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Nachricht 38095 von Vanessa M. Cox am 29.10.2013 um 04:34:11  Land: United States
I love your music!!!! I have been listening to your music since the 80's. I have not seen another Rock Band come to life that has any comparison to The Scorpions. Matthias Jabbs is the Best Guitarist of ALL times!!!!! You ROCK!!!! Klaus Meine.. You have the BEST Vocals EVER!!!!!! The band is truly unique and amazing. PLEASE come to the USA again? We LOVE YOU!!!!!

Nachricht 38094 von Mathieu am 28.10.2013 um 21:09:45  Land: Switzerland

Nachricht 38093 von Guilherme Carlos Bacelar de Ol am 28.10.2013 um 20:15:21  Land: Brazil
I love Scorpions too Much! .. You'are amazing! Guys, thank you for be part of my life. I will listen to you until the last minutes of my life! Don't take it away from me because, you don't know what it means to me!

Nachricht 38092 von Mike Seibert am 28.10.2013 um 12:30:54  Land: United States
St. Louis, Missouri is patiently waiting!!!!!

Nachricht 38091 von Elizabeth Spearin am 28.10.2013 um 00:20:20  Land: Spain
This is a belated birthday wish to Mr.Jabs: Happy Birthay Matthias and many, many happy returns! and I truly hope you continue delighting us with your beautiful music and powerful mastering of your guitar! Watching and listening to you play is a most emotional and enjoyable feeling! Wish I could meet you in person someday!

Nachricht 38090 von Michael am 27.10.2013 um 23:00:00  Land: Israel
Come to the Holy Land. Fans are waiting! =) Bruchim abaim!

Nachricht 38089 von Rudy am 27.10.2013 um 18:47:19  Land: United States
Do you know how crazy the crowd would have been if you played, hes a woman shes a man, intrance, or speedys coming, at your final sting concert in Los Angeles. But noooo. Just because your old doesn't mean you get soft, maybe you can find some hard Rock Viagra too keep you hard again. Unplug whatever you have up your ass and listen to Tokyo tapes while smoking L.A.Kush. Don't go out like that, I LOVE THE SCORPIONS, still.

Nachricht 38088 von Misha am 27.10.2013 um 16:24:14  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Rudolf! It's me, Misha from Moscow, Russia. We've met this week on 21st of October in the studio of Rock FM. I was one of the three winners there and I asked you about Ronnie James Dio and friendship. That day my Big Dream has come true - I met you in person and spoke to you like to a normal human being. There are people who are close to one another and are able to appreciate one another as a person. I wish to do not lose this thread and keep on talking to you. With this I dare to ask you about your contact through which we could keep up our dialogue. And who knows maybe this bold dream of mine could come true and make me happy again. With Love (as you sighned my "Rock Your Life" book) Misha.

Nachricht 38087 von am 27.10.2013 um 12:44:13  Land: None Given
Hello. Yesterdav we were at your concert in Kazan. We really like your group and your ballads, and we were looking forward to hear you at the live concert. But we couldn't enjoy it, as the acoustics was poorly balanced, especially high tones.

Nachricht 38086 von Greg hall am 27.10.2013 um 05:16:51  Land: United States
Thanks for all the great music over the years! I wanted to name a son Matthias, but have all girls, they know I want a Gibson Explorer every year at Christmas! I believe one day, you all will be Hall of Fame bound. The Scorpions deserve it. Thanks.

Nachricht 38085 von Loyal Canadian Fan am 27.10.2013 um 02:52:38  Land: Canada
I hope you had a good one & that the tour in Russia is going well. Seems that the Scorpions do not want to retire. Hope to see you play sometime either in Canada or somewhere in the world.
All my best wishesSmile Big smile
Loyal Canadian FanCool Big smile

Nachricht 38084 von Beto Roldan am 27.10.2013 um 02:48:35  Land: Mexico
You don't even imagine how much I love your music, and I'm a true fan of yours, guys so much that I love songs like:
"To Be No. 1"
"Eye II Eye"
"This Is My Song"
"Passion Rules The Game"
"Hit Between The Eyes"
"I Can't Explain" *The Who Cover
"Alien Nation"
"Aleyah" and...

