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Nachricht 38407 von SHADIQ am 06.02.2014 um 13:33:15  Land: Malaysia
Scorpions your music is a huge part of my life. hope to see you in Malaysia or Singapore soon. please..we need to see you live like a hurricane

Nachricht 38406 von Sofia am 06.02.2014 um 12:23:30  Land: Russian Federation
Hello dear Scorpions ! I am very glad that I have the opportunity to write you this letter . October 22, 2013 came true , my most cherished dream - to go to your concert . Tickets for this wonderful holiday I was given back in August for my birthday , and from that moment I picked up the tickets , I felt the happiest in the world. I was looking forward to the moment when the threshold pereshagnem Crocus City Hall ... The concert was just awesome ! Scorpions, you - well done ! It is unfortunate that this is your farewell tour : ( In Russian you love and wait ) ))) I have great pleasure once again went to your concert ! His music you make people happy ... You know , I want to share with you my idea : I recently had a dream that Klaus sings Sting In The Tail with Paul McCartney . Amazing, is not it? But it sounded , even in a dream , just awesome! Maybe you try to record this song with McCartney or some other ? Scorpions , I beg you , write a your concert with a symphony orchestra ! I'd love to see it again . And could you tell me where you can ask questions ( there are so many I have cumulatively ) . And finally I would like to tell you again: " Thank you very much everyone: Klaus and Rudolf and Matthias , and James , and Paul , you all - great people!" Fervently believe that you will respond , because I know that you people - with kind and sympathetic heart . Your devoted fan - Sofia, 16 years old. 06/02/2014.

Nachricht 38405 von Andi am 05.02.2014 um 08:07:16  Land: Germany
und wann kommt die Bluray "Tokyo Tapes"?

Nachricht 38404 von Armin am 03.02.2014 um 22:25:18  Land: Sweden
@Diana, Kiew/Ukraine:
Hi Diana!
What a great idea of you, I really hope that Scorpions will pick it up and change the lyrics until the situation is more peaceful in Ukraine. You live in a great and beautiful country, keep up the spirit on Maidan!
Eine geile Idee von Diana in Kiew, das müsst Ihr unbedingt machen!
Ganz schnell den Text von "Wind of change" ändern, bitte :)
Armin, Sweden/Schweden

Nachricht 38403 von Diana am 03.02.2014 um 21:15:28  Land: Ukraine
Hi Dear Scorpions !!
You probably know about the recent developments in Ukraine.
I have an idea about your song "Wind of change". So, could you please devote a reworked song to Ukrainian people? May be like this:
-Follow through the Kiev
-Down to "Maydan"
-Listen to the wind of change
-Cold February nights and brothers passing by ... etcetera
It will be very important for all Ukrainian people who fight for freedom and democracy of the Nation !!!
Diana. 10 years.

Nachricht 38402 von Nika am 03.02.2014 um 18:50:20  Land: None Given
Hi! I am from Russia. I live in a very small town Losino -Petrovsky. Very long wanted to write to you ! It is fortunate that you are. You've changed my life for the better . Your music always gives me hope and joy. And I want to thank you for everything! Thank you very much ! I like it was at your concert and it was great! But unfortunately I have almost never seen as very short ... But hear and enjoy the music ! I often feel lonely, but your music makes me . I do not have friends unfortunately. In our city do not appreciate rock music, I do not understand it. And so it is a pity , because Rock music is magic ! I apologize for what I write a lot of nonsense, but just happy that I can at least share with someone ... talk ... It is always nice when my favorite band learn a little about you. Thank you ! I hope I see you live, that would be wonderful .Rock You Like A Hurricane!!! Yeah!)

Nachricht 38401 von Megafan am 03.02.2014 um 15:34:20  Land: Germany
SCORPIONS......unplugged, das geht gar nicht!
Bitte nach den vier Gigs wieder laut und grell wie immer!
Trotzdem allen viel Spaß, die sich das reinziehen

Nachricht 38400 von Alejandra Araceli Orozco am 02.02.2014 um 20:11:34  Land: Mexico
I'm dying to see you alive, guys... I hope you are already planning to come soon to Mexico, you have thousands of fans here... Still loving you babes!!! Heart Heart Heart STILL LOVING YOU SCORPIONS

Nachricht 38399 von Faris am 02.02.2014 um 15:30:30  Land: Singapore
Hi Scorpions,
Fan from Singapore.
Love your songs alot. Some of my favorites are,
Always Somewhere, Wind of Change, Rock you like a hurricane, when the smoke is going down and more..
Hope to see you live in Singapore soon.

Nachricht 38398 von Gerardo Arostegui am 02.02.2014 um 06:55:33  Land: Mexico
The unplugged CD is the best music human being has heard before! Thanks Scorps for this amazing concert. Is really great and refreshing to hear all of you playing live different songs so great.
I'm living in China I hope you can come near around
Light from Divine to all of you!

Nachricht 38397 von Volvo am 01.02.2014 um 14:48:29  Land: Germany
Liebe Leute, habe mir Eure unplugged CD geholt und hab sie gerade auf den Ohren - das ist ja Wahnsinn - die Akustikversionen der Stücke sind großartig und bringen noch mehr Gefühl rüber. Super - vielen Dank!

Nachricht 38396 von Binni am 31.01.2014 um 22:51:11  Land: Iceland
When will we see you guys on stage in Iceland?

Nachricht 38395 von Lorena y Jony am 31.01.2014 um 10:42:21  Land: España
Con muchas ganas de que llegue el 8 de marzo y poder disfrutar de vosotros.....toda una vida de recuerdos con vuestras canciones....recuerdo que desde pequeñita os escuchaba en el pueblo con mi hermana...y ahora ya toda una mujer os sigo escuchando con mi novio, en "nuestra casa" ... que rápido pasa todo, pero gracias a vuestros temas, es fácil evadirse y recordar esos años .... os deseo lo mejor! Os esperamos en Madrid....Love

Nachricht 38394 von Aleksandra am 31.01.2014 um 08:42:57  Land: Yugoslavia
Dear Scorpions,hello from Serbia!You have a lot of fans here.I saw your MTV Unplugged,Athens 2013 a 100 times and I'm delighted really each comment is redundant!Please come to Belgrade.

Nachricht 38393 von Ullirike am 31.01.2014 um 06:50:40  Land: Germany
Die neue Unplugged hat der Weihnachtsmann gebracht - wunderschön!
Aber nur ein Konzert hier im Norden, auch noch Hamburg statt Hannover, so geht's nicht! Dann wünsche ich mir eben ein Konzert zum Geburtstag - 19.04. bei uns unterm Nussbaum - nur kleines Gepäck. Wünschen darf man sich ja alles. Macht weiter so! Sonnige Grüße aus Hunzen.

Nachricht 38392 von Guillermo Hernandez am 31.01.2014 um 04:08:08  Land: Mexico
Hi guys, You are the best band EVER, your concerts in Mexico City were the best experiences in my life, we love you in Mexico, please come back again. thank you and ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!!

Nachricht 38391 von john delguidice am 30.01.2014 um 07:06:16  Land: United States
great listening to you guys live on the radio, cant wait till you bring it back to new york

Nachricht 38390 von Denise ~ ~"That's been stung" am 30.01.2014 um 03:05:08  Land: United States
Please come to USA!!! Been a fan since the late 70's/80's Love your music!!!

Nachricht 38389 von Sock am 29.01.2014 um 23:56:26  Land: Ukraine
Please, come to Odessa, we miss you!!!

Nachricht 38388 von armando fuertes am 29.01.2014 um 21:52:59  Land: Argentina
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