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Nachricht 38040 von Margarita am 24.10.2013 um 09:31:16  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!Thank you very much for helping with flowers at Crocus City Hall!I appreciate it very much!As for me I made all possible mistakes there!I didn't know it would happen like this!Because before,when I prepared,I felt quite confident and then when "everything" started I had such panic that I couldn't stop!So now can't help crying every time I remember this!Feel sooo sorry and ashamed!I didn't want to behave like I did!It's mainly because of what happened to me in 2008!After that Im afraid of everything and its very hard to cope with it!But you know I'll try to do my best not to repeat my mistakes again!I promise!By the way your song Follow Your Heart is helping me a lot now!P.S. Im so proud of you that you supported the young man with cancer!All that you did and said touched my heart so deep!

Nachricht 38039 von SQUIRRRL am 24.10.2013 um 01:13:27  Land: United States
I'm one of your millions. Far from the last. Just wanted Poo oPpto say hi. As long as there is a SORPION in the sky...... that is where I am
HIGH, HIGH, HIGH! And I ain,t gotta worry about who ever in charge is gonna turn off the TV at 10:30 at night. OOOWWWWWW! A moment in a million years.......

Nachricht 38038 von GusevAleksey am 23.10.2013 um 19:13:20  Land: Russian Federation

Is this true? Or is it just another deception and an attempt to cash in on the legend? As you can see ALREADY HAVE OFFER TO PURCHASE TICKETS. However, on your website this announcement I can not see.

Nachricht 38037 von alessandro am 23.10.2013 um 12:03:01  Land: Italy
please come to italy!!

Nachricht 38036 von Guzel Rakhimova am 23.10.2013 um 09:02:16  Land: Italy
Thak you very much for phoning Alex in Moscoe hospice and singing for him. you are the greatest! I am proud to be your fan!

Nachricht 38035 von Clark Ojeda am 23.10.2013 um 03:49:36  Land: Mexico

Nachricht 38034 von Miriam am 23.10.2013 um 02:08:22  Land: Mexico
hello guys, please, We want scorpions back in México, come back to Our contry with Orchestra please!! love you so much!

Nachricht 38033 von Yana am 23.10.2013 um 00:35:10  Land: United States
Glad to hear the dream came true for the man dying from cancer in Moscow. Klaus, you have a big heart. You guys are amazing. Love you even more. Heart

Nachricht 38032 von Guillermo Hurtado am 22.10.2013 um 22:43:30  Land: Mexico
We want Scorpions with orchestra in Mexico¡¡
Please come back to Monterrey, Mexico. You are the best.

Nachricht 38031 von Eduard am 22.10.2013 um 20:56:01  Land: Russian Federation
Danke Klaus Meine.
Du bist sehr gutmütig.

Nachricht 38030 von Natascha am 22.10.2013 um 10:00:36  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions, ihr seid die Besten auf der Buehne.
Alexej, der junge krebskranker Mann in Moskauer Hospiz Nr. 1, verbringt hier seine letzten Tage auf dieser Erde.
Als er noch gesund war, unterrichtete er Geschichte fuer Kids ohne Eltern bzw. Kids, die bei lebenden Eltern Weisen sind. Alexej war ein guter Mensch und Lehrer. Und er war und ist verrueckt nach Scorpions.
Es waere absolute spitze, wenn sie fuer 3 Minuten bei ihm in Moskau, ul. Dovatora 10, vorbei schauen koennten. Oder einer von ihnen. An Alexej ein paar ermutigende Worte sagen, Hand schuetteln. Es waere Wohltaetigkeit der Zukunft. Es waere fuer zynische, die Glaube an Weihnachtsmann, Gott und die Menschheit verlorene Laeute ein Wunder. Wunder, das wir selbst bewirken koennen.

Nachricht 38029 von Simple citizen of Novosibirsk am 22.10.2013 um 04:32:52  Land: Russian Federation
Hello. Sorry for this boring, but this is the real story of my life. When I was a little kid, I wasn't interested in music at all. The only available music - was a pop from MTV channel. I didn't understood, what all the people can see in it. While once upon a time, I've heard one song ... It was "You and I". I felt like this sounds escape from my heart right in my ears. And from this moment, I started to love Rock music and the Scorpions band. Each time, that you came in to Novosibirsk - I was at the study. So I have never seen your live concert. I know, that it's maybe a Impossible dream, but please, came to Siberia one more time.
Forever your fan. Alexey.

