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Nachricht 37290 von anibal am 05.04.2013 um 16:58:09  Land: Venezuela
I love this band

Nachricht 37289 von Kristin Lee am 05.04.2013 um 16:43:27  Land: China
I fell in love with you guys the first time I was introduced by my best lover in life yesterday,I wish I would have loved you earlier...You are an attitude of rock music,your songs are so powerful but so warm and tender,I love this kind of are a legend anyway!!!Long live Scorpions!!!!!

Nachricht 37288 von Kate am 05.04.2013 um 09:19:28  Land: Ukraine
My favorite group! You are amazing))) Your songs are perfect

Nachricht 37287 von Marcoss am 03.04.2013 um 16:03:44  Land: Spain
for when the new album?. I can not wait more. Cool

Nachricht 37286 von Bralalalala am 03.04.2013 um 07:16:30  Land: United States
Hey fellas,
Was at the Rainbow many years ago with Al B. and Matthias..Bralalalala is looking to rock out in town this time around..would love to hear from the origins of rock-the musicians not promoters and publicists for a change..would be great if you were to get in touch!

Nachricht 37285 von Edgardo Llanos am 03.04.2013 um 03:44:18  Land: Puerto Rico
Saludos Scorpions.
Soy fan de ustedes desde que grabaron Lovedrive. Me perdi su concierto la primera vez que vinieron a Puerto Rico,,, pero la segunda vez estuve en las primeras filas. Deseo que vuelvan a Puerto Rico para poder llevar a mi hijo y que escuche al Mejor Grupo de Rock del Mundo.... Vengan pa Puerto Rico Puneta!!!

Nachricht 37284 von Luciana Pissochio am 03.04.2013 um 01:59:26  Land: Brasil
Come on Guys, go work! You make me belive in the true, sometimes, when I think that my work is impossible, I remember you and the perfect world that you criate to yours fans. Don't stop, I saw young people and their eyes shining looking for you here in Brasil. Beautiful moment. My students ask me about you and I aswear "They are around the world". Because you have much work to do. And you can!

Nachricht 37283 von Rudy Moraga am 01.04.2013 um 18:20:51  Land: United States
Goodbye Scorpions Hello Herman Z German. His new band with Michael and Rudy Schanker onboard you cant go wrong. I just want to know whos wife wrote the set list for the final sting. Lets keep it old school Herman.I know you will.

Nachricht 37282 von Nívea Pase am 01.04.2013 um 05:37:19  Land: Brasil

Afirmo que suas músicas embalaram e embalam os bons momentos de minha vida. Época de adolescência, onde havia saraus e esperava-se pelas "lentas" para poder estar pertinho da pessoa que se estava a fim. Também em momentos de questionamento, rebeldia, os sons mais pesados. Depende do momento, do dia, enfim. Tenho 40 anos. Curto muito a banda, que tem estilo e comprometimento. Como eu li uma vez num cartão de aniversário que recebi: EVITE ACIDENTES, FAÇA TUDO DE PROPÓSITO.
Peace, sucess, live, love for all.
Nívea Pase

Nachricht 37281 von Míra am 31.03.2013 um 12:49:24  Land: Czech Republic
Hi guys, since I was 15 years old you always have been my NO 1 band. Now I am 43 and I´ve visited your 44 concerts across Europe. I would love to see you again. I am watching your tourdates every day with expectation there will be new concert added, but not good news. I would come anywhere in Europe to see your show.
In each case, I wish you a good luck, all the best and healt in the future and thanks for all.
Your fan from Pilsen, Czech Republic,

Nachricht 37280 von Dale Murphy am 31.03.2013 um 07:17:00  Land: United States
The Scorpions are the BEST rock-N-roll band EVER!!!! Yes I said ever.... That means that they are beter then the Beatels, Stones, and any other band. They are the ONLY band I know that EVERY SONG THEY PUT OUT IS GOOD...At least to me....

Nachricht 37279 von Carmelo Pérez am 31.03.2013 um 00:49:14  Land: Spain
Hey Scorps,
Some lines from a true fan from Spain. I'm now passing through some sad and bad personal moments. Just read your spanish biography Scorpions:La Leyenda alemana del rock (german rock legend), and rediscovered your great art 20 years after having purchased most of your CDs at the early 90s.
Your message is really positive, I just re-read again the lyrics, rediscovered those moments opening the CDs and literally eat the booklets, carefully scanned the messages behind them, a shot of fresh mental air I really needed.!
Thanks for existing! You must be really proud of have made so many people happy.
Al the best from Spain!

Nachricht 37278 von tarik amari am 30.03.2013 um 22:23:47  Land: United Kingdom
guys you are a legend, long life to you, very sad to see you go, more sad that you haven't come to london at your final tour.
please if you ever change your mind would love to see you once more. you are an example to a true rock artist and inspiration to any artist regardless what music they are into. all the best love you all

Nachricht 37277 von Vladislav am 30.03.2013 um 15:51:52  Land: Украина
Thank you Scorpions for a wonderful tour. I was in your concert in ukraine, of the 24.10.2012 in Kharkov. It was beautiful

Nachricht 37276 von PETER SMITH am 27.03.2013 um 21:20:17  Land: United Kingdom
PLEASE PLEASE do a couple of gigs in the uk !!!! My mate Steve and i have followed the scorpions since the 70`s [my favorite was schwung festival ] Eight of us came over on the bikes . We feel a little let down when you have done such a large tour and missed the uk out

Nachricht 37275 von nick p am 26.03.2013 um 21:39:19  Land: United Kingdom
please do one more concert at Hammersmith or Leamington Assembly Rooms - other UK fans check out The Scopyons - everyone new Avantasia out next week. I'll always remember Oberhausen, and all the others. Thankyou.

Nachricht 37274 von am 26.03.2013 um 14:23:48  Land: None Given
remember that greece always loves you i will try to accept tha you will retire it wont be easy but i can try

Nachricht 37273 von Patrick J. Huot am 24.03.2013 um 15:10:14  Land: United States
Hello Scorpions! Hate to see you go, but I know it's time for you to retire...if you say so anyway. It is hard to accept the fact but yet I retired also 2 yrs. ago. (I'm now 52) Been following you guys since about 1974. Saw you several times in Canada )Ottawa) and northern New York. Will go to see you anytime in the future also...if you come out of retirement for even one tour that is!!! Hope so. Take care were the BEST!!
Will miss your energy and melodies. Please stay in touch with your fans !!! I would really like to know how you are all doing in the future..
ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 37272 von Ilya am 24.03.2013 um 04:10:25  Land: Russian Federation
Please make some rock in Vladivostok!

Nachricht 37271 von Padraic Breathnach am 23.03.2013 um 22:53:29  Land: Ireland
When are The Scorpions coming to the center of the universe....DUBLIN

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