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Nachricht 37470 von Diana am 13.05.2013 um 07:48:43  Land: Mexico
Come back to Mexico please. a concert at the pyramids of Teotihuacan would not be bad *uu*

Nachricht 37469 von VeRock am 13.05.2013 um 07:47:10  Land: Mexico
please Come back soon this 2013, The pyramid of Teotihuacan waiting forward.
¡Mexico Loves You! Heart Hug Thumbs Up

Nachricht 37468 von Andrey am 11.05.2013 um 21:56:09  Land: Latvia
Ich hoffe, wird in Riga eine bessere Akustik seinThumbs Down

Nachricht 37467 von Neil am 11.05.2013 um 17:46:30  Land: United Kingdom
Come on guys, you have toured around the world and not come back to the U.K. Thousands of us would love to see you back in Scotland. Please come back.

Nachricht 37466 von Anna am 11.05.2013 um 17:19:15  Land: Poland
Mein lieber Klaus

Ich bin deine Fänin seit vielen Jahren.
Dank deiner Musik fühle ich mich wie im Rock –Himmel.
Dein konzert in Breslau war super.
Ich danke Dir für die schönen Momente.
Ich grüße Dien Herzlich Deine treue
Fänin aus Polen.


Nachricht 37465 von Paul am 11.05.2013 um 13:57:20  Land: United Kingdom
I have seen you on every tour since Lovedrive, I have to say your one of the most enjoyable live bands that I have ever seen. I am a huge fan, and I continue to enjoy your music, my first Scorpions album was Lonesome crow, and as they say the rest is history. Hope to see you in a venue in the UK soon. Keep it live. As good as ever. Thanks for the musical roller coaster. Paul.

Nachricht 37464 von mam am 10.05.2013 um 21:21:50  Land: France
merci pour ce merveilleux moment passé avec vous à limoges, merci 1000 fois, on vous aimes

Nachricht 37463 von David am 09.05.2013 um 17:09:03  Land: United Kingdom
You've played Scotland in previous years, I know because i've seen you the last 3 times. Can you explain why you have spent the last 3 years touring every corner of the world but haven't returned to scotland ? You have a great many fans who would very much like to see you again. Best Regards David

Nachricht 37462 von Ilya am 09.05.2013 um 12:37:05  Land: Russian Federation
Far East is waiting for you!

Nachricht 37461 von Fan of Scorpions am 08.05.2013 um 18:41:27  Land: France
Scorpions est le plus grand groupe de tous les temps et comme il l'était hier, l'est aujourd'hui et le sera demain. Revenez en concert en France !!!!!

Nachricht 37460 von katyAcoustica am 08.05.2013 um 14:31:20  Land: France
SUPER SUPER les Scorpions ! Quand venez-vous en France ?????
Quelle voix Klaus !!!! et le batteur, quelle pêche ! J'adore Matthias, TOP sur son look et sa perfection musicale (beau mec en plus)!!!!
signé : une musicienne qui vous adore

Nachricht 37459 von peter morris am 08.05.2013 um 05:45:18  Land: Canada
the only time i saw you was in i think 1983 in vancouver with pat travers and ted nugent,i still remember chanting,scorpions-scorpions,when nugent was on stage! please come back to vancouver as since i have been watching your recent concerts recorded in saarbruken,i am very impressed! wishing you will come again,no one rocks like scorpions!!!!!!!

Nachricht 37458 von Martin Conte am 07.05.2013 um 23:22:03  Land: Argentina
Your were right when you said "The best is yet to come"..... It was very nice to hear about the new album. Come on and keep on rockin` like a hurricane!!!!! Argentina loves you!

Nachricht 37457 von Sergey Petrov am 07.05.2013 um 18:45:14  Land: Russian Federation

Nachricht 37456 von Francisco Medeiros de Carvalho am 07.05.2013 um 13:18:11  Land: Brasil
desde os meus 12 anos curto Scorpions e realmente marcou minha adolescência, ainda alimento um sonho de poder assistir um show ao vivo. Vai ficar na lembrança o resto da vida. Júnior.

Nachricht 37455 von Dennis Lundin am 05.05.2013 um 17:38:29  Land: Sweden
hey guys, i could really need your help, my girlfriend that I really really love, has know left me and I really what her back, I have an idea. But I need your help. so pleas email me to if you are interested. pleas help me win her back

Nachricht 37454 von Kathy Clausen am 05.05.2013 um 03:50:06  Land: United States
It's amazing to watch your video for "Winds of Change". So much of it could be taking place today. Very powerful video and the song really has so much to say. Thank you.

Nachricht 37453 von Luis Enrique Núñez Moscoso am 04.05.2013 um 06:06:32  Land: Peru
One of the greatest bands!!! We are waiting you here in Peru!!! Please come...

Nachricht 37452 von Leons am 03.05.2013 um 18:50:49  Land: Latvia
Is it true? Isn't it any mistake?? Are they going to be in Riga? I hope so! Rock yourself

Nachricht 37451 von James Pope am 03.05.2013 um 01:56:47  Land: United States
Here`s hoping you continue to tour & get back to Atlanta Ga. soon . Why because ....Rock "n' Roll for Speed Kings , I can`t get enough !

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