Nachricht 38083 von Carlos am 27.10.2013 um 02:11:23  Land: Spain
Las entradas para vuestro concierto se han agotado.Vuestros fans españoles queremos que toqueís más fechas en Madrid ó buscad una sala con más aforo.Siempre y eternamente SCORPONS.

Nachricht 38082 von Jesse Mora am 26.10.2013 um 23:46:06  Land: United States
Hi Scorpions, I am so glad you didn't retire & farewell, I've been with you guys over 30 years, and have enjoyed your music, live shows & videos......this question is for Matthias Jabs......Matthias, lately we've seen you wear awesome stage outfit's, especially at 'Moment of Glory (Philharmonik Live @ Berlin)' ...... where do you go? or who designs your stage attires? do you custom design all your stage outfit's? Take care Guy's, ROCK & ROLL FOREVER - FOREVER & EVER ^w^

Nachricht 38081 von Ksenia am 26.10.2013 um 20:52:25  Land: Russian Federation
Ich bete dich an, klaus, Ihnen die schönste Stimme haben, Sie sind ein großer Junge, ich träume, um zu sehen und zu hören, Sie leben. nicht in der Lage, auf das Konzert bekommen heute in Kazan, kann dies nicht Ihre proshalny Tour! bitte kommen Sie zu dem Felsen über der Wolga im Sommer 2014! Sie sind immer in unseren Herzen! was du tust, ist echte Musik genannt, ich habe noch nie ein Fan von Musik, du bist meine erste und einzige Lieblingsband! Bitte kommen Sie und besuchen Sie uns in Samara!!!
Russland, Samara region, Syzran

Nachricht 38080 von Sasha am 26.10.2013 um 16:26:40  Land: Russian Federation
Hi, Matthias! I just wannted to say happy birthday! I really love your music for prretty long time and hope there would be more.Best wishes! Keep rocking on!

Nachricht 38079 von Frank Preuß am 26.10.2013 um 09:54:03  Land: Germany
Hey Matthias Glückwunsch nachträglich zum Geburtstag alles liebe und gute möge immer die Sonne in deinem Herz scheinen und du Spass im Leben haben. Liebe Grüße aus Neustadt an der schönen Ostsee. Big smile Heart

Nachricht 38078 von Wally Hirthe am 26.10.2013 um 06:33:37  Land: Germany
Hi Matthias, yesterday the message to you didn't work out. So I say it today. I wish you the very, very best to your birthday, love, good health, sushine, fun and happiness from a very big fan in the middle of Germany. I love and admire you and the Scorpions very, very much. You and your guys are my second youth, I am in your Age, but what your song are saying, the best is yet to come. Music will stay forever and we are forever Young.

Nachricht 38077 von Fátima Seixas am 26.10.2013 um 06:32:39  Land: Brazil
Dear Matthias, happy birthday!!!
Health,love, happiness,success,prosperity!!
Best wishes! Congratulations!
Kisses and hugs,Fátima

Nachricht 38076 von Christine Carmona (a.k.a. Chri am 26.10.2013 um 01:38:20  Land: United States
Lieber Matthias,
Schoenen Gruss und viel Glueck zu Deinem Geburtztag! Ich hoffe, dass Du heute Dich ausruhst und nur das tust, was Dir gefaellt. Im naechsten Leben moechte ich, dass Du meinen Vater sein wirst, sodass ich von Dir lernen kann, wie man einen guten Musikant werden kann und dass Du zusiehst, dass ich genug auf meine Gitarre ueben werde, damit ich so gut spielen kann wie Du fuer die letzten 30 plus Jahren gespielt hast. Ich danke Dir fuer Deine Inspiration in meinem diesen Leben.