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Nachricht 4121 von janaina!! am 07.05.2006 um 09:00:58  Land: Brazil
hiii scorps!!!how are you!/??
hey, now i´m listen to the musics of blackout cd!!!there are the best!!!!!!
come back to Brazil
we´re waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 4120 von marilena am 07.05.2006 um 05:31:16  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 4119 von deborh luciana am 07.05.2006 um 04:54:39  Land: Brazil
ola! muito amor e carinho! pra meus mosqueterinhos! pena, o rudolf, nao colocar mais sobre voces... sinto falta demais!

Nachricht 4118 von Don_Sharky am 07.05.2006 um 02:25:26  Land: Yugoslavia
I wanted to know do Scorpions still play on their concerts in that Acoustica style? Cause, I watched Acoustica dvd lately and I must say that they don't want to stay hard rock band, they now preffer some pop style. So, my conclusion is that you have to have stomack for that Acoustica project. And one more thing, if Scorpions still play in that Acoustica style, will they "start rockin' any time soon"?
Klaus is still the ebst singer, he is even better as time pass. Jabs is the one who needs to take electric guitar and play harder (meaning in a hard rock way) :)

Nachricht 4117 von Bruna Dagostin am 07.05.2006 um 02:20:40  Land: Brazil
eu amo as suas músicas...
principalmente "LOVE OF MY LIFE"
acho ela muito linda!!!
bom é isso..

Nachricht 4116 von Angel am 07.05.2006 um 01:11:47  Land: Ecuador
Soy de los pocos en Ecuador que gustan del buen rock como el de los SCORPIONS, seria un sueño hecho realidad poder verlos en vivo en mi pais

Nachricht 4115 von matias am 06.05.2006 um 23:58:15  Land: Greece
hi scorpions i think that all greece waits for your next concert . plz come here once again and let us are longing for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap Wink Star

Nachricht 4114 von Henrique de Aporá am 06.05.2006 um 21:01:05  Land: Brazil
Vocês são demais
o DVD é massa

Nachricht 4113 von albert heigl am 06.05.2006 um 20:51:16  Land: Germany
Ich freue mich auf den 7.6.06.
Schöne Grüße

Nachricht 4112 von Kirsten am 06.05.2006 um 20:30:59  Land: Czech Republic
Hello dear Scorpions!! How are you??Are you looking forward to visit Czech Republic?? I,very much. Pleas come to Czech Republic in larger city that Mala Skala- it is very small city in CR.And very far to me. Pleas, Do it in big city like Prague, Ostrava, Brno. PleasHug !! I love you so much, I listen your music every playtime-every day, every hour, every minutes and every second. Your music is very amazing and very sedative. I have you in my heart till always, my love. I´m enjoying on Germany-Fifa World Cup, because you will be there. You are my utmost love!Very much kiss for you dear Scorpions!! Have a nice days!!Your very loyal fan from Czech Republic. Your Kirsten!! Heart Hug Heart Clap Heart Hug

Nachricht 4111 von Sarah am 06.05.2006 um 16:54:08  Land: Denmark
Ich würde gerne was im Shop bestellen, finde mich irgendwie aber gar nicht zurecht. Warum habt ihr das nicht so wie vorher gelassen?Confused

Nachricht 4110 von Harold am 06.05.2006 um 16:52:29  Land: United States
I just have to say that their has never been in band in all history that moves me like you guys do.....
Keep giving me chills!!!!Thumbs Up

Nachricht 4109 von Ezaclir Marques am 06.05.2006 um 15:42:36  Land: Brazil
Smile Atenção brasileiros de todo o mundo! Ezaclir Marques de Tianguá-Ceará estará em Piripiri-Pi no encontro dos motoqueiros hoje e amanhã! Gatinhas me escrevam! brevemente estarei atravessando a América do Sul de moto! Um abraço e força sempre! God bless you!

Nachricht 4108 von kate am 06.05.2006 um 14:47:52  Land: Russian Federation
scorpions! i am waiting for you in russia!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 4107 von Panionios Panther am 06.05.2006 um 14:41:50  Land: Greece
We are waiting for you... Come and rock Athens again! Karaiskaki stadium will be full again to prove that rock never dies to the rockless people who leave in a misery!

Nachricht 4106 von nadim am 06.05.2006 um 13:44:25  Land: Lebanon
SCORPIONS, you have learn me rock'n'roll and play guitar!!!
thank u!
u are simply the best!

Nachricht 4105 von Nadine am 06.05.2006 um 11:08:12  Land: Germany
HugStill loving you, Scorpions! Heart
Keep on rocking! Evil Smile
Nadi aus dem schönen Dresden

Nachricht 4104 von go am 06.05.2006 um 09:28:42  Land: Russian Federation
We miss you! Come back to Russia soon!

Nachricht 4103 von Mark am 06.05.2006 um 08:10:11  Land: United States
Hello Scorpions,
Diese Sommer ich sehe euch fur die funfte mal im Konzert. Fur ein paar Tage Ich habe tickets for die Konocti Harbor show gekauft. Konocti Harbor ist ein paar Stunden von mein Haus in California. Diese mal ich bringe meine Frau Elke und sohn Stephen (6 Jahre alt). Ich warte auf die Unbreakable Tapes Tour (lieder von Tokyo Tapes und andere hits durch heute) und hoffentlich in die Sleep Train Amphitheater nord von Sacramento und nur ein paar kilometer von mein Haus. Bleib Gesund! Meine Scorpions Concert dates:
8 Marz 79 Saarbrucken
18 Dez 83 Dortmund
19 Feb 03 Sacramento
1 Dec 04 Sacramento

Nachricht 4102 von Camboim am 06.05.2006 um 01:52:08  Land: Brazil
I attended show in Brazil and come back when it's possibleClap

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