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Nachricht 39319 von TERRY MINCEY am 23.12.2014 um 20:49:15  Land: United States
My name is Terry and I am a soldier in the US Army. I am often away from my family and my wife and have found our song to be "Always Somewhere." We often have to spend extended periods of time apart and that song always means so much to her and I. Although we wish that my work didnt keep me away music is our way of expressing our feelings to each other. Her birthday is approaching in the next two months and I am trying to find a way to get an autograph from the band for her on a paper that has the title to that song on it. I know that it would mean the world to her and would be very special to her and I. She is an amazing woman who I owe much more than just a beautiful to. She is my heart and my reason for everything that I do. I just want to be able to give her a special gift that has a much deeper meaning behind it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Very Respectfully
Staff Sergeant M.

Nachricht 39318 von Shadiq am 23.12.2014 um 14:45:25  Land: Malaysia
it's great to hear about the new album! looking forward for it.
hope the tourdates will include southeast asia ,especially Malaysia and Singapore. hope to see you on this tour. its been 10 years since malaysia was stung by a Scorpions concert

Nachricht 39317 von Diana Gonzalez am 23.12.2014 um 04:48:20  Land: Argentina
please don´t forget Sudamérica, pls come back to Argentina!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year!! the best voice in the world: Klaus, the best guitar players: Rudolf and Matthias

Nachricht 39316 von Dasha (Scorpion&Rose) am 23.12.2014 um 00:38:17  Land: Belarus
Hello there!
Just wanted to say huge THANK YOU once again for stunning shows in Ritterdam and Brussels (especially the last one!) - and to tell that the words written on the homepage of the website are really cool to read! Waiting for the album and the 2015 tour!

Nachricht 39315 von Belinda Swackhammer am 22.12.2014 um 19:37:18  Land: United Kingdom
I look forward to hearing the new album. I love you and am awaiting for you to come back to the United States (CA). I went to see you in two different states on your last world tour and walked away, still wanting more. Safe journey and "until we meet again", when you return to the US. -- Belinda&lt;3

Nachricht 39314 von kim am 21.12.2014 um 22:59:52  Land: United States
trying to pre buy return to forever set and it is not showing on I tunes or on website store for the united states. our we not going to be able to pre buy it?

Nachricht 39313 von Palmster am 21.12.2014 um 15:18:20  Land: United States
SADLY "We Built This House" is not available on iTunes in the US!

Nachricht 39312 von Lars Grübel am 21.12.2014 um 11:09:32  Land: Germany
Hallo Lieblingsband,
es freut mich, dass Ihr meinen Vorschlag von vor zwei Jahren aufgegriffen
habt, und dass Ihr wieder nach Coburg kommt!
Da ich nicht weiss ob Ihr1977, als Ihr den Auftritt im Kongresshaus hattet, Euch
die Zeit genommen habt, die Stadt uns ihre Geschichte, kennen zu lernen,
wäre Euer Auftritt am 21.08.2015 die Gelehenheit, dies nach zu holen. Hängt
einfach einen oder zwei Tage an um dies nachzuholen.
Wäre schön, wenn ich Euch endlich mal persönlich kennen lernen könnte.
Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!Thumbs Up
Lars Grübel

Nachricht 39311 von Jürgen Zenner am 21.12.2014 um 08:43:54  Land: Switzerland
forever and a day Thumbs Up Muss sofort ins Radio!! Okay, ein bisschen 'fluffig' aber mega Melodie und positive Ausstrahlung!
Mag den Song sehr, macht Lust auf mehr!
Sehen uns!!!

Nachricht 39310 von Kathi Lennon Romanoff am 21.12.2014 um 01:32:02  Land: United Kingdom
Uli Roth w Joey Lynn Turner doin the Rainbow stuff me, Michael, Rudolph, Ritchie, Do I, n Glover were at in late '79! Uli missed it tn cuz he was not liking Ritchie! But, it was perfect improv, I remember staring Joey down sayin,"do somethin that will make richie happy!"Uli, is so nice always did what I wanted musically. (619)379-8310, Uli u should meet me up for gambling? Call anyway, Michael's all, "Der, wot, don't know how to use phone, can't email, fuct?" Have fun! :-) love, kathi someone tell Uli or Michael I called, to call back asap!

Nachricht 39309 von Tony Biggs am 20.12.2014 um 19:05:04  Land: United States
You guys are top shelf. I love all of the music you put out. Been playing for a long time and have never played a show without a Scorpions Song or two int the list.I become very inspired when listening to you guys. Thanks for all the Rock you Roll out.I have never seen you live but if you get close to the eastern US I will have a dream come true.

Nachricht 39308 von Tim am 20.12.2014 um 14:27:24  Land: United States
ROCK ON SCORPIONS! You've been rockin' me now for 38 years and counting! New Album February ..I'm In!!!

Nachricht 39307 von jesse Fer am 20.12.2014 um 02:36:09  Land: Ecuador
hi Scorpions you are fantastic.. you are my favorite group, I love Klauss with his great voice... PLEASE COME TO ECUADOR... There are many people than they love your music too... It is an Honor to come here...
Greatting from Ecuador..I love them.

Nachricht 39306 von stefan am 19.12.2014 um 20:03:09  Land: Yugoslavia

Nachricht 39305 von Rosilisan am 19.12.2014 um 16:54:03  Land: Spain
The most beautiful voice in the universe ♥Klaus♥ I love your songs
Love...Rock in roll Forever. Cheers from spain. Hug

Nachricht 39304 von KATIA MARIA am 19.12.2014 um 14:47:51  Land: None Given
Merry Chistmas from BrazilHeart

Nachricht 39303 von Metal Mike am 19.12.2014 um 07:07:27  Land: Germany
Hey Bruce, beruhige dich.
Hast du zwischen 2010 - 2012 ein, zwei, drei... gute Scorpions Konzerte gehabt? Dann freu dich das noch welche hinzukommen!
Ich war auf der "Farewell" Tour locker 12 x da und freue mich darüber, dass es weiter geht! 50 Jahre SCORPIONS das muß doch gefeiert werden. Und außerdem werden die Scorpions EWIG Rocken! Und das ist auch gut so!! Die Stones sind schon seit den 80ern auf Abschiedstournee... Ich wünsche allen SCORPIONS Fans auf der Welt friedliche Weihnachten und ein Rockiges Fest!

Nachricht 39302 von BRUCE am 17.12.2014 um 22:29:57  Land: Germany
Ich bin sehr enttäuscht über dieses plötzliche Comeback!!!
Was sollten die ganzen hehren Worte vor ein paar Jahren bezüglich der Abschiedstournee? Viele Fans kamen wohl wirklich deswegen um ein letztes Mal mit Ihrer Lieblingsgruppe abzufeieren. Ein Schlag ins Gesicht für alle diese Fans ist jetzt dieser plötzliche Sinneswandel.
Wann kommt die nächste "Abschiedstour"?

Nachricht 39301 von Keilly Avalos am 17.12.2014 um 21:03:16  Land: Mexico
Hug please dont forguet Mexico
we love you please

Nachricht 39300 von Renée am 17.12.2014 um 20:20:33  Land: Canada
I'm just wondering if you'll ever come back to Canada or the U.S. ? I'm an original fan ( meaning I'm in my 40's) and have been wanting to take my daughter to see you all. It can't be that you'll never tour here again ! Right ? Please come back ! It would mean so much to all your fans here !!!
Cheers to my favorite band ! You will always be my first and most loved band !!!