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Nachricht 37764 von Juan Perez am 13.07.2013 um 13:55:05  Land: United States
Hi. I love you guys! Your music is so cool and amazing! I really can't live without your music. Love and best wishes, Juan Perez.

Nachricht 37763 von Margarita am 08.07.2013 um 17:50:29  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!I just can't live without you!You're the best man in the world! Heart

Nachricht 37762 von bella am 07.07.2013 um 18:20:23  Land: East Timor
leider muss ich auf deutsch schreiben weil ich wenig englisch kann...Cry
aber ich wollt euch sagen troz das ich 16 jahre bin finde ich eure musick klasse ich bin mit eurer musik aufgewachsen mein vater ist ein riesen fan fon euch ich wollte euch auf fragen ob ihr villeicht noch ein allerletztes konzert geben könnt ich und mein vatter würden euch so gerne mal live sehen...ich hoffe ihr könnt es ein letztes mal für eure fans machen...danke das ihr mir die changse gegeben habt euch zu schreiben...
mit freundlichen grüßen isabella Smile

Nachricht 37761 von Dafne Vargas am 07.07.2013 um 03:51:19  Land: Mexico
Hi Scorpions!!!
Please come back to MONTERREY MÉXICO!!
We miss you guys!!
I hope to see you again!
Big smile
Kisses & hugs for you ♥ LOVE YOU ♥

Nachricht 37760 von Silvana Maria de Carvalho Pere am 06.07.2013 um 13:04:11  Land: Brazil
Scoooooooorpions, please comeback to Brasil!!!
You are the best in the world!!!
My Facebook:

Nachricht 37759 von Ana Patricia am 06.07.2013 um 05:06:18  Land: None Given
Hey!!! please comeback to México!!!!!
You are the best band in the world!!!!!

Nachricht 37758 von Russell in The U.S.A. am 05.07.2013 um 19:17:23  Land: United States
Scorpions and Lil' ol me. Still Rock'n in the FREE World !! Cool

Nachricht 37757 von Panos Markopoulos am 05.07.2013 um 01:25:18  Land: Greece
Agapi mou, agapi mou, ego monacha sagapo.......Greece loves you

Nachricht 37756 von Sandra Francisco Martinez am 04.07.2013 um 23:30:43  Land: Mexico
I'll be waiting in Mexico City Wink
with open arms !!!
You are the best

Nachricht 37755 von Gabriel García Nieves am 04.07.2013 um 20:56:13  Land: México
Hagan el concierto en las pirámides de Teotihuacan

Nachricht 37754 von SHADIQ am 04.07.2013 um 18:11:35  Land: Malaysia
Dear Scorpions.please come back to rock Malaysia

Nachricht 37753 von Victor Aguilar am 04.07.2013 um 17:09:46  Land: Mexico
Mexico miss you guys

Nachricht 37752 von Tanya Miroslava am 04.07.2013 um 15:54:08  Land: Ecuador
Sólo paso por aquí de nuevo para decirles que todavía hay mucho por delante...... me impresiona escuchar su música y sentir que es como si fuese la primera vez que la escucho....siempre fresca e indudablemente la misma calidad artística... son grandiosos simplementeClap
from ECUADOR.... best wishes.... SCORPIONS FOREVER
I hope the time you can be hereª
cheers for the MTV Unplugged n Anthen. what a geat notice

Nachricht 37751 von clara am 04.07.2013 um 13:55:21  Land: None Given
Hi Herman ! I bought a mp3 dunload ( no cd in France ?) of Acoustic Fever and ...
Well i like it !! specially for me Is there anybody there , Make it real,
Love is blind ( P Shortino made already a great Holiday cover but Love is blind wow ! )
Dynamite ( Johnnyyy!!!) , Another piece of meat and Animal magnetism ( amazing guitar work!) Clap Clap Bravo & Thank !
Hey Klaus , you stay ( and will be forever !) the voice of my heart&life ...
And I know you will catch my heart in Athens Babe Heart
And ...yes, I'm sure We'll Burn The Sky could have a wonderful acoustic version ...Wink

Nachricht 37750 von Margarita am 04.07.2013 um 11:54:23  Land: Russian Federation
Hello,Klaus!Hope you're well!I wanted to say that I miss you very much! Heart

Nachricht 37749 von Rulo am 04.07.2013 um 07:17:13  Land: Mexico
hey scorps! don't forget our country!! in MEXICO gods like you are welcome always, and we're looking forward to having you here the date you decide!

Nachricht 37748 von German Scorp-Angel 287 Leni am 03.07.2013 um 20:09:42  Land: Germany
Hallo die Scorps! my uncle has always been an old tradition fan to your Berlin Wall classics during Roger Waters opening of the Flesh, why not make a mini concert here in Frankfurt it's usually the place where me and my friends gather together in the park, escpecially that Schools out! I get alot of free time to throw some breads to the ducks that are swimming across the Rhine river, my friend Carolina and along with my bossy friend McKill who is a song addict of yours we usually buy our Ice Creams here and relaxed in front of this river, there are alot people who come here to buy stuff here at the food market, Id maybe the only girl who'd still be wearing a Santa hat during this summer hot timing season, but as we're boating on this river I say you guys should be Rocking in front of this Rhine river here in this Frankfurt park, like a Park tour mini concert. Don't forget music_tech from the Ukraine who will forever be on our naughty vids list, that little brat. I posted my e-mail here just for the bands to get in touched with us dolls, but for others if you're not on my gmails contacts list, your messages will be declined unless I add you and know you. However we do have Matthias Jabs personal email but we never intend to message him at all, only if we do have a Scorpions concert delay problem here in the future, but my friends we'll record you guys on TV in september and add it to our girly GS-A cam blogs incoming archives section, but will this show be televised 3 times for three different shows over there? we hope so. Peace & Rock Us!

Nachricht 37747 von Alex am 03.07.2013 um 09:22:28  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Scorpions, Dear Klaus,
I want to ask you, do you remember that time, those spring 10 concerts in Leningrad? It was a great time, when Real Rock came to our city and to our country! You were pioneers! Scorpions have raised the «Iron Curtain» and become our heroes of all time. Klaus, I got out of your hands Scorpions booklet that was for me a real relic, and my story about it has become a legend in our family...
My kids and I both love the Scorpions music, and soon my grandson (who is now 2.5 years old) will begin to listen to your songs.
It is very symbolic that on the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of your concerts in Leningrad, the Scorpions again in St. Petersburg.
Today is my daughter's birthday, 18 years is a wonderful age and one of the presents for her, it will be concert tickets Scorpions on 2013.10.29. And yet, I know that my daughter has a dream - Klaus, she wants to get you signature, maybe you tell me how to make that dream real?
I wish you all a wonderful, continue to delight us with new music and new songs,
your sincere fan from St. Petersburg, Alex

Nachricht 37746 von Michele am 02.07.2013 um 21:50:03  Land: United States
Scorpions are the best worldwide band EVER! Better than the Stones!
Please Please PLEASE come back to SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee :)
Mich in Wisconsin, USA

Nachricht 37745 von James Pope am 02.07.2013 um 14:31:08  Land: United States
Fricking Awesome ... now come to Athens Georgia & Play Between the Hedges at Sanford Stadium . Why... Rock & Roll For Speed Kings , I Can`t Get Enough . SCORPIONS RULE