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Nachricht 38734 von Lars am 25.05.2014 um 08:41:18  Land: Germany
Lieber Klaus!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles erdenklich Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag! Seit genau 30 Jahren habt Ihr in mir einen überzeugten Fan - Love at First Sting! Weiterhin viel Erfolg bei all Deinen Plänen - wie ich in Hamburg jüngst wieder erleben durfte ist Deine unvergleichliche Stimme nach wie vor in bestechender Form!
Viele Grüße aus Schleswig-Holstein

Nachricht 38733 von Rita am 25.05.2014 um 08:16:46  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!Today is the most special day!The day you were born!Happy Birthday to you!Heart I wish you all the happiness in the world !You deserve it like no one else!Of course love,health,joy and a lot of inspiration for new wonderful songs!May all your dreams come true and your wonderful smile never leaves your face!I love you! Heart
P.S. I would like to be near you today ...
And not only today... (blush) You know I want to call you so much but Im very very shy!I dont know if you noticed it when we meet!Probably I seem to you too self-controlled or distant or maybe even cold!But its not true Im just very shy!So at the concerts I always wait that you talk to me first but you never do!But I would be very glad if you did! :)

Nachricht 38732 von Wally Hirthe am 25.05.2014 um 08:12:18  Land: Germany
Hallo Klaus, from the bottom of my heart I send to you the best wishes for your birthday. Stay in good condition, be healthy, have love, fun, happiness and peace with yourself and your Family and the band. I thank for all wonderful moments in last years and concerts, Keep on rocking with the Scorpions forever with success.
A a very big fan from the middle of Germany.

Nachricht 38731 von Sofia am 25.05.2014 um 08:08:03  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus, I warmly congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you happiness in your personal life, good health, great mood, the fulfillment of all your most cherished wishes, success always and everywhere. Smile and rejoice: today your day! Hurray! A big hello to the rest of the Scorpions! I love you all very much and respect. I dream that someday I will answer you. Your devoted fan of Sofia. Smile

Nachricht 38730 von Tanya am 25.05.2014 um 08:04:34  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus!Happy Birthday to you!Take the best wishes from Russia!Smile

Nachricht 38729 von Evgeniya Kaplan am 25.05.2014 um 07:54:09  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for your music and love which you give to your fans! We love you and we hope that your life is happy and you have a good time now. Be always glad and don't forget about your fans' love which we'd like to help you every moment!

Nachricht 38728 von Dalia am 25.05.2014 um 07:18:51  Land: Mexico
Come to Mexico again!!!

Nachricht 38727 von Julia am 25.05.2014 um 05:49:37  Land: Ukraine
Happy Birthday dear Klaus^_____^ I wish you many healthy, Rock&roll drives, always be the same cheerful and write more great songs. I love You. You're The Best, and how to say James, Rock & Roll ForeverHug Heart Hug

Nachricht 38726 von dora rubio am 25.05.2014 um 04:24:28  Land: Mexico
feliz cumpleaños Klaus gracias por todo lo que as dado, soy gran admiradora los amo Heart

Nachricht 38725 von Chuckie am 25.05.2014 um 03:58:11  Land: United States
What do you say to the finest singer on the planet on his birthday, Happy Birthday, good health, and lots of money. Klaus Meine, my Leibe.Evil Smile Pot said to say Happy Birthday too, Mr. Meine, Lets ROCK!

Nachricht 38724 von Patty Chuchuca am 25.05.2014 um 01:49:46  Land: Ecuador
Dear and Beloved Klaus
I know there has to be millions of people who loves you around the world
There are so many reason to love you and admire you as well.
You have been part of my life thorough all of those years
You have been with me and good and bad times
Your voice is like a angel choir
May you couldn´t read this message but i just want you to know that you mean so much to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY KLAUS MEINE. May God bless your life next to your family and friends . Long life my sweet love &lt;3Heart Heart Hug Clap

Nachricht 38723 von Scorpion&Rose (Dasha) am 25.05.2014 um 01:42:16  Land: Belarus
As the forum is not there yet, will write it here =)
Happy Birthday, dear Klaus! Thank you for all the supporn and inspiration your voice and kind blue eyes give to us! Thank you for your talent, for the way you feel what you're doing. You are a precious gift for us, so shine on!
With appreciation,

Nachricht 38722 von LOYAL CANADIAN FAN am 25.05.2014 um 01:32:58  Land: Canada
*****************HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLAUS***************************
I wish you good health, happiness and success on this special day. and great success on your upcoming concerts.Smile Big smile Cool
Keep on rockingHug Clap

Nachricht 38721 von Pothead am 25.05.2014 um 01:24:26  Land: United States
Happy Birthday Mr. Klaus. I will always love you........

Nachricht 38720 von Irina am 25.05.2014 um 00:32:12  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus! Happy birthday! Wish you good health, strength, a lot of energy and big successes! Waiting for you in Russia, my dear Klaus! I miss you! Thank you for mini-photosession and autographs in the hotel "Don plaza" in Rostov-on-Don! I love you very much! Your fan Irina. Heart

Nachricht 38719 von maria ferreira am 24.05.2014 um 23:42:49  Land: United Kingdom
Hi, when you come to England, I am a big fan of you guys and loved seeing you acting.

Nachricht 38718 von Elena Andreeva am 24.05.2014 um 23:06:57  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Klaus!
Accept my warmest and sincerest wishes! I can’t find the words to express my admiration of your talent. From the bottom of my heart I wish you good health, happiness in your family, strength to resist difficulties, big success in all your dealings and creations! Let all your dreams come true! Thank you for the bright light you give me! I wake up and go to bed every day with your music.
With great respect and gratitude, Elena.
Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag!

Nachricht 38717 von sissel Bakke am 24.05.2014 um 22:07:23  Land: Norway
Keep on Rockn Roll... Love you &lt;3

Nachricht 38716 von Margit am 24.05.2014 um 19:34:56  Land: Hungary
Sweet and cute my Scorpions! Felt that we meet again! So I'll wait for June 16th. Millions of kisses with much love!

Nachricht 38715 von İrfan Hakkı ERGÜN am 24.05.2014 um 17:36:00  Land: Turkey
Dear Scorpions love you so.WE'D LIKE GERMAN POEMS FROM YOU. Here in Turkey;we've been hearing Mr. Christoph DAUM of perfect German. .."I GADA GO-".--"I GADA GO LOVES YOU SINCE HE IS 12 AND NOW IS 40."

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