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Nachricht 37260 von Szabó Attila am 18.03.2013 um 13:39:32  Land: Magyarország
Sziasztok egész eddigi életemben a Scorpions volt lesz a kedvencem úgy tudom minden albuma meg van ahogy nézem a honlapot hiányzik néhány DVD-ből is csak 3 van és még hiányzik.Ha valaki tud olyat ahonnan be lehet szerezni a hiányzó albumokat és DVD-ket kérem írjon köszönöm!

Nachricht 37259 von Véro am 18.03.2013 um 11:32:22  Land: France
THANK YOU. You guys have devoted all your life to Rock music. You gave the world more than 40 years of great songs and so many unforgettable memories for so many people on this planet. A kind of taste of eternity. You made history. THANK YOU is not strong enough but I can’t find any other word. You fully deserve a rest. You know guys all your fans really care about your well being. I wish you all the best. Enjoy life to the fullest and tell people you love how important they are to you. Take your time. Your die hard fans will always be there ready to scream for some more rock and roll, any time. Our longing for terrific Scorpions stuffs will never fade away. Take care.

Nachricht 37258 von Franzi am 17.03.2013 um 17:12:05  Land: Germany
Hey! Wie geht es euch allen? Damit meine ich vorallem euch meine ABSOLUTE lieblings Band, SCORPIONS!!!
Ich bin 13.Jahre alt und liebe eure Musik leider zu spät entdeckte ich euch durch zufall auf einer Fahrt to HOLIDAY und auf dieser Fahrt lief euer GENIALER song HOLIDAY im Radio ich habe euch gegooglet und gefunden! Aber ich wusste das ich euch NIE LIVE sehen würde :'( mein Vater wollte mich beruhigen aber es ging nicht!!! ABER es war DAS JAHR 2012!!! Ich sah im Internet das ihr in Frankfurt spielen wolltet und rief meinen VAter an der darauf hin KArten für SCPORPIONS -OBERHAUSEN 15.12.2012 bestellte. Das Konzert war zu schnell vorbei aber es war MEIN ABEND!!! Ich watr das glücklichste Kind EVER!!! Also BITTE hört noch nicht auf! Wenn ihr schon n icht mehr spielt also LIVE dann bringt bitte noch mehr LP'S oder CD'S raus! Ja genau LP'S Ich habe bei meinem Vater über 100-STÜCK!!! Also tut der GESAMMTEN MENSCHHEIT EINEN RIIIEEESSSEEENNNN GEFALLEN UND HÖRT NICHT AUF!!!!

Nachricht 37257 von klara am 17.03.2013 um 15:10:51  Land: Germany
Meine treuen Wegbegleiter. Habe das Interview mit Matthias im HM gelesen und wenn das stimmt, können wir in ansehbarer Zeit ein Hammeralbum mit alten/neuen Hits aus den Achzigern erwarten. Ich meine Songs wie Another piece of meat, The zoo, Blackout, Dynamite, Now, Coming home usw. Das wäre das Absolute und ich bin sicher, ihr bekommt das genauso gut hin wie damals. Ich bin ein treuer Fan der ersten Stunde und mit meinen 61 Jahren könnt ihr mir immer noch eine Freude machen. Lasst er richtig krachen.

Nachricht 37256 von Deborah Pilapil am 17.03.2013 um 02:39:24  Land: United States
Your concerts at Charter One on Lake Michigan in Chicago are totally awesome! The band, breeze and city skyline are incredible when experienced all at once. Please return to the Windy City to rock us again and make it a night to remember! When are you going to pose with us for pictures!?!?

Nachricht 37255 von clara with love 1 am 16.03.2013 um 01:42:17  Land: France
2012 i saw you all in south of France , every show was FANTASTIC
...Really magic ... THANK YOU SO MUCH !!
Now 2013 we're waiting for a cd Lovedrive reunion lineup , a cd Uli 40th Scorp , a cd old\new Scorp Yes GREAT !!
But honestly you all know your hard fans wait for A TRUE SCORPIONS REUNION
..Somewhere in this world ( with fans , no festival) One date with THE cd . Dvd
But what she have with that ? No answer , can't explain , it just from the bottom of my heart and hurt me every day...
I love you Mister Scorpions , I love you so ...
#nd I know time go so fast...

