasbourg France
Sunday, October 5th, 1980 Apollo Theatre Manchester United Kingdom
Monday, October 6th, 1980 Empire Hall Liverpool United Kingdom
Tuesday, October 7th, 1980 Mayfair Theatre Newcastle United Kingdom
Wednesday, October 8th, 1980 Mayfair Theatre Newcastle United Kingdom
Thursday, October 9th, 1980 Apollo Theatre Glasgow United Kingdom
Friday, October 10th, 1980 Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle United Kingdom
Sunday, October 12th, 1980 University Lancaster United Kingdom
Monday, October 13th, 1980 Victoria Hall Hanley United Kingdom
Tuesday, October 14th, 1980 Apollo Theatre Manchester United Kingdom
Wednesday, October 15th, 1980 Civic Hall Volverhampton United Kingdom
Thursday, October 16th, 1980 De Montford Hall Leicester United Kingdom
Saturday, October 18th, 1980 Apollo Theater Manchester United Kingdom
Sunday, October 19th, 1980 Gaumont Theatre Southampton United Kingdom
Monday, October 20th, 1980 City Hall Newcastle United Kingdom
Tuesday, October 21st, 1980 City Hall Sheffield United Kingdom
Thursday, October 23rd, 1980 Hammersmith Odeon London United Kingdom
Monday, October 27th, 1980 Hammersmith Odeon London United Kingdom
Tuesday, October 28th, 1980 Hammersmith Odeon London United Kingdom