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Nachricht 37095 von am 25.01.2013 um 01:46:59  Land: None Given
January 24 ...3 years ago I was so so sadBroken Heart
And ...I asked you a song with intro as We'll burn the sky&Still loving you ...You made SLY
And I asked you come to Toulon Nice or Marseille ... You made the 3
And I asked you We'll burn the sky in Toulon ...You made and also in Toulouse
And I asked you if you still loving France ...You made Je t'aime encore
And I asked you We'll burn the sky in Marseille ...You ...
I remember , I said , after 2-3 years , maybe I'll just need to know time to time , you feel good ...
But now , I can't ...sorry ...without you&your voice around me I don't know...
I'm afraid by this empty space ...
We know , I'm a dreamer , I'm walking on the edge , I don't see the bridge ...I just need You start again ...please ...
Heart Heart Heart

Nachricht 37094 von Biggi am 24.01.2013 um 18:20:03  Land: Germany
Hallo Jungs! Wir hoffen Euch geht es gut und Ihr könnt die ruhige Zeit genießen......aber.....wir Fan´s warten sehnsuchtsvoll auf einen gigantischen Abend mit Euch.....also, wenn geht´s mal wieder auf die Bühne? Wir drei Mädels von der Alb stehen schon in den Startlöchern und der Tourbus ist schon so gut wie gepackt. Viele Grüße von der Alb: Biggi, Stine und Kerstin

Nachricht 37093 von Shadiq am 24.01.2013 um 14:31:19  Land: Malaysia
PAWEL! Happy belated rock and rolling stinging birthday. You play great bass in the greatest band in the world.wish u lots of rock and roll n can we grow old when the soundtrack of ourlives is rock and roll

Nachricht 37092 von ROSE BAZAN am 23.01.2013 um 21:19:56  Land: United States
PAWEL!!! Hope your BIRTHDAY was filled with Happiness :) Laughter :) & Peace :)
~ &lt;3 ~ THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!! ~ &lt;3 ~

Nachricht 37091 von Frank Preuß am 23.01.2013 um 17:19:48  Land: None Given
Hey Jungs eine Frage: Macht ihr noch Konzerte 2013 und wenn ja wo? Ich würde euch soooo gerne noch einmal. Ich war 2010 bei eurem Konzert in Hamburg dabei. Es war der hammer. Bitte Bitte macht noch weiter dieses Jahr so lange es geht . Ich möchte euch noch mal sehen um mich von euch zu verabschieden. Tschüüss bis dann und liebe Grüßßee an euch euer größter Fan aus neustadt an der Ostsee

Nachricht 37090 von Tressa am 23.01.2013 um 03:48:28  Land: United States
I've heard rumors but I don't listen to the radio, is it really true, are you guys really going stay?? I can't tell you how happy that would make me! I want you guys to be as happy as you've made me with your music these many years, and if that means calling it quits while you're on top I wish you the utmost happiness because I love you guys. But like any Scorpions fan, the thought of you not being around is really sad so I hope I get to see you again on the road. Love you guys..
Long Live The Scorpions!! Heart

Nachricht 37089 von Tatiana am 22.01.2013 um 20:49:36  Land: Russian Federation
Retirement has been postponed-yesterday Scorpions played for Russian businessmen iin Moscow.. .

Nachricht 37088 von Anna am 22.01.2013 um 19:06:32  Land: Russian Federation
just best of the best

Nachricht 37087 von Paulo Newton Ennes Júnior am 22.01.2013 um 14:59:31  Land: Brazil
Sou fâ do grupo,gostaria de obter algumas partituras!

Nachricht 37086 von hong am 22.01.2013 um 13:48:01  Land: Korea, South
if someone is really love scorpions, he/she should welcome their retirement when they are close to the age of 70s. do you think they should satisfy your desire to enjoy their songs even though they can't take the time to enjoy their own life without the duty toward fans? you are saying only your want pretending you respect them.

