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Nachricht 37560 von Christian Krause am 25.05.2013 um 15:26:30  Land: Germany
Hi Klaus,zu deinem Geburtstag wünsche ich dir alles gute und viel gesundheit!Viele grüsse aus Burgwald sendet dir Christian.Cool

Nachricht 37559 von montserrat am 25.05.2013 um 15:18:43  Land: Mexico
happy birthday klaus
you are the best and my favorite singer
i wish you the best
have a nice day and many more :)

Nachricht 37558 von Konstantin Mikhaylov am 25.05.2013 um 15:18:39  Land: Russian Federation
Wish you the best of luck! Thanks for love that you share so many years, I'm very proud that you became the part of my life. Maybe because of you I started playing guitar, joined the band and studied vocals, you showed me what is right and what is wrong. Thank you Klaus!!! See you in october in Saint-Pete! Happy Birthday!!

Nachricht 37557 von Leonid am 25.05.2013 um 15:14:33  Land: Russian Federation
Happy Birthday, Klaus! From Russia with love! We are waiting for you in October in Russia. See you ;))

Nachricht 37556 von David am 25.05.2013 um 15:10:07  Land: Spain
Scorpions, one of the best rock groups in the History.
Saludos desde España! :)

Nachricht 37555 von María Lely Marín am 25.05.2013 um 14:58:51  Land: Chile
Happy birthday dear Klaus; Feliz cumplaños!. Wish you all the best for your life with you family and friends. I'm thankfull and delighted for all the joy you have given with your voice and music. I'll be always waiting for your return to Chile to see you in concert once again! Have a wonderful day!!!!! Hug Clap

Nachricht 37554 von Tascha am 25.05.2013 um 14:55:21  Land: Germany
Alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag Klaus
und viel Glück, sowie Gesundheit für das neue Lebensjahr.
Liebe Grüße
Tascha aus Kassel

Nachricht 37553 von alex Rostov-on-don am 25.05.2013 um 14:39:41  Land: None Given

Nachricht 37552 von Denys Lukashevich am 25.05.2013 um 14:39:10  Land: Ukraine
Dear Klaus, Happy Birthday to you! I wish you happiness, success and of course, health!!! You`re the best! Thank you for your music, it`s really cool. I`m looking forward to see you in Kiev, Sport Palace.Smile

Nachricht 37551 von Jeanne am 25.05.2013 um 14:37:52  Land: Ukraine
Happy Birthday, Klaus! I wish you all the best) Thank you for your wonderful voice and a big talent) I was on concert of Scorpions in Dnipropetrovsk, 31.10.2012, and it was very cool. When I knew that you would come to Dnipropetrovsk I was very happy.We, I and many your Ukrainian fans, are waiting for you) On Sunday, 14 july 2013, in Dnepropetrovsk) "THE BEST CITY.UA"

Nachricht 37550 von Julia Suvorova am 25.05.2013 um 14:36:43  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus! ! ! Happy birthday! ! ! I wish you a good health, the successes, it is a lot of new hits! ! ! We very much love you and we wait in St. Petersburg in October! ! !

Nachricht 37549 von Roman am 25.05.2013 um 14:34:03  Land: Belarus
Dear Klaus, the most anticipated day of the year is May 25, I'm waiting for him more than a new year or a birthday. This day is great, this day your mother gave you to us. May every day of your life will be bright, kind and happy, surrounded by your loved ones and friends. Be healthy and happy. Continue to give the world his beautiful voice. Happy Birthday!

Nachricht 37548 von Max Vasiliev am 25.05.2013 um 14:31:35  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus! Happy Birthday to You!!!!!! I wish you health, happyness, success and of course good luck! You are the best rocker and singer in the world!!!! I love you very much!!! Thank you for your music, it's wonderful!!!!!
I'm looking forward to see you in Moscow, Crocus City Hall. Keep on rocking!!! With Love From Moscow!!!!
There's No One Like YOU!!!!

Nachricht 37547 von damian am 25.05.2013 um 14:18:16  Land: Argentina
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLAUS!!!!! you are the best rock and roll singer!!!

Nachricht 37546 von 34534 am 25.05.2013 um 14:15:26  Land: Ukraine
Happy birthday Klaus!!
I wish you good health and many successful concerts and records.

Nachricht 37545 von Natasha am 25.05.2013 um 14:14:21  Land: Ukraine
Happy Birthday, Klaus! Keep rocking!
Love You)))

Nachricht 37544 von Tracy Baker am 25.05.2013 um 14:14:10  Land: Canada
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Klaus. Have a super great day!!!

Nachricht 37543 von Dimitris am 25.05.2013 um 13:45:45  Land: Greece

Nachricht 37542 von sylvie am 25.05.2013 um 13:25:28  Land: France
joyeux anniversaire klaus au plaisir de vous revoir à dijon.

Nachricht 37541 von Nadya am 25.05.2013 um 13:15:27  Land: Ukraine
Dear Klaus! Happy Birthday to You!!! You, your music and songs did, do and will do so many people happy Big smile Thank You!!! Wish You health, happiness, love and much wonderful music! Rock Your Life! With love from Kiev Hug

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