Bass Guitar

Paweł Mąciwoda

Birth: February 20, 1967
Hometown: Cracow, Poland
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Marital status: Married  to Aga
Children: Marysia and Lukasz
Favorite subjects: Buddhism, the universe and aliens
Favorite foods: Thai and Indian
Favorite cars: Lusaka and Corvettes
Favorite sports: Skiing, swimming and tennis
Favorite colors: Colors of the rainbow
Favorite books: The Hermit , by T. Lobsang Rampa, The Flanders Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte
Favorite movies: Mission (w/ Robert DeNiro), Alien 1
Favorite actors: Monica Belluci, Benicio Del Toro, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Deep
Favorite places: Places where you can see stars very well!
Things you don’t like: Aggression and wars
Other band been in: TSA and Section 31
Favorite bands: Frank Zappa, Redhot Chili Peppers and Rush