Scorpions Easter Sale
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Nachricht 36635 von Esther am 09.11.2012 um 06:45:09  Land: Mexico
Klaus, I'm sorry. All of my love for you

Nachricht 36634 von We'll Burn The Sky (Please Add am 09.11.2012 um 06:36:06  Land: France
Tomorow...I will be there !!!
I'm so happy ! Big smile
I' m ready to rock !Cool Thumbs Up Clap
Heart Klaus, Babe, we'll burn the zénith sky for you !Heart
With love

Nachricht 36633 von Frédéric am 08.11.2012 um 21:45:54  Land: None Given
I went to the concert in Lille yesterday and it one marvellous, one more time, as usually !
We waiting for the next album and hope you will do some concerts later, after the last tour.
Condolences for your mother, Klaus.

Nachricht 36632 von Mathieu am 08.11.2012 um 21:06:49  Land: Switzerland

Nachricht 36631 von Marie am 08.11.2012 um 20:53:34  Land: Belgium
hi Scorpions Big smile My name is Marie, i'm 19 yers old .Yesterday, i was at show, at Lille. It was the first time I went to your concert and I really enjoyed it. You are amazing artists. I thank you for this exceptional show. I thank Klaus, he threw a drum stick Wink Thank you to Rudy for taking the Belgian flag I launched Smile .
Thanks you for all Heart

Nachricht 36630 von Friedoausfaulensee am 08.11.2012 um 00:40:15  Land: Switzerland
Hallo Klaus, mein Beileid zum Tod Deiner Mutter. Eure Musik hilft Dir bestimmt über Deine Trauer hinweg. Kopf hoch, wir Lieben Dich und brauchen Dich. Gruss Friedo. Bis Dijon, Strasbourg, Oberhausen und natürlich München.

Nachricht 36629 von Cindy Duensing am 07.11.2012 um 03:06:05  Land: United States
Oh, Klaus, I just found out about your precious mom. I am soooo sorry. :( {{{HUG}}} &lt;3 And my condolences to all that are effected by this. You are all in my prayers as always, but now more than ever. &lt;3 God bless you.

Nachricht 36628 von Lisa Kesner Lynch am 07.11.2012 um 00:25:52  Land: United States
Love your music....Saw you all back in the eighties and what a show it was......Keep rockin and hope to see you all in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee..

Nachricht 36627 von Camilla Andersson am 06.11.2012 um 23:16:00  Land: United States
Love your music! Been listening for years.

Nachricht 36626 von Christof B. am 06.11.2012 um 21:14:38  Land: Germany
liebe band, besonders matthias jabs,
ich hab' grad auf youtube den track "send me an angel" mit den berliner philharmonikern gehört. eine frage: welchen flanger benutzt du bei dem track?
ich spiele 1. selber gitarre, 2. fragt mich ein pfadi aus russland von unserem partnerstamm, welcher flanger da benutzt wird.
für eine rückmeldung schon mal vielen dank.
lg, christof

Nachricht 36625 von Petra am 06.11.2012 um 21:05:47  Land: Czech Republic
Dear Scorpions, we miss you here in the Czech Republic. Please come back again, it would be a perfect Xmas gift Wink Good luck to you and take care!!! Heart

Nachricht 36624 von Warren Weiss am 06.11.2012 um 10:26:18  Land: United States
Just like to thank you guy's for all the great music and memories throughout the year's.

Nachricht 36623 von pouria am 06.11.2012 um 06:15:19  Land: Iran
hello guys
i came from iran to istanbul to visit my legends who rock us for years .i just want to thank you friends.i falled in love with your song....i have cried many times with your song....i spend through the hardships whit your song....yes i came from iran just to see my lonely nights friends and ask you to not leaving us alone...pls stay on stage
love you guys and thanks

Nachricht 36622 von lena am 06.11.2012 um 06:07:53  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus ,I'm sorry you must be strong to withstand all this ! wherever she is, she is always with you in your heart she lives forever !!! take care of yourself....

Nachricht 36621 von Tatiana am 06.11.2012 um 06:05:19  Land: Russian Federation
Being your fan since 70-th I've got stung by your "Sting in the tail" back in 2012 so deep that can"t exist without seen and hearing you again and again! I followed my heart and your tour road: in Berlin, Geneva, Moscow, St.Petersbourg, Kiev. Munich will be the next.
October 2012 concert in Kiev was great!! Wherever you play, you do it perfect and in full force, even if the hall is far from ideal.
You guys mean so much for millions of people, and each of us has our own Scorpions in our hearts.
Heart Heart

Nachricht 36620 von Stela Gregorio am 05.11.2012 um 20:59:32  Land: Brasil
Scorpions FOREVER !

Nachricht 36619 von Anton Borovoi am 05.11.2012 um 18:18:20  Land: Belarus
Klaus Meine FOREVER!!!

Nachricht 36618 von Alex am 05.11.2012 um 18:16:36  Land: Germany
Liebe Scorpions,
vor allem Klaus wünsche ich mein herzliches Beileid zu diesem schmerzlichen Verlust und viel Kraft um das Ganze zu überstehen. Ich hatte aufgrund meines Alters noch nicht oft die Chance, euch live zu erleben, werde mich aber auf ein zweites und zugleich auch leider letztes Mal mit euch in Oberhausen freuen!
Bis dahin, beste Grüße

Nachricht 36617 von ukrain am 05.11.2012 um 13:50:00  Land: Ukraine
Many thanks for your concert in Dnepropetrovsk A low bow to you for your creativity. I hope that you will continue to delight us with their music. Come again! We love you to the light, and wait!

Nachricht 36616 von Yuliia Koliichuk am 04.11.2012 um 22:16:00  Land: Ukraine
Dear Scorpions! Your concert in Kyiv 29.10.2012 was amazing!!!
Your music changed my life for the better. Thank you that YOU ARE!
From Kyiv with love, Julia.

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