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Nachricht 38441 von Gabriella am 16.02.2014 um 16:31:29  Land: Finland
You should really come to Finland again. You guys are great! I would really like to see you live as I missed you the last time you were here. Please!

Nachricht 38440 von juliasant am 16.02.2014 um 16:18:27  Land: Mexico
México,México,México,México,México QUEREMOS CONCIERTO """""QUEREMOS CONCIERTO!!!!!

Nachricht 38439 von timbo am 16.02.2014 um 07:39:37  Land: United States
before you guys call it quits come back through california 1 more time you guys are still kicking ass the older you guys get the better the music is an the best is yet to come

Nachricht 38438 von Nestor Lopez am 16.02.2014 um 06:18:12  Land: Mexico
SCORPIONS I love all you music
please Back Mexico...

Nachricht 38437 von Lupita Hernández am 16.02.2014 um 05:01:56  Land: Mexico
Scorpions susu miles de fans aquí en México loa queremos ver de nuevo returrn plis again....... We love you !

Nachricht 38436 von Jesus Antonio am 16.02.2014 um 04:48:05  Land: Mexico
return to mexico please all fans of mexico miss his music and listen once more be happy if we all

Nachricht 38435 von Sergio Zamorano am 16.02.2014 um 04:18:15  Land: Mexico
Hey! Still loving you here in México, come back please!
We'd love to see you playing here again, with an acoustic show like the athens 1- You've been at teotihuacan, you can't deny you'd love to play there. Still waiting for you to come, we won't disappoint you!

Nachricht 38434 von E.C.P am 16.02.2014 um 04:09:12  Land: None Given
Please come to Mexico we need you :C

Nachricht 38433 von Patricia Robles am 16.02.2014 um 03:53:02  Land: Mexico
Return to Mexico please!
we hope see you soon here!:)
Esperamos verlos de nuevo scorpions,en un concierto en Tetihuacan

Nachricht 38432 von Tania am 16.02.2014 um 02:30:14  Land:
Vengan a México please sus fans los esperamos vengan a Teotihuacan los amamos
Queremos un concierto lo merecemos por favor

Nachricht 38431 von Geovani Guzman am 16.02.2014 um 02:26:37  Land: None Given
Scorpions tus fans mexicanos, queremos que nos regalen una vez mas una buena dosis de hard rock a qui en la ciudad de México porfavor.

Nachricht 38430 von Olivia Hernández am 16.02.2014 um 02:18:39  Land: Mexico
Queremos a Scorpions en Teotihuacan MÉXICO!!!!

Nachricht 38429 von Chris Rimh am 16.02.2014 um 02:05:24  Land: Mexico
A great band deserves the best fans, in México we are the best!!!! Please give us a chance to enjoy the unplugged concert here!!! Saludos desde México, SCORPIONS!!!!!

Nachricht 38428 von Pillo am 16.02.2014 um 01:39:10  Land: Mexico
Hi, come back to Mexico!! I can't wait to see you again, \m/

Nachricht 38427 von AXE' am 16.02.2014 um 01:37:03  Land: United States
As you know there are so many fans worldwide & Mexico is a large land ( Territory) so obviously has made Scorpions a very wide range for fame & Revenues, do to so many fans down there,, It would be great to release or record a DVD in Mexico sort of a thank you to the large scale of fans!
Best Regards!

Nachricht 38426 von mari miron am 16.02.2014 um 01:30:04  Land: Mexico

Nachricht 38425 von Kasia am 16.02.2014 um 01:28:26  Land: Mexico
Mexico is waiting for a concert in Teotihuacan!
We love you!

Nachricht 38424 von Ruben Gutierrez Martinez am 16.02.2014 um 01:18:38  Land: Mexico
We want to Scorpions in Teotihuacán, México!!
Please, come back.

Nachricht 38423 von Diana am 16.02.2014 um 01:15:34  Land: Mexico
We want to Scorpions in Teotihuacán, México!!
Please, come back.

Nachricht 38422 von Juan Carlos Granados Jimenez am 16.02.2014 um 01:13:48  Land: Mexico
Hey! Scorpions!, México is waiting for a concert in teotihuacan or for Unplugged in this country!, we are fans to death!, we dream with a new chance to enjoy your magic chords, your magic notes!, your magic lyrics!, come on with need to hear you to feel alive! give us a chance to rock like a hurricane!, we can't live without you!, without your music we pass lonely nights!, come on! let us burn the sky with another magic rock night!
Hey!, Scorpions!, México esta esperando por un concierto en teotihuacan o por un unplugged en este país!, nosotros somos fans a morir!, soñamos con una nueva oportunidad de disfrutar sus mágicos acordes!, sus mágicas notas, sus mágicas letras!, vamos! necesitamos escucharlos para sentirnos vivos! denos una oportunidad de rockear como un huracán!, no podemos vivir sin ustedes, sin su música nosotros pasamos noches solitarias!, vamos déjenos encender el cielo con otra mágica noche de rock!

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