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Nachricht 37142 von ronald am 09.02.2013 um 00:55:55  Land: Netherlands
yes scorpions shame shame to not coming with the last tour in holland 2012.i am al so 30 years fan from the scorpions.shame you shame you.

Nachricht 37141 von danielle vergne am 08.02.2013 um 17:59:25  Land: France
Super top site and forum high sound rock Scorpions!!!!

Nachricht 37140 von mag am 08.02.2013 um 11:56:29  Land: France
go to ski all day with you on my ears... so great... thank you!

Nachricht 37139 von Cécile am 08.02.2013 um 11:03:39  Land: France
Am I right, the tour date section has been updated?!! No date so far BUT a new heading called “TOUR 2013”. Two words : THANK YOU !!!
You know how to make your audience spellbound!! Ok, I know what I have to do from now: keep an eye on the tour date section !

Nachricht 37138 von jan am 08.02.2013 um 08:46:49  Land: Netherlands
You ar great in Holland
We need you at Wisseloord in Hilversum for remixes
We had our record company in Holland
And the last tour,NO WE DON,T come
30 Years FAN

Nachricht 37137 von Christian am 08.02.2013 um 00:09:00  Land: Sweden
I have seen you playing 3 Times' in Sweden! 1991,2007 and 2012!
Great shows all Times' and the. Last gig was big to me when Rudolf
Throw his guitar pic to me after the last song on the gig. Amazing moment,
And it did get stronger of it when i shout i out" that i got one" an Rudolf
Was hearing My shout an i did get i kiss mouth from him. Great moment.
I did also giving Mathias My thumb upp and i did get eye contact to him to
I Will live on this all My life, thanks
And thank to à great 2012 finish in Sweden, sold out, 10 000 rocking fans.

Nachricht 37136 von aliv am 07.02.2013 um 11:43:08  Land: Bangladesh

Nachricht 37135 von Rudy Moraga am 07.02.2013 um 01:50:51  Land: None Given
Did U f%#@#^&* retire or not? Made enough $$$$$? Thasnk GOD for Uli Jon Roth , Michael Shank,and UFO for living like Rock stars. They know where all the $$$ came from.Classic hits. Toyko tapes on last tour wouldve brought down the staple center house, but noooo, u had to do comeblack???? Why? Comeback and do it right, go out with pride.

Nachricht 37134 von Eva Meine am 06.02.2013 um 20:27:19  Land: Mexico

Nachricht 37133 von abraham am 06.02.2013 um 16:21:59  Land: Mexico
disculpen es cierto que scorpions cancela su separacion y que no se retiraran y que hasta sacaran nuevo album en un futuro? quien me puede confirmar eso? estoy muy emocionado pork he leido unas notas en internet que lo dicen pero aqui no veo nada

Nachricht 37132 von Cécile am 05.02.2013 um 09:00:23  Land: France
Good mood has positive effects on health and quality of life, you know it, right ? When I’m listening to your heavy beating and sexy music I’m surrounded by positive energy and that’s such a good feeling ! So you should really consider going back on stage in the year if you don’t want the entire world to sink into depression. I’m saying it from a medical point of view of course ! To me a scorpions’ sting is just like a piece of dark chocolate. You feel so much better once you have had it ! It’s sweet, intense, you feel it from top to toe and it makes you want some more ! So please give us something to look forward to. Give us a date of show for 2013, anywhere.

Nachricht 37131 von Renata am 05.02.2013 um 03:20:23  Land: Brazil
Hello Scorpions, I am a girl from Brazil and you are my favorite band since I was, I don't know, 10 years old I guess... But now I'm 18 years old and I had no chance to see you alive. And I just cant believe I'm going to die without watching your show. So, please, don't let this 2012 tour be the last one, I was so freakin sad when I figured out that I couldn't go to São Paulo to watch you guys! Please, come back for me :// I love you Heart

Nachricht 37130 von jessica sheccid zavala am 04.02.2013 um 22:47:00  Land: Mexico
I love ... :B
I love are original ..
none like you

Nachricht 37129 von Forpions am 04.02.2013 um 11:13:40  Land: Finland
Hei guays..whats happend yours website is so quiet Why? We need news or something ..????????? Last news is septemper 2012 ???

Nachricht 37128 von Smyles Spencer am 03.02.2013 um 20:26:03  Land: United States
I've seen you four times (1980's) in concert and look forward to seeing you again. By far the tightest hard rocking-est band in the word!

Nachricht 37127 von Conceição Raulino Batista am 03.02.2013 um 15:28:46  Land: Brasil
OLá Scorpions, gostaria muito que estejam no Rock in Rio!!!!\\o//
nos façam felizes dando-nos a honra de sua presença..pra mim, não há outra banda que supere vocês, simplesmente é a melhor banda de hard rock de todos os tempos,uma banda completa!!!!! lindos e talentosos!!!!! I LOVE YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KISS

Nachricht 37126 von Nada am 03.02.2013 um 00:02:56  Land: Lebanon
Lebanon is waiting for your come back!! we're never getting enough :)
many of us were in the 3 consecutive concerts of Byblos and each of them seemed to us like the first time...your music and charm provides such a wonderful positive energy that gives us "chills from head to toe"... Rock on!....

Nachricht 37125 von Jason Slade am 03.02.2013 um 00:00:59  Land: United States
Hey guys,
I have had the pleasure of seeing you guys in concert twice in my life. Once in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. and once in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. You guys are to important to the music industry and to the world of heavy meatal to retire. I think you guys should be like KISS and say to hell with retirement and keep rockin all the way to your graves. Come back to the music world and deliver us some more of your heavy beatin, groovy, sexy all-time classics so the world can rock alongside you guys again. The world misses you guys and i think you seriously need to consider a coming out of retirement world tour party. C"mon you guys you can do this...Long live the Scorpions forever!!!!!

Nachricht 37124 von Julia am 02.02.2013 um 22:35:47  Land: Russian Federation
We love you!!!!!!!!!! Come back to SAMARA!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 37123 von christos am 02.02.2013 um 19:02:00  Land: Cyprus
hey guys, how are you. I am from Cyprus and i hope that my country is in your destinations. I 'd love to see you live for once in my life. You are always wellcome. I love you guys YOU ROCK!!

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