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Nachricht 3688 von isabel am 27.03.2006 um 03:57:23  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 3687 von Daniel Lodge am 27.03.2006 um 03:01:10  Land: United Kingdom
hi guys, actor and singer Daniel Lodge here, you guys play some outstanding music and thought id express my gratitude to what i view as one of the best rock groups in the world, one request,its a big one,Whitesnake shocked a lot of people by once again returning to the spotlight by touring the world, i was deeply blessed to see them in Derby at the Assembly Rooms(great venue), then Queen broke the boundaries and took the step of faith in there fans and had a complete succesfull tour, now in America touring at the moment too, you can sort of see were im heading here, how about a tour guys?, one more?,at 18(nearly 19( years of age ive missed these dreams, but Whitesnake and Queen made my dreamscome true, all i want now is to see Europe and Scorpions in concert, come, tour the U.K Brothers, please?, Daniel.xx

Nachricht 3686 von lorenajabs am 27.03.2006 um 01:16:00  Land: Brazil
Scorpions my love!!!!!
How are you??
I think fine!!!
Come back to Brazil-Vitória please!!!
We love scorpions!!
Scorpions in the vein and MATTHIAS JABS IN THE HEART!!

Nachricht 3685 von Dani Ortiz am 27.03.2006 um 00:43:16  Land: Spain
hello! please i'd like to see you in Spain soon, :D i almost saw you in Egypt last year but i had to go back to spain , i wish you where in Spain at last this summer or this year ok?? hehe see you soon!!

Nachricht 3684 von > Nathália Suellen am 27.03.2006 um 00:25:31  Land: Brazil
Please, access my site..
The first brazilian site of Scorpions!!!
All you are invited to participe in the Brazilian Scorpions site...
Thank for attention,
Nathália Suellen

Nachricht 3683 von Todd Grell am 26.03.2006 um 22:47:23  Land: United States
If you guys are planning a trip to chicago drop me a line. Would like to meet you in person. Inspriring ideas think alike. Money and fame aside.
-Todd the little guy

Nachricht 3682 von chris am 26.03.2006 um 20:59:30  Land: United Kingdom
hi guys i say you live at nec and i thught you were ace it was amazing you are mint it bad i cant come see you in london this friday i would love to so plz will you come and play at england we love you so much you all rock it would be ace so plz plz plz plz come play at england plz plz plz plz

Nachricht 3681 von Stefan aus MA. am 26.03.2006 um 19:01:57  Land: Germany
hallo scorpions,
wie ich schon des öfteren geschrieben habe, kommt doch dieses jahr mal wieder nach mannheim.
wäre echt ein super ding.
gruß aus mannheim

Nachricht 3680 von Tanglefoot am 26.03.2006 um 18:11:42  Land: United States
Who ever said the best things in life is free, was right. If I could walk on water, I would start hitching a ride across the atlantic today. Man, why do I miss all the killer gigs, Hannover at that, would love to party with the German people. Anyone from Germany wanna take on a Scorpion fanatic for the summer? Will work for food or anything else. Scorpions are the coolest. Goes to prove that God dont make mistakes. Bye, man I cant wait for the new release, its killin me. Cool

Nachricht 3679 von Artur Liubanskiy (SCORPROCKER) am 26.03.2006 um 17:26:25  Land: Latvia
Hey You,Scorpions!Listen to me!!! I'm going to spend this summer in Moscow and it will be great if you rock there in this year! I'm living in Latvia ,waiting You in Riga also! Don't forget your fans in Latvia & in Russia! You are the best!!!

Nachricht 3678 von David am 26.03.2006 um 16:15:49  Land: Germany
Betrifft RTL Auftritt ultimative Chartshow!
Das was Ihr da Abgeliefert habt ist der totaler Wahnsinn!Diese Brother Flying Arrow ist Mega!Und so wie Ihr Euch vorallem Repräsentiert habt!Bleibt Bitte weiter so fitt und Rockig auch wenn Ihr schon das Neue Album angekündigt habt(Klaus)Ich hoffe wir kriegen nicht genug!Für diesen Auftritt mein volles Respekt!Ist das Beste was ich gesehen habe!Auch an James Pawel und Matthias (Diese geile Schleier auf dem Kopf).Wir sehen uns auf jeden Fall n Wacken den ich bin dabei!!!
Sorry daß ich mich jetzt wieder melde aber ich hatte einen Kleinen Unfall auf meiner Baustelle!Auf paar Prelungen Gott sei Dank alles in Ordung!Bin vom Gerüst gefallen!!!!
Eure Musik auch in diesm Fall wie jetz Hilft mir es weiter nicht nachzulassen munter zu sein !!!!!!!
Rockige Grüße auch für 2006!
Ich bin ehrlich auch sehr überracsht über so viele Deutschalndauftritte!!
David aus Mannheim

Nachricht 3677 von elina am 26.03.2006 um 15:41:20  Land: Greece
hello!!!i just wanted to say that i'm a huge fan!!when you came last year i couldn't come to the concert but you cant believe how excited i was when i heard that you re coming this year too....i hear your songs all day!!!i'm so looking forward to come to the concert this year!!
you are the best!!!!!:):):):):)

Nachricht 3676 von Sami am 26.03.2006 um 15:41:01  Land: Finland
Came to Finland
Scorpions is BestSmile

Nachricht 3675 von thomai am 26.03.2006 um 13:42:15  Land: Greece
guys!!i was among the lucky people to see you in athens last year and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw you're coming this year again to greece!!Greece loves you so much and we know u love us too.i've been a fan all my life and i'm still loving you!!i just hope i get to meet u from close some day!!!!

Nachricht 3674 von George am 26.03.2006 um 11:55:24  Land: Greece
i'll b honest with u.... beforew u came to athens in the summer.. i hadnt heard of u....once u came nd i went to see u live...well u chanbgd my life..ur songs have changed my attitude towards life nd im a crazy Scorpions fan favourite songs are The wind of change, Send me an Angel, The Zoo and when the smoke is going down.,.. i hope that u will come to greece again nd look forward to seeing u...
Yours truly,
George Vafakis

Nachricht 3673 von Patricia Flores am 26.03.2006 um 10:40:21  Land: Mexico
Hi my idols...!!!!!! I love his music, since I have 10 years old and my brother Ale too. My favorites songs are Skywriter, Obsession, Maybe I Maybe You, She said,In trance, this songs are real hymns for me, thanks for give us his art and I wish return again to my country, because in October I can´t went to Mexico DF.
Yours Ladymoon_Skywriter
I love you Scorpions...!!!!!!
Ich liebe dich Scorpions...!!!!!!

Nachricht 3672 von Carmen am 26.03.2006 um 10:19:22  Land: Romania
Please come to Romania !!! There are a lot of people who loves you!Hug

Nachricht 3671 von Dr.Garry Craighead The Rok Dok am 26.03.2006 um 08:30:23  Land: United States
Hey Guys! I was your Doctor when you came to El Paso, Texas (The Rok Dok) couple years ago(2003 or 2004?). I hope all is well! I would like to hook back up with you when your back in the "States". Give me an email soon. God Bless You All!! You guys were very hospitable when I met you and very KIND. Look forward to your call
Dr. Garry Craighead
THE ROCK DOK!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 3670 von francisca am 26.03.2006 um 04:54:27  Land: Chile
Hi scorpions!!! many regards from Chile Hug
Live in Chile Scorpions 2006!!! pleaseThumbs Up
Regards from Chile and all fans!!!

Nachricht 3669 von isabel am 26.03.2006 um 00:10:00  Land: Brazil
ISABEL, OR BEL, I LOVE YOU!!!...Big smile Star