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Nachricht 37945 von Martin Conte am 10.09.2013 um 17:16:15  Land: Argentina
To all Scorpions fans in Greece: Enjoy it for all the other fans that wish to be there! The best is yet to come.... in a few hours!

Nachricht 37944 von Владислав Мотыл am 10.09.2013 um 00:35:47  Land: Украина
Необычно осозновать, что я пишу Вам. Вы моя любимая группа с 1985 года(мне тогда было 13 лет).Жаль, что время так скоротечно, но дай Бог чтобы Вы были здоровы, а мы как можно дольше наслождались Вашими шедеврами.

Nachricht 37943 von Margarita am 09.09.2013 um 22:26:57  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!I want to be with you! Heart

Nachricht 37942 von Bill am 09.09.2013 um 22:04:20  Land: Greece
You rocked my life!!! Can't wait for the concert in Athens.I have watched all your lives here in Greece since 2005.And now I'll be there in Wednesday 11 and Saturday 14.I hope I get a chance to see you from the front row.And remember: You let it rock we let it roll!!!

Nachricht 37941 von Yana am 09.09.2013 um 18:26:44  Land: United States
Awesome concert in Phily last year. Please come to US again.Hug

Nachricht 37940 von Maria Gorett Bitu am 09.09.2013 um 16:58:35  Land: Brasil
I am an extremely parochial worship my Pernambuco, like MPB, but is to be skinning fan who does not have to earn SCORPIONS.
Love to love you forever.

Nachricht 37939 von oscar am 08.09.2013 um 02:00:04  Land: México
soy un gran fan de ustedes, por favor vengan a Monterrey, se que estan en su gira de despedida, pero seria muy feliz, traten de venir por favor, solo he ido a 2 conciertos suyos, me diverti mucho, por favor vengan, gracias

Nachricht 37938 von Doni-Jane Rogers am 07.09.2013 um 08:43:22  Land: United States
I have been a registered fan for the scorpions since 1990's. May I please register once more to the scorpions fan club? many years ago all fan members were mailed an official SCORPIONS card with their name on it... my card expired years ago and I have been waiting to sign up on the SCORPIONS web page to renew my official fan status. I have been a fan of the SCORPIONS since 1979, I was 12 and Animal Magnatism played all summer!
May I please register in the SCORPIONS fan club? I just want Klaus Meine Autograph Picture, and of course Rudolph, Herman, Matthias, Frances, Uli, and Rudolph's little brother Michael. I'm sorry if dont include the new band members, it's late here in california and I'm graduation College in 3 weeks. The only thing i want for my graduation is the scorpions to send me an autograph picture. here is my address... DJ. Rogers at 6290 Gunter Way San Jose, CA. 95123

Nachricht 37937 von oscar am 07.09.2013 um 06:06:49  Land: Mexico
I am a big fan of you, come please to Monterrey, Mexico, I want that you come, Im wating you, thanks.

Nachricht 37936 von Anna am 06.09.2013 um 15:44:08  Land: France
S'il vous plait revenez en France!!!!

Nachricht 37935 von Alicia am 06.09.2013 um 02:19:17  Land: United States
Hi Guys , I am fan number one in long Island New York , When are you going to play here?, your love songs take me out of the planet. Best wishes.

Nachricht 37934 von Mark Egerton am 05.09.2013 um 09:14:00  Land: United Kingdom
Come on guys, when you going to perform an acoustic set in England???
I first saw "The Scorps" way back in the late 70's & you are even better now! So come on guys, hurry up & get over to the UK we miss you!

Nachricht 37933 von siarhey maslousky am 04.09.2013 um 22:49:41  Land: Belarus
you should experiment with national melodies. Belarusians have the coolest thing "Kupalinka." It's certainly not the Swiss national melody, but if you are in Minsk in October it will play ... It will be the ... NO MORE WORDS!!!

Nachricht 37932 von Laura am 04.09.2013 um 12:30:43  Land: Greece
I can't believe it! There are left only eight days for the best concert ever here in Greece! Thanks so much for choosing Athens for this special project and giving us the opportunity to support you as always. I'll be at the firs line!!! Kiisses Hug Heart

Nachricht 37931 von Béatrice PAYET am 04.09.2013 um 09:04:22  Land: Reunion
Why not a concert in a small place on a small island in the middle of indian ocean like Reunion Island ? It would be great !!! I dream....

Nachricht 37930 von Donny Dirt am 04.09.2013 um 01:43:07  Land: United States
I would love to take you for a ride one night, and see what a SCORPIONS fan really doe's all f**ked up on weed, and slammin down the coldest of good German Lager Beers. Jammin on your sounds. Happy Belated Birthday Rudolf. Lets Ride!

Nachricht 37929 von Brain and Ellen Remington am 03.09.2013 um 01:07:24  Land: United States
Back in 1982 in High School in the Bay Area of California a good friend introduced me to a song called The Zoo. I was 16 years old. That song changed my life forever. It took me little time to find out who the band was and who the players where in this band. I was so amazed when 2 years latter Love at First sting was released and The Scorpions seamed to get better. Before long i started working backward and forward collecting the Albums and watching and listening to the evaluation of the of the Scorpions form there first release to there last. Never has there been a band who meant so much to Metal History. In 2010 I introduced my new wife to the 20 CD music Genera of The Scorpions and she became as I did 35 years ago an immediate fan. In August 2010 I took her to Billings Montana for The Scorpions Fair well Tour she felt so good to have the chance to see you for her first and only concert we couldn't have picked a better 1st for her. THANK YOU SCORPIONS FOR A LIFETIME OF MUSIC

Nachricht 37928 von Frank Preuß am 02.09.2013 um 20:31:50  Land: Germany
Hallo Rudolph Happy birthay nachträglich. Alles liebe und gute für dich wünscht dir Frank Aus Neustadt in Holstein

Nachricht 37927 von Loyal Canadian Fan am 02.09.2013 um 20:16:07  Land: Canada
I hope you had a nice special birthday. Keep on rocking.
Loyal Canadian FanSmile Big smile

Nachricht 37926 von John am 02.09.2013 um 03:14:06  Land: United States
Rudolf, happy birthday! Thank you for all the wonderful music you have given the world! Please do not ever stop making new Scorpions songs, I would love to hear several more albums like Sting In The Tail! Don't stop at the top Smile

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