Nachricht 37085 von Cécile am 22.01.2013 um 10:19:36  Land: France
To know that you’re not retiring is a true relief for every fan’s heart. Thinking of you guys away from the stage was really painful. You’re anyway much too young to retire. Retire from what? You are rockers in the bottom of your hearts. It’s your DNA, you just can’t escape!! Creativity & artistic skill are still there, it’s not a matter of age. Anyway, thanks a bunch for not dumping us. I know that now you just need to have a break, take a deep breath and see what life will bring. No schedule, let see and do what makes fun. The farewell tour was physically and emotionally very demanding for you. How many hours in plane, tour bus, how many months away from home, how many hours of hard work to deliver every night the best performance for 2.5 years???? You guys are just much stronger than any Marvel super heroes!!
But you know I can’t help thinking of the mixed feelings you might feel. The final sting tour is over, it’s good to be back home but on the other side it’s the end of something big, the life as you used to know it. You’ve been rocking all your life, how does it feel not to do it any longer?? You know, when I come back from one of your show, I feel blue for some days or weeks, just because it’s over. I’m still not getting over Oberhausen concert!! If I experience those bad feelings after just one show, I just can’t imagine how you feel!! Your entire life was like a 40 years’ show, you should feel deeply depressed right now!! Joking of course. But may be one day you will come to the conclusion that you miss your fans, and at that time, we’ll be there. Take your time, enjoy life to the fullest, Klaus spare your voice. We’ll be waiting for you, no matter how long it takes. You and us, it’s like a long time friendship, we’ll always be there for you, any time.

Nachricht 37084 von Giovanna Andrea am 22.01.2013 um 04:26:00  Land: Canada
Hi guys: The first time I heard a song from you was 1988. I was 12 years old. I still listening your WONDERFUL music.

Nachricht 37083 von John P madere am 21.01.2013 um 22:38:31  Land: United States
Hi, My name is John i been Rocking with Scorpions since 1977 saw u abote 6 times everytime was great. Me and wife saw u in New Orleans was in front row was a awesome show remember is was the guy with note stuck on my forehead saying PLEASE DON'T RETIRE. Then after show got a few shot of band by bus and was told never to give up we might get back together and TOUR AGAIN. YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSS.

Nachricht 37082 von Vladimir am 20.01.2013 um 19:41:39  Land: Russian Federation
Hello Scorpions ! My name is Vladimir (17 years) Smile . I was on your concert 1 time in samara but before I thought that i will not see you in real life.Once i saw in TV that you are will be play another show in Samara. SO MY DREAM CAME TRUE. Guys you are best of the best. A lot of fans and I "Still Loving You" ))) and awaiting for you there again and as said one guest before me - "Dont Stop At The Top" please Return "Before you go" ))) All the best !!!
And I want to say thank your parents for you. Smile

Nachricht 37081 von Ivan Ruzachenkov am 20.01.2013 um 17:15:24  Land: Русские Федерации
Scorpions, hello! My name is Ivan. I am from Russia. I'm 13 years old. Russia is waiting for you! Come and visit us. Many teenagers and their parents are waiting for you in Moscow!

Nachricht 37080 von mark am 20.01.2013 um 11:17:20  Land: United States
Scorpions, I have seen you many times in concert since the late 70s in Germany and in the USA (California). “Don’t stop at the top”…come back to California in 2013!

Nachricht 37079 von delia am 20.01.2013 um 09:03:53  Land: Romania
Happy birthday to you, Pawel! May all your wishes come true! You are the best and keep on rocking! Love you!
Delia and Daria

Nachricht 37078 von Jasminka am 19.01.2013 um 18:20:11  Land: Croatia
You are one of the greatest band ever. I grew up with your hits. Today's music is not what it used to be. I wish you all the best.

Nachricht 37077 von Basti am 19.01.2013 um 12:52:56  Land: Germany
Geil, geil, geil!!!
Finds auch super, dass ihr weitermacht! Bin zwar erst 26 Jahre alt, aber eure Musik und auch eure Ausstrahlung berührt mich mehr, als alles was die moderne kommerzielle Musikwelt hergibt.
Ihr schafft es - auch heute noch - Leute mitzureissen und ich danke euch dafür, dass ihr dies auch noch weiter tut!
Ich hoffe ihr gebt auch hierzulande nochmal das ein oder andere Konzert!!!
Viele Grüße aus dem Süden Münchens!

Nachricht 37076 von Karl-Heinz am 18.01.2013 um 22:34:44  Land: Germany
Living for tomorrow - super das ihr weitermacht. Meine Frau und ich haben euch am 21. Dezember in München gesehen - incredible!
Bis zum nächsten mal.

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