Nachricht 38028 von Luba am 21.10.2013 um 22:13:05  Land: None Given
We've heard that you will be giving some concerts on Moscow, someone sent a message to a friend of mine about a guy who's name is Lesha Anichkin and he's dying from cancer and cannot come to your concert and he is the biggest fan of your group. he's in a hospice in Moscow and his dream is of course to see you, guys. you don't have to do it, but if you would, a wonderful young man who was teaching children when he was well, will be happy all the rest of his life ... so it's up to you now.
the name of the lady who's trying to make Lesha's dream come true is Lidia Moniava and this name is well-known to all the people of the ex-USSR (she is a charity worker, this is her phone number and Email address: 8916 588 44 01,
here's the original message:
может быть, Вы кого-то знаете в этом бизнесе Lida Moniava Фейсбук, пожалуйста, сделай чудо еще хотя бы один раз. Нам очень нужно, чтобы группа Scorpions, которая сейчас на гастролях в Москве, пришла в хоспис. Scorpions ждет Леша. Чудесный и всеми любимый Леша Аничкин, который закончил православный университет и преподавал историю детям школе-интернате номер 55. Дети из интерната до сих пор приходят навещать Лешу в хосписе. У Леши рак. Леша не встает, дышит с трудом, и кислородный аппарат ему почти не помогает. Мы знаем, что у группы Scorpions 22 и 23 октября в Москве концерты. И что они страшно заняты. Но у Леши тоже очень мало времени… А встреча со Scorpions – это мечта. Дорогой фейсбук, наверняка тут есть люди, которые организовывают концерты в Крокус Сити Холл. Наверняка тут есть люди, которые могут позвонить директору, менеджеру, музыканту – кому-нибудь из Scorpions. И попросить их зайти к Леше. Первый московский хоспис находится на метро Спортивная. Леша очень ждет. Спасибо. 8916 588 44 01, Лида Мониава, Фонд помощи хосписам «Вера»

Nachricht 38027 von Varvara am 21.10.2013 um 21:04:56  Land: Russian Federation
Hello. At 22-23 October the Scorpions are in Moscow. And there is a one men in Moscow . All his life he worked as a teacher, and all his life he was a fan of Scorpions. But now he has a cancer, and he must to be in Hospice. He can't go, can't breathe without special things. He can't go to the concert, but Scorpions can go to him. It is his dream. His name is Lesha Anichkin. The telephone of a women from Fond of Hospice help 8916 588 44 01, Lida Moniava, Фонд помощи хосписам «Вера»

Nachricht 38026 von Marco Metzger am 21.10.2013 um 02:51:08  Land: United States
Hey Scorpions, wuss the garnicht das ihr noch toured. Kommt doch bitte mal nach Tampa , Florida

Nachricht 38025 von Olli Fuchs am 20.10.2013 um 00:52:58  Land: Germany
Hi Scorpions.
Warum sind Big City Nights und Rock you like a Hurricane nicht auf der Crazy World Deluxe Edition, obwohl es auf der Hülle steht.?
Sowas ist Mist und verärgert langjährige Fans!
Freu mich aber sehr auf Passion rules the Game auf der Unplugged CD! Wenn es denn wirklich drauf ist.
Ansonsten weiterhin viel Erfolg. Lg Olli

Nachricht 38024 von Cathymarie am 19.10.2013 um 22:43:54  Land: France
Encore aujourd'hui, vous êtes super ! Je vous adore ! A bientôt en France ! Bisous
Cathy(une musicienne française) !!!

Nachricht 38023 von me8 am 16.10.2013 um 00:10:57  Land: United States
Not many people continually descends down the ladder like my sort. Especially me. Never meant to. The way it goes once in a moment in a million years. Man I love that (song) SCENE. To bad it might be me. Please SCORPIONS remove me of any shortlist you may have me figured out as such. Never meant to hurt you in any way. Deep down you must know. Forever and tomorrow we go. Nothing but love. Forgive me.

Nachricht 38022 von Theresa am 15.10.2013 um 18:57:56  Land: United States
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Nachricht 38021 von luisa am 15.10.2013 um 13:39:19  Land: Spain
Un millón de gracias por venir a España, me hacéis tan feliz que siempre os estaré agradecida. I love Scorpions and always will.

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