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Nachricht 38627 von Vero am 02.05.2014 um 01:29:57  Land: Uruguay
I can't understand why Scorpions spoke briefly of what happened to James, only after a fan expose what happened in this guestbook ...
Said by Scorpions in "News" did not satisfy me at all. I understand that is beyond your control, is something that starred James Only, but I wonder: What support are you giving James right now? This is what the fans want to know.
The show must go on, that's true, but James is part of Scorpions with flaws and virtues. Or James will not return to the band?

Nachricht 38626 von sandra correa am 01.05.2014 um 22:52:52  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 38625 von Linda am 01.05.2014 um 22:03:26  Land: United States
My thoughts and prayers are with you James. I met you at Paladinos last year and you are a super sweet guy. I pray for your safe return to the US. I know I and all your fans will rest easy when your feet are back on US soil. Love you and the Scorpions! Rock and Roll Forever!!

Nachricht 38624 von Sabine am 01.05.2014 um 21:49:11  Land: Belgium
James all my love. Come home soon xxxx

Nachricht 38623 von giganon am 01.05.2014 um 21:27:32  Land: France
Yeah, it's so cool 3:)

Nachricht 38622 von Otto Greenleaf am 01.05.2014 um 18:40:56  Land: United States
Dear Scorpions:
How do you do an Unplugged album and not include Holiday? WTF. Good luck James Kottak. I'm right behind you all the way. Danka and Cheers!

Nachricht 38621 von Vlado Haltakov am 01.05.2014 um 18:29:33  Land: Bulgaria
Someday IS Now .. Lyrics by James ... James, we are with you. You're not alone. Waiting to see you in next few month on tour.
My line breaks and I fall down
The rocky terrain
My bones are broken into pieces
My mind can´t wait
To get up and do it again I can feel I´m getting stronger, the longer
I´m pushed to the limit
Said I´d do it someday
Someday is now

Nachricht 38620 von Pierrotscorps am 01.05.2014 um 18:10:23  Land: France
James we are with you in this terrible ordeal

Nachricht 38619 von Amy am 01.05.2014 um 18:01:42  Land: United States
Sending you thoughts and prayers!

Nachricht 38618 von Elena Af am 01.05.2014 um 17:58:31  Land: Greece
James we love you!!!!!!!!We waiting for you back to Scorpions and to Greece!!!!!Keep rock and keep kick ass!!!!!!Kottak attack Heart Wink

Nachricht 38617 von C am 01.05.2014 um 17:48:46  Land: United States
JK: You will be okay cuz too many prayers are going to God for both your release AND your "health"!! Remember, too many fans are in your corner, so you HAVE to get well. We love ya crazy stickman and no matter what happens, you are still a Scorpion to us!! Rawwwwk!

Nachricht 38616 von Kahla am 01.05.2014 um 17:41:37  Land: United States
Love you James Heart come back soon! my thoughts and prayers are with you always

Nachricht 38615 von alejandra amero am 01.05.2014 um 17:25:20  Land: Mexico
James: te deseo paciencia, tranquilidad y fortaleza para que éstos momentos sean tolerables tanto para ti como para tu familia y amigos cercanos. Tus fans estamos y estaremos siempre contigo, apoyando con oraciones y buena vibra para que muy pronto esto sólo sea un recuerdo y una experiencia mas. Abrazos.

Nachricht 38614 von clara am 01.05.2014 um 15:11:00  Land: France
Unhappy JAMES ...JAMES...JAMES Broken Heart
The problem , it's not that you said or made (no physical violence , it's forgivable) but your disease...
How many time again Question
To ruin the heart of your childs
To ruin the heart of your friends
To ruin the heart of your fans ...
Please take care of your health , you need medical help , you can't alone !!!
Some things are sure :
You are the drummer of Scorpions and i love Herman but now it's you and only you ...
I saw lot of Scorps shows these latest years and man , when you are clean , without alcohol or others drugs , James you are Fantastic !
...JAMES...3 WORDS...WE LOVE YOU Hug Heart

Nachricht 38613 von Steffen am 01.05.2014 um 13:27:19  Land: Germany
Danke für dieses Hammer-Konzert in München.Geile Show, unglaubliche Stimmung in der Münchener-Olympiahalle,einfach Wahnsinn.
Hoffentlich haben wir nochmal die Chance Euch live zu erleben. Vielleicht auch mal wieder im Osten Deutschlands und wieder komplett mit James(wir stehen hinter Dir). Wie wärs mit Open-Air am Elbufer in Dresden.

Nachricht 38612 von Biggi, Stine, Kerstin am 01.05.2014 um 10:50:56  Land: Germany
Hallo Jungs,
vielen Dank für das gigantische Konzert in Stuttgart. Das Ganze kann man eigentlich gar nicht in Worte fassen - Ihr habt Euch einfach mal wieder selbst übertroffen. Aber Eure restlichen Bandmitglieder darf man auch nicht, nun freuen wir uns schon auf Stuttgart und Murten.
Grüße von den drei wirren Mädels von der Alb

Nachricht 38611 von yellow12 am 01.05.2014 um 06:08:19  Land: Jordan
Hello &gt;#

Nachricht 38610 von Don Juan am 30.04.2014 um 23:09:25  Land: United States
Don't let it get you down brother James. Anyone that knows anything about you knows that you would never harm or disrespect anyone or anything. We know you are innocent. You Kick Ass! SCORPIONS RULE!

Nachricht 38609 von SCORPGIRL am 30.04.2014 um 21:10:31  Land: Mexico
Dear Scorpions, I see sadly that in your tourdates for this year you has not included Mexico :( At least I like to keep the hope that you will return next year... please don't forget this country that really loves you, that waits for you with open arms and which is faithful to die. My best wishes to you all, hugs and kisses and a special greeting to you my dear Klaus, I love you so much, you are my inspiration, I admire your great talent, because your voice is wonderful and unique in this world, because your beauty is incomparable, not only outside but inside too, you are a great human being. God bless you!! You are the best and you live in my heart forever Heart

Nachricht 38608 von René TANT am 30.04.2014 um 14:33:39  Land: France
Bonjour à vous tous,
Tout mes voeux de liberté à James Kottak Qu'il respire à nouveau l'air de la liberté.
longue vie à vous tous.