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Nachricht 37984 von Key Guy am 27.09.2013 um 04:49:17  Land: Canada
You guys rock me out big time. Luv the music. Peace Out!

Nachricht 37983 von Frosty am 26.09.2013 um 05:36:11  Land: United States
Was just walking down a dark fog lined street, thinking about all of the people that line either side how sad and lonely they really are. Stopped in and seen each and everyone of them (very small town). Meaning was that I think of You SCORPIONS, and I feel like I'm home, one that will always be. Meaning You guys remind me of the one that no one else has. I'm never alone or sad on that thought. Thanks. Patiently waiting for the new albums. I do feel like home.

Nachricht 37982 von Jaciana Firmino am 26.09.2013 um 05:09:49  Land: Brazil
I love Scorpions! You are part of my life. Dream to see a show of the band. Will it be possible?! A big hug, Jaciana

Nachricht 37981 von Antony Mladineo am 25.09.2013 um 21:36:24  Land: United States
Hey Guys! I know that Europe is our 'home base' now but America misses you incredibly! Van Halen's 2012 tour was successful for them even though DLR sounded like *#!*^. You need to have a USA 'mini' tour! Just hit the major cities! Don't make me fly to Europe to see you guys! I am in Sacramento so come here! Remember Cal Expo? Anyways, I will fly if I have to....You guys till rock! Tony from Sac!

Nachricht 37980 von Nick_Follow your heart_S am 25.09.2013 um 17:54:00  Land: Belarus
HI, dear Scorpions!!! I`m Nick from Belarus. I was raised on rock and I`m a big fan of yours!)) You gonna perform in Minsk in October and I`m writing here hoping that one of you (or one of your assistants) will read this message. The point is that recently in a Russian-language social network there has been a voting among your fans for your best album. And the album "Humanity: Hour 1" was among the winners. But unfortunately you seldom play those songs...
So, I understand that I`m nobody to ask you.. But still. Could it be possible you to play a song from "Humanity" in Minsk? It would really sound great with the orchestra!)
But whatever your decision is, total satisfaction and a very warm welcome to you are always guaranteed in Minsk!Smile ROCK ON!!!Heart

Nachricht 37979 von Jonathan from Belgium am 25.09.2013 um 15:23:36  Land: Belgium
I got into your great band only two years ago. Now i'm fond of you guys, but eversince I only saw two live concerts of you. It would be so great if you could give one more concert near or in Belgium

Nachricht 37978 von Margarita am 24.09.2013 um 22:49:04  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!Just wanted to say one more time that I love you and how much you mean to me!

Nachricht 37977 von Lucy & Rob am 24.09.2013 um 19:08:25  Land: Canada
After 22 years, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart......would love to see you guys play in Canada I could take her.....every song I would ever listen to, always made me think of her!

Nachricht 37976 von SHADIQ am 24.09.2013 um 18:52:16  Land: Malaysia
This december will be my 21st year as a die hard Scorpions fan. your music is my eternal inspiration and soundtrack of my life. Honestly i love every album and still hope to hear more. each and every album is special in it's own way. they all rock!!
don't stop this beautiful music as you have lots of fans all over the globe who love your music and i can guarantee you , your true fans will still come and see you and support you even if there comes a time you guys don't run around the stage anymore. just to se you performing in concert will still be a passion for us and your concerts and music is my true celebration in my life. hope to see you in Malaysia again. keep rocking. Scorpions are unbreakable!

Nachricht 37975 von Victoria Drymon am 24.09.2013 um 13:05:04  Land: United States
Hello To the fabulous Scorpions, I love you so much since the early days 1980's. I haven't seen you in concert since 1994 in Las Vegas. Please tell me your coming to Vegas one more time. Before it it truly over! Rudolf I think you are an amazing soul. We were both raised with the same philosophy in life. I love how you all live so right, and have taken care of yourself's. It is inspiring. Thank you for bringing such joy to my life thru your music & your wisdom. I will always be grateful for all the JOY you have made me feel! Love & Happiness to you all!

