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Nachricht 38333 von Margarita am 07.01.2014 um 14:59:52  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!You make me so happy! Heart

Nachricht 38332 von Russ in America am 06.01.2014 um 23:16:40  Land: United States
You guys still Rock us in 2014 Big smile

Nachricht 38331 von Barry o. lee am 06.01.2014 um 07:06:49  Land: United States
I have been a scorpions fan since the 70s , and I have never heard a scorpions song that didn't bring joy to my heart. I have played the drums all of my life , and have allways enjoyed very much , playing my drums to the sound of the scorpions. the scorpions music was and will allways be some of the best and meaningfull music ever played or recorded. I can listen to there music over and over again , and it never gets old , because it is so damn good!!! I have seen them three times in concert , and the presents of them is allways a thrill and honor to witness. I can compare them to no one , because there just isn't anyone to compare them to. I absoulutly love them , and all of the beautifull music that they have made down through the years. if there was a band that was ever so good , it would be and is the scorpions.

Nachricht 38330 von Urban Benon am 05.01.2014 um 18:27:43  Land: Sweden
Hi there.. I’m a man in the mid fifties from Sweden who admire your Music. It all started in the mid seventies and has continued since. I just want to tell you guys, when I finally got married 3 years ago with the women in my life, we had the priest to read some chosen lines from one or your absolute best song ever, You and I...We just love that song, specially the version the monastery acoustic version.
You and I just have a dream, to find our love a place where we can hide away, You and I were just made, to love each other now, forever and a day....!
You are the best

Nachricht 38329 von mats persson am 05.01.2014 um 11:36:32  Land: Sweden
Hello! Iam a guy from Sweden who likes your Music, since school, in the eightees. I just saw a program about your song Wind of change,and what it has blessed people. I also reacted, when you , Klaus, said who you got it. You pointed to heaven, and said, maybe from there. I Believe in God, and liked that comment. If you want to, I can pray for you, in this hard time, in the World.
Thank you, for this song, and the others! If you got a bible, read John 3:16.
God bless you!

Nachricht 38328 von Johnny Harbieh am 04.01.2014 um 05:34:26  Land: United States
Scorpions!!! I hope to see you all in the US someday. The best of luck on your tour. Wind of Change.

Nachricht 38327 von Ana Laura Garcia am 03.01.2014 um 04:57:08  Land: Mexico
Hello guys
You are one of my favorite bands in the world. I like your music since I was a child. I want to see you soon in Mexico. Please come back.
Best wishes for this year.

Nachricht 38326 von Alejandro am 03.01.2014 um 04:19:33  Land: Mexico
Hello! I hope you come to Mexico soon. we miss you so much.

Nachricht 38325 von Edgar Reséndiz am 03.01.2014 um 04:12:12  Land: Mexico
Happy new year my dear Scorpions! Like a lot of your fans over Mexico, I want to see you again in our country, your contry, and play your new and amazing show, THE MTV UNPLUGGED. Please Scorpions, come to Mexico!!!
I love you and The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

Nachricht 38324 von Alejandro Ramirez am 03.01.2014 um 04:03:07  Land: Mexico
Hello. Scopions
I wish that your dreams will come true. And you have a happy new year 2014...
I hope your come soon to Mexico because your is one of the better rock bands i liked your music... good luck and be careful... bye bye

Nachricht 38323 von Tania am 03.01.2014 um 03:49:01  Land: México
Vengan a México para morir en paz please we love!

Nachricht 38322 von ruben am 03.01.2014 um 03:46:00  Land: Mexico
Un show en mexico

Nachricht 38321 von James am 03.01.2014 um 03:36:26  Land: Mexico

Nachricht 38320 von Gary am 03.01.2014 um 03:17:55  Land: United Kingdom
Hello guys, when are you coming to the U.K. again? Please play here again soon, and make it a proper tour in Hammersmith sized venues. Don't just do one or two festival appearances or a one-off gig at Wembley like so many big bands seem to do these days. British rockers need the Scorpions now!!!

Nachricht 38319 von Григорий am 02.01.2014 um 21:38:40  Land: Russian Federation
Good evening. Dear Klaus. I looked at your appeal to people in Ukraine protesters on Maidan. I want that you knew, you're a smart man, you understand. Those who are there mainly ultra natsianalist right, they do not work, do not develop their economy, and only live on the money of the people who have paid it. young people called svim idol Bandera - Nazi traitor who helped the Nazis during the war. What clones do not you support those. Izveniti but you are wrong. what would you not tell your friend Klitschko.

Nachricht 38318 von Rudy am 02.01.2014 um 20:33:03  Land: United States
Whos wife wrote the set list 4 final sting tour, did u think of including songs the older fans, who grew up with u, might injoy.? unplug this....

Nachricht 38317 von KATIA MARIA am 02.01.2014 um 15:17:42  Land: Brazil
HELLO SCORPIONS Heart ..The MTV DVD is great... Star
and I LOVE YOU KLAUS ..Embarrassed
Dear James..Happy ...Happy ..Happy Birtday! Hug

Nachricht 38316 von Fotis Ignatiou am 02.01.2014 um 15:02:15  Land: Cyprus
Hello Scorpions,
I am probably one of your biggest fans! I'm 15 years old and I live in Cyprus. You've been a huge inspiration for me since the early years of my life! It has soon become my lifetime wish to watch you live (and if possible get an autograph from you xD)! I have FINALLY convinced my father to take me to one of your concerts in the summer of 2014 and I am now waiting anxiously for the tourdates in July or August! I just need one tourdate in Europe during those two months!!!
What I admire most is the incomparable, angelic voice of Klaus Meine: you are my idol sir!! :D
(and of course Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs which happen to be the best guitar players in the entire universe)
I also wanted to say that, I wish I can get the chance to talk to you one day to express how you make me feel, and, if I am allowed to say, inspire you for your future songs! I have even started German lessons 2 years ago so I can express myself better when I finally get to know you!!
(Because I love your creativity and way of thinking, and I indisputably INSIST you must NOT retire. The world needs, you! I truly believe you are humanity's last breath!!!)
Well, I HOPE and I PRAY that you see that message, take it under consideration
and if possible REPLY !!! (you have my email address: It would make me more happy than words can begin to describe!!! :D
Keep on rocking us like a hurricane!!!
Thumbs Up

Nachricht 38315 von Sasha am 02.01.2014 um 14:54:45  Land: Russian Federation
Hi there! Happy ne year to all! What can I say moreSmile
You know that in this new 2014 year I will have the best birthday ever? Concert on my birthday which is on 2nd of April...I can't believe it! But I will be there!!!
Best wishes in 2014!
From Russia with loveBig smile

Nachricht 38314 von Julio Verdi am 02.01.2014 um 14:21:11  Land: Brazil
A great 2014 for all Scorpions fans around the Wordl. I wish that your dreams will come true. And much Scorpions rock in your lives.