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Nachricht 38817 von Cynthia am 10.06.2014 um 01:18:47  Land: Mexico
Dear Klaus Meine:
About your message of thanks to your fans for your recent birthday, I want to tell you:
We are grateful to you for your existence, because you're an angel that God sent to Earth with a special mission to fill our hearts with love through your voice; your magical, powerful, sweet, wonderful and unique voice! There's No One Like You!
Thank you for your total commitment to your audience for so many years, because you leave everything on stage, because you enjoy what you do, because you really love music!
Thank you also for your beauty, because the most beautiful blue eyes are yours and most charming smile is yours too!
You have my full support forever. God bless you always, wherever you are and wherever you go. A long life to you, full of health, peace, love.. And remember, the best is yet to come!!
Keep lighting up my life like the sun you are. You were born to touch my feelings!
Come back soon to Mexico City please!
Hugs and kisses!! Heart

Nachricht 38816 von Jim Taylor am 09.06.2014 um 17:38:34  Land: United Kingdom
Please come to Scotland soon and give us a Big city night to remember. You are the best band I have ever seen or listened to.

Nachricht 38815 von Маша am 09.06.2014 um 09:33:48  Land: Казахстан
Дорогой Клаус Майне! Я поздравляю вас с прошедшим днем рождения! Желаю вам счастья, здоровья и успехов во всём!!! Оставайтесь таким же прекрасным и энергичным !
P.s. Дорогие,Scorpions, приезжайте к нам в Казахстан! Мы вас очень любим и ждем!Smile

Nachricht 38814 von Yury am 08.06.2014 um 23:11:55  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Scorpions I glad hear you, I glad see you, I glad you exist.
Very, very, big, big thanks!!!
GOD grant you health, strong mind, a living heart.
Freedom Scorpions!!!

Nachricht 38813 von Sunnysmyle am 06.06.2014 um 20:43:03  Land: United States
Where's the Scorpions?I can't see across this huge pond!Cry

Nachricht 38812 von Angela am 06.06.2014 um 20:31:59  Land: United States
Hoping for a USA tour especially in Austin, TX. PLEASE!!!!! :-D

Nachricht 38811 von Linda Richards am 06.06.2014 um 14:06:30  Land: United States
Hope you had a happy birthday:) I pray and hope you tour the USA again . I can't stop listening to your music, it's addicting! Would love to meet you all back stage at a concert here in the USA. ....Linda in Michigan

Nachricht 38810 von BVD am 05.06.2014 um 21:49:41  Land: United States
Klaus, happy birthday. Scorpions have been my favorite band since the early 1980's, you guys rocked then and you still rock now. When will you tour the U.S. again, please come back to the Motor city(Detroit, Mi)

Nachricht 38809 von Imerlda Sánchez Herrera am 05.06.2014 um 03:13:28  Land: Mexico
La recuperación de una enfermedad como el alcoholismo es lento y prolongado, Si es necesario esperar para volver a verlos juntos, tenemos que ser pacientes. tanto como James kotta en su rehabilitación. Que regresen a México.

Nachricht 38808 von Mark am 04.06.2014 um 20:47:05  Land: United States
Love the sound. Listening to it at work right now. When are you doing a US tour?

Nachricht 38807 von Engel am 04.06.2014 um 15:14:34  Land: None Given
Von mir natürlich auch erstmal alles Gute an Herrn Meine !!!
Ich wollte nur mal loswerden, dass ich seit Mitte der 80er ein Riesenfan der SCORPIONS bin und zur Zeit mal wieder in Nostalgie schwelge und die alten Scheiben immer wieder durchhöre.
Ist in absehbarer zeit geplant, mal ordentliche (und audiophile) Remaster zu veröffentlichen ? Die 1997er und 2001er Serien gingen ja soundtechnisch leider völlig nach hinten los, wenn man diese mit den Original-LPs aus den 70er und 80er Jahren vergleicht...die beiden Kevin Gray-Masterings der "Virgin Killer" und "Love At First Sting" zeigen ja, dass man es auch besser machen kann. Es wäre wünschenswert, irgendwann mal den kompletten Backkatalog als audiophile Remasters im Schrank stehen zu haben.
Ansonsten einfach weitermachen !!! Ihr seid für mich die bodenständigste und beste deutsche Rockband aller Zeiten !!! Rock on !!!

Nachricht 38806 von Alexis am 04.06.2014 um 09:56:17  Land: United States
Happy Birthday Klaus Maine old fart, I love your music. Need a concert in Portland Oregon

Nachricht 38805 von Dusan am 04.06.2014 um 09:22:59  Land: Slovensko
Hi Klaus, happy birthday, we learned that planning a concert in Kosice in Slovakia. We all are waiting eagerly. Can you confirm this information? We look forward to serving you.

Nachricht 38804 von Tobias Peschel am 03.06.2014 um 18:58:54  Land: Germany
Hallo Scorpions,
erstmal alles gute zum Geburtstag, Klaus Meine Wink
Beim Songtext von "Evening Wind" habt ihr die dritte Strophe vergessen. Wäre schön, wenn ihr die auch noch hinzufügen würdet.
3. Strophe von "Evening Wind"
Have you ever listened to the evening wind
To the gentle breeze and its truth
Have a listen and you will see, my friend
Wind is telling you the truth
Viele Grüße

Nachricht 38803 von Lara am 02.06.2014 um 21:45:41  Land: Jordan
hey :) i'm a huuuuge fan and now it worked out for me to finally visit Germany in July all the way from Jordan Middle East. sooo.. i was wondering how can i possibly meet the band or Klaus?? plzzzzz replyyyy Heart
Lara xx

Nachricht 38802 von Red Eichornchen am 02.06.2014 um 18:45:17  Land: United States
If you give us a show for the United States soon, and you want to make a boat load of money, I highly suggest Motley Crue for a touring partner. It would be big. Last show you had with Motley was over the top. I overheard the crue crowd next to me being amazed by SCORPIONS. That was the show of the year for me. Loved it. I prefer SCORPS and nothing else myself. Just saying , Yeah! Cool I wish James well.

Nachricht 38801 von kenny am 01.06.2014 um 23:06:26  Land: Sweden
i was wondering if it´s possible to bye a signed t-shirt from you.
best regards kenny

Nachricht 38800 von Holger am 01.06.2014 um 14:25:27  Land: India
Hello Band!
After more than three years in Bombay, I am checking out from India listening your awesome "World Wide Live" Album. Guys... when do we see WWL-Reloaded?
Regards Holger

Nachricht 38799 von Iguana am 31.05.2014 um 23:18:01  Land: None Given
Happy Birthday, KlausWink

Nachricht 38798 von Michael Dunaway am 31.05.2014 um 18:52:15  Land: United States
Hey guys how's it hangin' in the music world? You are truly awesome especially singing songs with Fergie. Keep up the good work guys. Keep in touch.
From, Michael Dunaway