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Nachricht 38919 von Eric Hartmann am 21.07.2014 um 08:36:10  Land: Australia
Dear Scorpions
My whole family loves your music.
Please come to Australia or anywhere near us.
At school I did I project on you because your the best at playing music.Smile
I would be so happy
From Eric Hartmann Melbourne Australia

Nachricht 38918 von Cynthia am 20.07.2014 um 20:09:08  Land: Mexico
Dear Scorpions I just want to congratulate you for the recent victory of your National Football Team in the World Cup. They did a great job! You germans are excellent in everything you do and that's why I admire you, you are a great example for the world!
I wish you continue having a great tour through Europe and I hope James recovers soon to rejoin you. I'm very happy with the news that you're working on a new album, tentatively called "Outtakes", which will be released next year. That means we have Scorpions for a while! and so I keep my hope that you return to Mexico City to see you for the first time in my life at a concert, either with this new album or a show of MTV Unplugged, anyway, can't wait to see you because I know it'll be a magical and unforgettable moment in my life!
The best is yet to come
I know, you know
That we’ve only just begun
Through the highs and lows
And how can I live without you
You’re such a part of me
And you’ve always been the one
Keeping me forever young
And the best is yet to come!!!
So my best wishes to all of you, a big hug and many kisses especially for my beautiful Klaus, I love you!

Nachricht 38917 von Michael Schwarz am 20.07.2014 um 19:22:07  Land: Italy
War am Freitag auf Eurem Hydrogen-Festival-Konzert. Danke, das war richtig gut und Ihr habt es geschafft, die Empatie des Publikums in Buehnen-Energie umzuwandeln. Ich hoffe es hat Euch auch Spass gemacht. Danke nochmals und Gruesse von einem Alt-Rock-and-Roller.

Nachricht 38916 von Teku am 20.07.2014 um 15:58:06  Land: Finland
Scorpions and five porcelain toilets :) Hölmöö Kuopio!!

Nachricht 38915 von Sergi am 18.07.2014 um 03:36:39  Land: Malaysia
Российские Убийцы

Nachricht 38914 von Scott Abold am 18.07.2014 um 02:54:34  Land: United States
Huge fan since 1979 and saw my first Scorpions concert in 1982 in Oakland,Ca and I had the pleasure of meeting all of you in 2000/Scorpions music will live on forever and thank you all for the most awesome memories!!

Nachricht 38913 von Aleksey am 17.07.2014 um 13:47:15  Land: Russian Federation
I'm your fan from Russia, but rather from the city of Tomsk in Siberia. You are the best band in the whole world! Wish I was at your concerts only three times because you did not come to our city. It is located near Kemerovo. Hopefully, if you again go on tour in Russia you will give a concert in our city!

Nachricht 38912 von Giuseppina M. Carini am 16.07.2014 um 02:25:45  Land: United States
I had been fortunate to see you at the Alpine Vally Amphitheater in Wisconsin years ago. You are so talented and would love to see you again in Milwaukee. I am a 80's rock girl with many favorite bands but, you top them all. Hope I am first to hear about it.

Nachricht 38911 von Annika Saxén am 15.07.2014 um 18:40:14  Land: Finland
Hello, thank you for a great show in Lahti, and for the drumstick to our daughter. See you in Kuopio.

Nachricht 38910 von Timppa am 15.07.2014 um 09:44:13  Land: Finland
Thanks guys awesome gig 12.07.2014 Lahti, Finland! Thank you for coming to our little town, and for giving us a great show. It was great to see the whole show up with your smiling faces. It is the love of music! We hope to see you here more in the future! THANK YOU!

Nachricht 38909 von Beat Lehmann am 15.07.2014 um 05:14:57  Land: Switzerland
Hallo Klaus und Rudolf, hab vor 30 Jahren die Alben von 1980 bis 1985 gehört und habe jetzt 2014 zum ersten mal die Alben Fly to the Rainbow 1974, In Trance 1975, Virgin Killer 1976, Taken by Force 1977, Tokio Tapes 1978 und Lovedrive 1979 für mich entdeckt und stelle fest, dass diese Alben etwas vom Besten sind ,was ich je gehört habe ! Bin ein absoluter Fan geworden von euren Jahren mit Uli Jon Roth !!! Grossartige Alben ! Absolut Top ! Auch das Lovedrive Album mit Matthias Jabs , Super ! Hiermit Auch einen Gruss aus der Schweiz an Uli Jon Roth und Matthias Jabs ! Zwei herausragende Gitarristen !!! 1974 war ich gerademal 4 Jahre alt ! Bin ein absoluter Fan geworden ! Danke

Nachricht 38908 von Anna am 15.07.2014 um 02:45:10  Land: France
Courage James
We love you !!!!

Nachricht 38907 von Jawz am 15.07.2014 um 01:54:49  Land: United States
I hear you will continue touring for awhile more. My daughter has yet to see you and she can't wait. I've seen you several times and you guys are the best!!! Ballads and rockers are both awesome. Lots of bands can't pull this off but you can! Smile B]Scorpions forever. Family of Spiders.

Nachricht 38906 von Silvana Pereira am 15.07.2014 um 01:52:05  Land: Brazil
Please come back to Brazil! I need to hear you live again.

Nachricht 38905 von Lindy Johnson am 14.07.2014 um 20:15:52  Land: United States
I really hope you guys come back to Denver, Colorado before you quit touring, I have listened to you forever but have never had a chance to see you, please come back to Denver, Colorado Love you guys

Nachricht 38904 von f.raman am 14.07.2014 um 12:27:59  Land: Australia
G'DAY, just wondering when and if you guys will be touring AUSTRALIA any time soon before you give up touring,you have many fans here in MELBOURNE,it will be fantastic if you came.SCORPIONS RULE.

Nachricht 38903 von M GRASSO am 14.07.2014 um 01:16:03  Land: United States
Please come out to Southern California or Las Vegas soon!!! I saw you guys at Day on the green in Oakland California in 1984!! I want to see your show one more time before I Die.
Thank you for all the memories!!

Nachricht 38902 von ALDO am 14.07.2014 um 00:25:25  Land: United States
Germany! wins the World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 38901 von Pothead am 13.07.2014 um 20:31:06  Land: United States
WOOO HOOO! Go Germany! I'm with You guys. Hope you win the World Cup. Rock em like a Hurricane. Go SCORPS!

Nachricht 38900 von Cecilia Aro am 13.07.2014 um 17:24:44  Land: Brazil
I looove you Klaus!!
Please come to Brazil.
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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