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Nachricht 37374 von Al'bina am 17.04.2013 um 17:52:57  Land: Русской Федерации
Dear Scorpions! We are waiting for you in Siberia! Come back in 2013!

Nachricht 37373 von Анастасия am 17.04.2013 um 17:23:34  Land: Russian Federation
Please come back to Siberia! We love you so much! Красноярск ждет!!

Nachricht 37372 von Lera am 17.04.2013 um 16:53:49  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions, мы ждем вас в Сибири!!! Красноярск ждет!!! We are waiting for you!!! Come back to Siberia, please. Please, visit Siberia again. We are loving you very much.

Nachricht 37371 von Valentina am 17.04.2013 um 16:02:46  Land: Russian Federation
Favorite Scorpions! Please come and visit us in Siberia! We are very very very waiting for you! Please do not deprive us in concert! Let's not break tradition!! We will look forward to you Novosibirisk!! With love, your fans!

Nachricht 37370 von Lex am 17.04.2013 um 10:30:26  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions! Please, come back to Siberia in 2013! We love you so much! And we are waiting for you!!!

Nachricht 37369 von Александр am 17.04.2013 um 10:02:57  Land: Russian Federation
Спасибо за Россию-2013!!!

Nachricht 37368 von Valentina am 17.04.2013 um 09:56:55  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions, please come back to Siberia!!!! Krasnoyarsk waits for you!!!

Nachricht 37367 von julia am 17.04.2013 um 09:41:13  Land: Russian Federation
Please, come back to Siberia!!! Come back to Krasnoyarsk!!! We're looking forward for you!!!

Nachricht 37366 von Edna Rocha am 17.04.2013 um 04:04:52  Land: Brazil
Hi my heroes....pleasecome back to Brazil, play in Rock´n Rio fest in september!!!!
A lot of kisses, Edna!!!

Nachricht 37365 von David Marsh. am 17.04.2013 um 01:13:39  Land: United Kingdom
Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Child Abuse" from all your friends at Thank you.

Nachricht 37364 von JOSY am 16.04.2013 um 23:39:34  Land: None Given
hola los esperamos en ciudad de mexico esperamos verlos en teotihuacan vuelvan pronto

Nachricht 37363 von Josua am 16.04.2013 um 22:05:53  Land: Argentina
I see that you are touring... Please comeback to Argentina with the orchestra!!! PLEASEEEE!! :D

Nachricht 37362 von Kate am 15.04.2013 um 22:54:31  Land: Ukraine
Hello guys!!! You're beautiful! And PLEASE in your new tour don't forget the UKRAINE, because we're really love you too!!! I hope to see you in ODESSA and I know the best is yet to come!

Nachricht 37361 von Dafne Vargas am 15.04.2013 um 22:43:24  Land: Mexico
Hi Scorpions!! Please come to MONTERREY México with orchestra!! Please, we need you! We love you guys ♥

Nachricht 37360 von Bonnie am 15.04.2013 um 20:32:13  Land: United States
Please come to Northern Minnesota soon! Thumbs Up Been listening to you guys since the 80's and I never get tired of your music!

Nachricht 37359 von Russ am 15.04.2013 um 18:38:26  Land: United States
Hug Come visit us in LoUiSiAna,soon. Your # 1 fan in the West. Thumbs Up S C O R P I O N S R U L E while the others D r o o l . Embarrassed S a d but true !Clown

Nachricht 37358 von juan "schenkers" jiménez am 15.04.2013 um 17:51:07  Land: Spain
In good time for your career and for the disks that you have left us ....
I am your admirer and collector of SCHENKER saga.
I hope that in the end you come to Spain to play without fail ..... we deserve it!!
greetings.................... you rock´s guys

Nachricht 37357 von Alex am 15.04.2013 um 11:16:42  Land: Mexico
Hi, please come this year to TEOTIHUACAN Mexico with Orchestra for DVD record!!!, Bye.

Nachricht 37356 von Dariusz am 15.04.2013 um 08:12:18  Land: Poland
Dear Scorpions :)
Thanks for all and let's come to Poland with amazing setlist :D
your StingMan :)

Nachricht 37355 von Al am 15.04.2013 um 07:39:24  Land: United States
Guys come on over and headline the July 18th show at the Rock USA Festival in Wisconsin.

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