Nachricht 37974 von Rebekah Ullrich am 22.09.2013 um 02:05:32  Land: United States
Hello Scorpions. My name is Rebekah Ullrich I have been a fan of the Scorpions for about 7 years and I am 20 so I have been a fan since I was 13. I have a lot of records (meaning actual lps), cds, dvds, concert shirts and other things. I love your music. I have been though a lot of hard times and your music was the one thing that helped me get through it. I never had a lot of friends because I always never fit into a group but that didn't matter to me because I had the Scorpions on my side. I was bullied in school and teased for the music that I listened to. I love all the music from the 60's, 70's and the 80's but I like all of the Scorpions music, it doesn't matter what decade the songs or albums are from. I hope you all decide to take another trip to Chicago because you have a lot of die hard fans out there who will do anything to go to one of your concerts. One of those people is me, would love you see the Scorpions before you all officially retire. I love you music and I want that joy that I get from going to ne of your concerts, I have only been to two of your concerts. I love you all and always will till the day I die. Your music will live on forever when I am alive. One of the things that I want to do more that anything is to meet you all backstage and thank you all for being here for music with your music and not leaving my side. I don't know what would be of me right now because of you music. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Rebekah Ullrich

Nachricht 37973 von pablo enriquez am 21.09.2013 um 00:56:11  Land: Mexico
hola a todos los fans de scorpions en elmundo. scorpions es y sera el mejor del mundo

Nachricht 37972 von Оля am 20.09.2013 um 09:32:33  Land: Русской Федерации
Hello! I know that it is improbable, but I will try. My name is Olya, in my life there is a true love - his name is Alexander. When we weren't familiar, we often listened to one of your compositions "Maybe I, maybe you". Then the destiny brought together us together, and we decided to represent this music, we danced. It at us turned out. It was magically! Thanks! Music simply goosebumps.
Now to business. Alexander presented to me tickets for your concert on October 26 in Kazan. To my happiness there was no limit. We two of your admirers, Alexander especially strongly love your group and long ago dreamed to see you live. If there is an opportunity by some miracle to shake hands, it will be the best gift. Very much I ask that you showed responsiveness to my letter. We in Kazan will sit and listen to music. In a hall. Olya and Alexander Abramov. We are glad already that we will see and hear you. If you are somehow capable to give such gift - simply to shake hands Alexander Abramova, you will make happy at once two people even more. Alexander knows nothing about this letter, it is a secret which with your help becomes a surprise. I would like to send still video to you where we already danced under your music. If I receive from you the answer is will be magically. I trust in miracles! Always! Yours faithfully Olya who is in love with Alexander.

Nachricht 37971 von Margarita am 20.09.2013 um 00:37:12  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!You know the most painful moment of your concerts is when you leave the stage!Don't just go away this time...

Nachricht 37970 von Crazy Drummer am 19.09.2013 um 19:03:08  Land: Spain
Hei mitä kuuluu Scorpions ? Greetings from Fuengirola Spain let me
take you far away.... see you in 13.10 Helsinki . I spend me and my wife holiday here our second home. we like Scorpions sound since 1980.We been your concerts around Europe Berlin.....Tuuri. DONT

Nachricht 37969 von Patrizia am 19.09.2013 um 09:55:33  Land: Italy
Dear dear dear and dear Scorpions, me (37) and my housband (46) love you music completly. The music that all the guys play and the voice of Klaus goes straight to the heart Heart. We have come to your concerts in Nice, Marseille, WACKEN (and you know how the weather was like last time!!!!!!!!!) and now in Greece at Lycabettus Theater on the 14 september Clap . Great sound and magic night. Now we would like to plan to Vilnius BUT, we have to make a COMPLAINT Unhappy , because your final tour can't be considered finished until you will come one time in ITALY!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe in Milan, because of the mass of people).
So, waiting for you, we thank'you for the wery googd moment and feelings you gave us, but we wait for more and more Tongue , cause as you always say, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

Nachricht 37968 von Maria am 19.09.2013 um 09:25:05  Land: Greece
I was able to be only at the Saturday 14th September concert. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great evening full of awesome songs and energy. It was one of the best concerts you've given in Greece. I look forward to the DVD.

Nachricht 37967 von Tony Lopez am 19.09.2013 um 03:10:42  Land: Philippines
I am your biggest fan...I love your brings back my best memories...I am now 59 years old and I have not seen ou yet in live....hopefully you could come to california for a series of guys have millions of followers....Scorpions forever....

Nachricht 37966 von Konstantinos am 18.09.2013 um 21:47:53  Land: Greece
There are not enough words to describe this breathtaking unplugged concert in Athens one week ago. It was the 8th concert that i have watched live and i hope that there going to be more...The best is yet to come!

Nachricht 37965 von ferly yulianto akbar am 17.09.2013 um 07:43:54  Land: Indonesia
I want to make your clinic concert in Indonesia, can you tell me how to make it happen ???

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