Nachricht 37254 von clara with love 2 am 16.03.2013 um 00:24:35  Land: None Given
...You are all alive and on stage , it's more than just a chance
Who will be the first to die ? Michael ? Francis ? or...? or you Babe?
After , too late , just time for regrets ...
What will stay of Scorpions 200 years later ? Your fans are living now !
If you can't play together for yourselves , can't you play only for your fans , make our dream come true ...
and have fun on stage , imbelievable ,so talented musicians as you are , with the same inheritance name ?
Remember stop to hate , learn to forgive OH SCORPIONS SCORPIONS PLEASE Heart Heart Heart

Nachricht 37253 von Tim am 15.03.2013 um 00:52:40  Land: United Kingdom
During the 3 years of your final tour you played about 70 shows in France, but not one in the uk, why? surely the British fans deserve to know your reasons. in the early years it was the uk you came to in order to make the big time so why ignore us now

Nachricht 37252 von SHADIQ am 14.03.2013 um 18:40:34  Land: Malaysia

Nachricht 37251 von Robert Davis am 13.03.2013 um 08:13:49  Land: United States
Thank you guys for all the f**kING AWESOME YEARS OF ROCKIN. I seen you at the Long Beach Arena The Famous Forum and I think the Sports Arena. And few other shows, I don't remember, cuz I was parting like s rock star. TAKE CARE. •BIG Bob•••

Nachricht 37250 von Mary Becerra am 13.03.2013 um 04:47:07  Land: United States
I saw The Scorpions back in June of 2012 as my first and last concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was so amazing and I thought to myself how I can not wait to see them again then stopped mid thought and realized that this IS the last time. When they played "Still Loving You", I cried the hardest cry. I grew up listening to their music, it was used to help me put to sleep as a baby, and when I reach the peak of my fandom, I get a taste of what's left. God bless you guys for bringing such beautiful music into my life. It's apart of my history and I hope that one more tour is in their time to come back around, but if not I am STILL blessed to experienced them. Thank you so much, and God bless.

Nachricht 37249 von paan am 12.03.2013 um 16:55:21  Land: Malaysia
hiiiiiii please come to malaysia

Nachricht 37248 von Cécile am 12.03.2013 um 11:03:36  Land: France
Yesterday I got my kicks from watching on Youtube one of your last year’s show in Bordeaux, France. Wow, that was terrific, just monumental.
Guys, you were smiling all the time, like if you were having the best time of your life!! I really enjoyed seeing you have so much fun on stage, sharing a bunch of emotions with the people. The more you were giving the more you were getting back from your crazy fans. So good to see it even through my laptop screen!! Anyway, are you ready to hit the stage once again? Because, I am ready to shout, sing and be the wildest girl of the audience for your next gig!!

Nachricht 37247 von Sandra Gaudeoso am 12.03.2013 um 03:21:15  Land: Brazil
Hi! I love your songs and I have a dream.
Every time I listen a song named Linda Demais by Roupa Nova, here in Brazil, I imagine you singing it.The guittar solos with your touch...would be wonderful.I believe that while we have life, there's hope, so, if you could listen this song in the youtube or other place, you'd like it.
Thank you guys, for existing in this crazy world!

Nachricht 37246 von Maris am 10.03.2013 um 16:23:17  Land: Latvia
you are the best ever...... Rock`n`roll for ever

Nachricht 37245 von Mark am 10.03.2013 um 12:48:03  Land: United States
The Scorpions have well earned their retirement. I made a mistake in a comment I posted earlier. I am one of the lucky ones that saw them many times in concert (in Germany and in California). The last Scorpions concert I saw was at Mountain View, CA in June 2012. I hope that they have a reunion tour someday soon, but until then there is a great youtube video of the Scorpions live in Saarbrucken 2011. For those who have never seen the Scorpions live watch this video. There is also a acoustic show from Portugal. Check them out!Thank you Scorpions for the great memories! God bless you all!

Nachricht 37244 von Emerson Jorge Pla am 10.03.2013 um 12:32:18  Land: Brasil
Bom dia a vocês. Sou fã do Scorpions há 30 anos e nunca consegui ir a nenhum show, faltou oportunidade. Que tal vocês voltarem a trabalhar? Se houver a possibilidade venham ao Brasil que sairei de onde tiver para ir ao show. Valeu

Nachricht 37243 von Vita am 09.03.2013 um 19:49:03  Land: Ukraine
Hello my friends!!! I was RAISED ON ROCK and i LOVE YOU too much!!! Please come to my city - Odessa - because i never saw REALLY ROCK LEGENDS in my life .And i hope you come and you will show as ROCK-N-ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 37242 von Miguel Alvarez am 09.03.2013 um 07:04:32  Land: México
les mando un gran saludo desde Hermosillo, sonora. y les digo que seria grandioso si se presentaran de nuevo en mi ciudad, todo un estado esta en espera de que por algun milagro dieran una nueva fecha para poder verlos

Nachricht 37241 von Katherine Cook am 08.03.2013 um 23:08:09  Land: United States
"HOLIDAY" is by far your greatest song of all times....I would LOVE to hear you sing it front of me ! ! ! Hell....for that matter, I would love to sit down and chat with you guys ! ! ! Thank you for all of the beautiful music you make and have made. Sorry to hear about the retirement....I NEVER got to see you in concert. What a loss.
Take care and God Bless.

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