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Nachricht 37621 von Ana Patricia am 26.05.2013 um 05:47:34  Land: Mexico
Dear Klaus!
Happy Birthday!
You will always be in our hearts, thanks for your magnific lyrics, voice and for be the incredible person that you are!!
You don't have limits and the best is yet to come!!!
Küsse since México and please comeback!!!

Nachricht 37620 von Jessica am 26.05.2013 um 05:39:23  Land: Mexico
On May 25th, is the birthday of a great musician, singer, composer and human being. A person who is characterized by its simplicity, humility, good humor, good vibes, happiness, etc.. It is typical of those artists that fame is up. It is a person whom I admire for the great talent he possesses and his way of being that always greets others with a smile.
Happy Birthday Klaus Meine!

Nachricht 37619 von Stella Gregorio am 26.05.2013 um 03:10:00  Land: Brazil
Happy Birthday Klaus &gt;.&lt; IHeart you

Nachricht 37618 von Alexey am 26.05.2013 um 01:30:51  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus Happy Birthday! From Russia with LOVE

Nachricht 37617 von Pablo Eduardo am 26.05.2013 um 00:48:39  Land: Brazil
Happy Birthday Klaus.
you always have that talent that makes us proud.
Cheers (:

Nachricht 37616 von Nadir Magalhães am 26.05.2013 um 00:16:03  Land: Brazil
Dear Klaus!
Happy Birthday!
You will always be in our hearts and in our best memories!
Thank you for your amazing voice and lyrics!
The best is yet to come!!!

Nachricht 37615 von Alexander am 26.05.2013 um 00:01:05  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus, you will always be with us and within us. Happy birthday!!!

Nachricht 37614 von Luciana am 25.05.2013 um 23:36:04  Land: Brazil
Great day to say how much importante you are! You keep our dreams alive with your voice and example of life!
Thank you! Much love,peace and health.

Nachricht 37613 von Elizabeth am 25.05.2013 um 23:21:40  Land: Paraguay
Happy Birthday Klaus!!!. Best singer of the world. Long live Rock and Roll Smile

Nachricht 37612 von Igor Konon am 25.05.2013 um 23:06:44  Land: Belarus
Dear Klaus!
I'm very glad to congratulate you with you Birthday! I wish you big-big human fortunality, good health, love, friends and long-long lifetime.
I very wait to your visit in Belarus again and hope to meet with you Eye to eye. Happy Birthday, Klaus!

Nachricht 37611 von Tatiana am 25.05.2013 um 22:59:11  Land: Russian Federation
Lieber Klaus!! Zum Geburtstag Viel Glück!! Ich wünsche Ihnen beste Gesundheit und viel Erfolg!
Viele Grüße aus Clausthal-Zellerfeld und Moskau!!

Nachricht 37610 von Johanna Frede am 25.05.2013 um 22:57:41  Land: Germany
Hallo Klaus!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. Bleib' so jung wie du dich fühlst, und komm' mit deiner Band doch noch mal nach Saarbrücken. Ich würde mich freuen.
Liebe Grüße, auch an die anderen Scorps,

Nachricht 37609 von Ganna am 25.05.2013 um 22:42:14  Land: Ukraine
Happy Birthday, dear Klaus!
Thank you for each concert moment, for each song. Thank you for the music, which keeps me living even in very hard times and has given me inspiration and positive feelings for the last 18 years. Keep rocking! Long live to the best singer in the world! Greetings from Kiev.

Nachricht 37608 von Irina am 25.05.2013 um 22:40:07  Land: Russian Federation
Happy brithday, dear Klaus! You are one of the brightest and kind people who lives on this planet! I very much love you! Your songs are greatest and unique, and your voice - simply magical and caressed soul! Klaus, health to you and creative successes! Be happy! With love, Irina. Heart

Nachricht 37607 von Any am 25.05.2013 um 22:27:56  Land: Russian Federation
Happy BIRTHDAY, Klaus! I do glad to thank you for the strongest impressions I lived through due to you - crazy travels and meetings with good guys. Mad Grugahalle 2009 and Hannover 2010, the night Monsters of rock 2009. The army of your fans never stop loving you and I`m happy to be a drop in this sea. Keep rocking the same style On and on and on ...

Nachricht 37606 von Ken Vater am 25.05.2013 um 21:50:14  Land: United Kingdom
Happy Birthday Klaus

Nachricht 37605 von Lily Sevoyan am 25.05.2013 um 21:47:28  Land: Armenia
Happy Birthday Klaus!!!
We love you and we always will!!!
There is no one like you!!!
You are the best singer in the world!!!
We wish you all the best!!!

Nachricht 37604 von Claudia Colosio am 25.05.2013 um 21:40:15  Land: Mexico
Happy birthday, Klaus. Thank you for make us happy with your voice. Hugs!!

Nachricht 37603 von Celine Andre Darius u. Manuela am 25.05.2013 um 21:38:32  Land: Germany
Happy Birthday Klaus!!! Smile

Nachricht 37602 von Elena am 25.05.2013 um 21:30:42  Land: Russian Federation
Happy Birthday, dear Klaus! Man, I'm your fan for a long time and I know that you one of the kindest and most sincere people, I've ever meet! You really greatest man! I wish you strong health, you voice remain so beautiful, your creative ideas an energy never ending! Also I wish all happiness for your family and many-many years of love for you and Gabi!Smile
Man you still rockin' so crazy, yeeeah!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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