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Nachricht 38553 von Alexander am 09.04.2014 um 10:39:03  Land: Ukraine
Hi guys!
First of all I want to say thanks for your songs! I visited your concert in Kiev on 7th of november on 2013 and liked it very much, hope you too. And I hope that you liked Ukraine as well.
But unfortunately tooday Ukraine got in trouble. We have a war with Russia... and we already lost Crimean(
You have a song STILL LOVING YOU. Can I ask you to sing this song and put word "Crimean" instead of "babe" and put it for example on youtube? I know, I ask too much, but we have a real war and we outh to use any methods to save our country.
Sinserely yours,

Nachricht 38552 von Sparky am 09.04.2014 um 04:52:02  Land: United States
You give me such a warm fuzzy feeling. Better then any opioid could ever do. Rocking with you In The Moonlight. Peace and Love your way SCORPIONS. Yeah! The way I like it.

Nachricht 38551 von RS am 08.04.2014 um 19:14:54  Land: United States
SCORPIONS still HOT as Pepper !Approve

Nachricht 38550 von James Taylor am 08.04.2014 um 17:42:04  Land: United Kingdom
Please come to the UK AGAIN soon, it's been almost 6 years since I last saw you play in Glasgow.

Nachricht 38549 von Jon am 08.04.2014 um 13:50:52  Land: United Kingdom
When, when, when are you coming back to the UK ? It's been a while now !

Nachricht 38548 von JüZe am 08.04.2014 um 10:37:11  Land: Switzerland
Hoi! Forum? Nicht jeder Scorpions Fan ist auch bei Facebook!
Galerie?? News?? Aber diese Seite ist ja bekannt für . . . schade...
Egal, sehen uns bald wieder auf Tour! Rock on!!

Nachricht 38547 von Emre am 08.04.2014 um 00:50:03  Land: Turkey
Hello my Scorpions. I'm still waiting you. Please come back to Istanbul again. Please please... I love you and i hope see you soon...

Nachricht 38546 von davy mann am 06.04.2014 um 21:19:40  Land: United Kingdom
hey boys.....please come to the UK.....please come and rock my are the best...your music has got me thro troubled times......xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nachricht 38545 von Marion Buerkle am 06.04.2014 um 20:02:18  Land: Germany
Smile Liebe Leute, es ist gut, dass es euch und eure Musik gibt. Dass ihr hier in Deutschland weniger bekannt seid, ärgert mich zwar, aber ändern kann ich es nicht und vielleicht ist es ja auch ganz gut so. Dann kann man auch mal daheim einen Stadtbummel machen ohne erkannt zu werden. Bitte macht weiter so, Ihr seid toll. Eine Frage hätte ich allerdings: Könntet ihr einen Song speziell für Angela Merkels Große Koalition machen und die Dame mal darauf hinweisen, dass sie völkerrechtswidrige Drohnenkriege der USA unterstützt, sowie sie auch die Ausspähung der Bundesbürger unterstützt? Ist aber nur eine Frage. Ansonsten viel Erfolg weiterhin für eine Band, die ich erst sehr spät schätzen gelernt habe. Gruß aus dem Frankfurter Raum (Hanau)

Nachricht 38544 von marinalva brito do rosario nal am 06.04.2014 um 10:53:42  Land: Brasil
ola,galera,considero a melhor banda do mundo beijos do brasil.te amo.

Nachricht 38543 von Gunnar Már Sigurdsson am 06.04.2014 um 00:19:13  Land: Iceland
Guys! When are you coming to Reykjavik,Iceland!
Best regards, Gunnar.
Concerts promoter,

Nachricht 38542 von R in America am 05.04.2014 um 18:28:57  Land: United States
Who's # 1 in my book. The S C O R P I O N S are. #1. Keep rockn' the Free World. Come see us in The U S of A. , soon. Thumbs Up

Nachricht 38541 von robert langlands am 05.04.2014 um 01:24:15  Land: United Kingdom
Come to Scotland please. Gonna miss you guys.

Nachricht 38540 von Shayma am 04.04.2014 um 20:29:22  Land: Bahrain
I love you so much scorpions !! you are the best Heart
I'm very excited I WILL SEE YOU 2MORROW ♡
im sure it would be the best day of my life and of course it wont happen again and I hope I can say hi to you all after or before the concert :)

Nachricht 38539 von Julia Ekaterinburg am 04.04.2014 um 08:43:25  Land: Russian Federation
Hello my Friends! With great pleasure I'd like to thank Y for the concert in Ekaterinburg. That was really amazing and magic! My husband and I were in the dance-floor, sometimes I just closed my eyes and listened....Special thanks for the song "You and I" - it was a love-theme on my wedding 9 years ago. I told my friends that I'm happy to listen Yr live-concert because I will never do this to The Beatles and The Queen - it is impossible! Please take care and be happy and come back in EKB!!

Nachricht 38538 von Russ in USA am 03.04.2014 um 21:31:20  Land: United States
Your Band is still Amazing after all these Years. Please, Keep safe daily and keep Rock'n us like a HurricaneWacko

Nachricht 38537 von Veta am 03.04.2014 um 18:07:26  Land: Русский Федерация
Thank you so much for a fabulous concert in Nizhny Novgorod!!!!!
Guys you are the best!! And we still love you. Please come back to us

Nachricht 38536 von Vinod Menon am 03.04.2014 um 17:58:47  Land: Bahrain
Standing by for a treat@ Bahrain on 5 Apr 2014 at the Formula 1.

Nachricht 38535 von Masha am 02.04.2014 um 22:02:00  Land: Russian Federation
Thank you, guys, for the concert in Ekaterinburg tonight! And special thanx from my 3-year old son, who was sitting on my neck just in front of you and whom you gave a drum-stick and a mediator! My daughter who is now 12 has attended yr concerts in Ekb since she was 6! So, all my kids are raised on Rock, just as you sing! Come again with yr new album next year - the house will be full, as always! :) Regards from Ekb!

Nachricht 38534 von Ekaterina am 02.04.2014 um 20:06:18  Land: Russian Federation
Thank you!concert in Ekaterinburg was incredible!!!You are guys the FireHug