Feb 9th 2022

Tracklist for “Rock Believer” and new single “Seventh Sun”

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Here it is! The official tracklist for our upcoming album “Rock Believer”: ➡ 
  1. Gas In The Tank
  2. Roots In My Boots
  3. Knock ‘Em Dead
  4. Rock Believer
  5. Shining Of Your Soul
  6. Seventh Sun
  7. Hot And Cold
  8. When I Lay My Bones To Rest
  9. Peacemaker
  10. Call Of The Wild
  11. When You Know (Where You Come From)
  12. Shoot For Your Heart
  13. When Tomorrow Comes
  14. Unleash The Beast
  15. Crossing Borders
  16. When You Know (Where You Come From) (Acoustic Version)
Our new single “Seventh Sun” will be out this Friday, February 11th for you all to stream and download.