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Annamaria aus Ferrara, Italy schrieb am September 12, 2019 um 12:19 PM:
Have a nice trip and a great tour in South America! Klaus, stay healthy and take care of your beautiful voice until the end of the year. I can't wait to see you again in Budapest and Bratislava, I hope and pray that you will be healthy in those days and I also hope to be in the front row in front of you as always and to be remembered by you. You are always in my thoughs and often in my dreams. I wish you the best! Greetings from Italy!
Piepe aus Tukums schrieb am September 12, 2019 um 12:07 PM:
foooooookin awesome. Wind of change drives me crazy.
Lina aus Moscow schrieb am September 11, 2019 um 8:42 PM:
Soon will be my birthday and I wish to receive one ticket to the concert in Moscow on 5 November. It's really possible or it is stay only a dream😢
Jeann Oliveira aus CURITIBA schrieb am September 11, 2019 um 4:09 PM:
Estou muito feliz, ganhei 2 ingressos para o show de 18-09 em Curitiba, um sonho se realizando!!!! O show da minha vida!!!! Nos vemos lá Rudolph Schenker, Mathias Jabs, Pawel Maciwoda e Mikkey Dee!!!! Forte abraço!!! 🤘️🤘️🎵👏👏👏🍺
Radio " Rio IN3 " aus Oelsnitz schrieb am September 8, 2019 um 5:10 PM:
Hi Scorpions Fans, betreibe seit Anfang des Jahres 2009 erfolgreich Studio " Rio IN3 " - " The Voice of Rock " ein Rock & Metal Radio in Sachsen. Nominiert waren wir für den " Innovationspreis 2012 " ! Nach 5 Jahren geht es nun im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes " Back To The Roots ", Studio " Rio IN3 " ist unter den Namen Radio " Rio IN3 " wieder " ON AIR " ! Hört rein unter Best Regards Uwe von Radio " Rio IN3 "
Dee Chore aus 60014 schrieb am September 5, 2019 um 6:46 AM:
Please come to ChicAgo or Wisconsin ( closer to WI) admire your talent and there truly is no substitute. Loved seeing you in the 80’s and looking forward to hearing your unique sound soon...hopefully.
Dave aus LANSING mich schrieb am September 4, 2019 um 3:12 AM:
Happy belated bday hope you enjoyed was wondering if you will tour the USA in the near future seen you guys in saarbruchan Germany 1977 or 78
Anna aus Berlin schrieb am September 3, 2019 um 9:38 AM:
Lieber Rudolf. Ich mag sehr deine Energie und positive Einstellung...Ich hoffe dich wieder bald in Konzert (in Bratislava) zu sehen. Du machst das Beste Rock Show!🎵🤘️ Es ist Super dich auf der Bühne zu beobachten... STILL LOVING YOU Rudolf!❤ Nächtraglich Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Geburtstag 🍷🌈🎁
Wally Hirthe aus Freidberg schrieb am September 1, 2019 um 8:46 PM:
💋🌈🎵🍷💘💘💘💘💘💘💋🌈 Sorry Rudolf, the birthday wishes come a day later, but I wish you all the best. I admire you you are wonderful. Keep on rocking.
Sebastian Preß aus Rheinland-Pfalz - Bekond schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 10:43 PM:
Hey Rudi !! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! 🤘️👏 Lass Dich feiern! Ich hoffe euer neues Album nächstes Jahr ist HARD ROCK vom Feinsten 😎🎵 Gruß Sebastian
Tanya aus Russian Federation schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 8:05 PM:
Dear Rudolf, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you happiness, health and inspiration in your work. Looking forward to Scorpions in Moscow!
Cyrille AMBERT aus ETIVAL LES LE MANS schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 7:56 PM:
Hi Rudolf Happy birthday. Keep your fun & positive spirit with all bande that I gave bein following & listening to since 35 years. Best wishes. Cyrille
Evelyn aus Athen schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 5:30 PM:
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Rudolf, den ewigen Teenager!!
Gilbert aus Sauerland schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 1:17 PM:
Hallo Rudolf, Einen Hard Rocking Gruß zum Geburtstag. Ich weißt du bist viel auf Tournee, aber nicht Homesick werden. Denn du weißt, „Home is where your heart is- and your heart is where the fans are.“ Keep on Rocking „alter Sack“
Lars aus Lübeck schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 10:33 AM:
Lieber Rudolf, alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Vielen Dank für all die Jahrzente Peace, Love & Rock´n´Roll! Du bist eine große Inspiration. Viele Grüße, Lars
Daniel aus Kirchhundem schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 9:12 AM:
Hi Rudolf, alles gute zum Geburtstag. In Bonn vor 2 Wochen noch gesehen welche Power du hast. Einfach Wahnsinn. Bleib weiterhin Gesund und fit und lass dich feiern. Wir sehen uns auf Tour. Gruß aus dem Sauerland Danie ✌️
SHADIQ aus Johor Bahru, Malaysia schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 4:33 AM:
Dear Mr Rudolf, a heartfelt Happy Birthday wish to you. Wishing you also happiness, peace , and good health for many ,many years to come. You are not only one of the best Rock riff composer ,a killer performer on stage ,you also a wonderful human being. I cherish your passion for rock and roll , and the good positive energy that is always felt at your presence anywhere. I cherish you and Scorpions forever. Hope to see you again someday in Malaysia or Singapore . Rock your life brother, Shadiq
Erica aus Castleton, Vermont schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 4:29 AM:
Happy birthday greetings to Mr. Rudolph Schenker! You look and sound great! I am anxiously waiting for your 2020 tour announcements and hoping you’ll be coming to New England or Upstate New York!
Tracy Baker aus Ottawa schrieb am August 31, 2019 um 2:13 AM:
Wishing Rudolf a very very Happy Birthday and best wishes from Ottawa, Ontario Stay fit and well Mark & Tracy Baker and Maureen Tilley my soon to be 90 year old Mother 🙂 xoxo
Otto Greenleaf aus Norwood, Pa. schrieb am August 30, 2019 um 8:19 PM:
Dear Scorpions: Hello and hope you're all doing fine. Happy Birthday to Rudolf Schenker(August 31). Cheers, Otto