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Nachricht 37320 von Эльнара am 12.04.2013 um 05:39:12  Land: Русские Федерации
Hello dear Scorpions. I first go to your concert in Kazan. I listen to your music at age 6 I really like it. I want you to stay as young as they are now, and have you had a lot of health. Klaus Meine I want to say that he has not experienced at the expense of mom she will always be with you in your heart and in the heart as I know you have a large and loving

Nachricht 37319 von Fer Tamariz am 12.04.2013 um 04:06:00  Land: Mexico
Hey Scorpions! Recuerden que siempre serán bienvenidos en México! Los esperamos en Teotihuacan! We all your mexicans fans Can't live without you!

Nachricht 37318 von Alondra am 12.04.2013 um 02:52:23  Land: Mexico
Please scorpions in the piramides of Teotihuacan

Nachricht 37317 von Crisitän Cano Carpió am 12.04.2013 um 02:48:56  Land: Mexico
we need scorpions in México!!!! please come, we need scorpions in México!!!! please come, we need scorpions in México!!!! please come

Nachricht 37316 von Damara Ocaña am 12.04.2013 um 02:42:05  Land: Mexico
Teotihuacan is waiting for Scorpions! Mexico loves you! Please visit us one more time!

Nachricht 37315 von Pablo am 12.04.2013 um 01:09:34  Land: Mexico
Scorpions in the Pyramids of Toetihuacán, México! Please!!

Nachricht 37314 von Ralph Aills am 12.04.2013 um 01:02:18  Land: United States
Seen you in cincinnati with Dio and Deep Purple YOU GUYS ROCKED River bend. PLEASE COME BACK!!! Are there any tour dates in states anymore in future?

Nachricht 37313 von Jessica am 12.04.2013 um 00:29:24  Land: Mexico
Scorpions+Orchestra+Teotihuacán=Mexican people happy (:
Please! Mexico city is still waiting for you.
Come back!!

Nachricht 37312 von Rostyslav am 12.04.2013 um 00:19:53  Land: Ukraine
Hello, Dear Scorpions.
Your concerts in the autumn became so important and greaceful event! 3 years in a row , every autumn I went to your concert. It was really amazing.
So you visiting Russia again. How about Ukraine 1 more time? Please guys, it is not so farSmile
Good luck and hope to see you again \m/(^_^)\m/

Nachricht 37311 von Aline am 12.04.2013 um 00:03:51  Land: México
Scorpions in Teotihuacan, please!!

Nachricht 37310 von Chris Supertramp am 11.04.2013 um 23:57:05  Land: Mexico
Hi, scorps! Really rocking the last conecert in Mex! Hope to see you back in this year, too in TEOTIHUACAN to rock our Pyramids!

Nachricht 37309 von cinthya am 11.04.2013 um 23:35:39  Land: Mexico
Guys I'm so happy that you've given new tour dates :) well, I'm not Russian and I don't have the money for going to one of the shows you'll give there, but anyway it's good to see that you won't stop at all, and it would be really nice if Mexican fans could have one Orchestral show of you in our country , maybe in Teotihuacan Pyramids! !that would be marvelous!

Nachricht 37308 von am 11.04.2013 um 22:59:04  Land: None Given
Dear Scorpions! Your ukrainian fans would like to see our country in your tourdates too) Don't forget about Ukraine, please! We love you and waiting for you Smile

Nachricht 37307 von Miriam López am 10.04.2013 um 18:01:30  Land: Mexico
Your music just changed my life completly!!!

Nachricht 37306 von Dawid am 10.04.2013 um 15:59:33  Land: Poland
Please come to Poland once again.

Nachricht 37305 von Sergey am 10.04.2013 um 15:23:35  Land: Russian Federation
Oh yeah Scorpions we are waiting for you with orchestra in october!

Nachricht 37304 von Kika am 10.04.2013 um 13:44:36  Land: Latvia
Come on Guys, go work!

Nachricht 37303 von john am 09.04.2013 um 02:18:25  Land: United States
listening to humanity hour love this album one of your best in my opinion.picking up the 3d blue ray soon heard its amazinng saw you guys back in 88 fantastic show take guys thank you the best band.

Nachricht 37302 von лизун am 08.04.2013 um 21:19:28  Land: Русские Федерации
hi my name is Lisa though I am only 14 years old but I found out about your group not long ago, in November of last year my mom listened to the first time I became интересоватся you and soon became a fan of the Scorpions here I will say that when I learned that in the month of April, you farewell concert with the Moscow and you will not continue to sing and will not give concerts I races троилась and entered into a depression to be honest everything is new rock band наедают because they have songs like the nonsense and you just honestly tell you sing a fairy tale for any person to give him a listen to it's just that he is dependent on you, I've this experiment conducted over a friend одноклассницой you immediately she liked and she and I began to listen to you . A pity of course that did not know about your group and have not had time to come on at least a farewell concert in Russia in Moscow although I'm not from Moscow but live outside the city++. Else I have a little brother who was also accustoming to you and the children, too, want their accustom to you . IZVENYAYUS FOR THE MISTAKES I DO NOT KNOW ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND I WROTE THROUGH TRANSLATOR WHO IS NOT SO TURN . UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said everything and it became easier ....

Nachricht 37301 von Hugo am 08.04.2013 um 20:24:56  Land: Portugal
Thanks Scorpions for all this wonderfull years you gave me with your music.. You are the best Scorpions FOREVER

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