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Nachricht 38368 von Edna Rocha am 19.01.2014 um 20:19:42  Land: Brazil
Come to Brazil, in special. to Campo Grande city!!!

Nachricht 38367 von Margarita am 17.01.2014 um 20:01:48  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!Ive just known youve been to Russian Embassy in Berlin!You know I just felt such enormous explosion of happiness!You remember i wrote to you that i was going to German Embassy in Moscow last November!I liked it so much too!The people were so nice and friendly and the atmosphere was sooo warm!It really felt like home!I bought some German souvenirs and sweets and for the first time Ive tried Glühwein! :) Its a pity you havent seen my pictures but yours are better! ;)
P.S.Im waiting for a chance to meet you again!You remember how it started in 2002 at Acoustica show!I would like to meet you at the new Acoustica again! Heart

Nachricht 38366 von Paul Keegan am 17.01.2014 um 10:00:36  Land: Australia
Hello Scorpions have been a follower of your music it seems forever even back in the early Heavy Metal days, would really appreciate if you visited Australia, I guarantee full houses throughout the country and dont forget Perth In Western Australia Kind regards

Nachricht 38365 von karina jabs am 17.01.2014 um 04:38:11  Land: Mexico
Hello my dear SCORPIONS, please come to MEXICO we need you so much, we are waiting for you !!! please please PLEASE !!! Big hugs !!!

Nachricht 38364 von dave am 17.01.2014 um 04:16:44  Land: Canada
cant wait for jan 21 blue ray coming out in Canada.seen you guys everytime in Toronto.some groups you just never get tired of.thanx for all the great music over the years.

Nachricht 38363 von Ville Sievänen am 16.01.2014 um 23:09:44  Land: Finland
I wonder if there will bee any of those stadium jackets coming to the online store anymore. I'm a huge fan and seen the guys a few times in Tuuri Miljoona Rock. Before I didn't have the money at the moment to buy the stadium jacket, but soon I should have the money to get one. I saw the jacket earlier on the website and it just looked so unique and cool. So I hope I could get 1 of those jackets some time in the future. Keep On Rocking quys.

Nachricht 38362 von Artur Habercamp am 16.01.2014 um 15:52:21  Land: Brazil
Hello Scorpions!
Great work with MTV UNPLUGGED! The DVD is amazing!
Come back to south Brazil!

Nachricht 38361 von Fernando am 15.01.2014 um 23:04:53  Land: Portugal
Hello Scorpions!
Thank you for coming again.
I wiil be there...
Scorpions forever!!!

Nachricht 38360 von Caroline am 15.01.2014 um 13:30:10  Land: Belgium
I would really like to learn the lyrics of the outstanding song "Dancing with the moonlight". Where can I find them please ? Many thanks from a real die-heart fan :D. Coming to Cologne for the MTV unplugged concert &lt;3

Nachricht 38359 von Lance am 15.01.2014 um 12:48:22  Land: United States
Just ordered your Unplugged Blue Ray cant wait to see it with My beautiful wife Renee who looks as good as she did 30 years ago and you guys sound as good as you did back then. Thanks for the memories and a shout out to say "The Best is Yet to Come!"

Nachricht 38358 von Gary am 15.01.2014 um 01:39:36  Land: United Kingdom
Hi there Scorpions! Happy new year too you all and all Scorps fans! Your current tour has been going on for ages, and yet you still haven't played in the UK. Please come here soon, you MUST rock the UK!!!

Nachricht 38357 von Michael am 14.01.2014 um 19:15:12  Land: Germany
Hallo Scorps,
bitte bitte bitte spielt bei den Shows in Deutschland 2014 NICHT nur Unplugged! Eine Art zweigeteilter Set wäre der absolute Wahnsinn! Eine Hälfte unplugged, und dann die zweite Hälfte volles Rohr, mit bratenden Gitarren und mit dem, für was ihr wirklich steht (und gemäß eurem Tourmotto): Rock n Roll Forever !!!

Nachricht 38356 von Breanna Jones am 14.01.2014 um 04:18:19  Land: United States
I absolutely love you guys! The Scorpions has been my favorite band since I was about 12. (I'm now 17.) All of your songs are so beautiful and actually have a meaning to them. I have so many favorites including: Wind of Change, No One Like You, and When the Smoke is Going Down. Please come to the U.S. ! I would love for the Scorpions to be my first concert! Keep rocking!

Nachricht 38355 von El Frédo am 13.01.2014 um 22:40:44  Land: None Given
Thank you so much for the huge live in Athens, I loved accoustica and you succeded to do something different and maybe better ;-)
Great thanks to Matthias for his solo and for "Dancing in the moonlight". Rudolph, you're a very good singer, and Klaus is also a good guitar player. Thank you for this great album !!!!! Theses songs have touch my feelings, so I feel allright !!!!!

Nachricht 38354 von Wendy og Kim Baltzer am 13.01.2014 um 17:12:13  Land: Denmark
Looking forward to see you i Hamburg the 2nd of May - "The Best Is Yet To Come".

Nachricht 38353 von Arturo am 13.01.2014 um 16:33:58  Land: México
God save forever SCORPIONS!!! Nos gustaria que visitaran nuevamente Mexico realizando un tour por todo el territorio nacional. Welcome!!!

Nachricht 38352 von SCORPGIRL am 12.01.2014 um 21:08:06  Land: Mexico

Nachricht 38351 von Gisa am 12.01.2014 um 19:08:25  Land: Germany
Wenn`s denn wirklich Euer Musischluß ist, dann bitte ein Unplugged-Konzert in Hannover. Auch sonst wär es cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 38350 von claes andersson am 11.01.2014 um 20:43:41  Land: Sweden
Please come to Sweden Rock 2014 in June!

Nachricht 38349 von Glenn am 11.01.2014 um 20:29:16  Land: Belgium
i hope too see you soon again in belgium guys! you are awesome!
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