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Nachricht 3616 von Tim am 23.03.2006 um 13:02:24  Land: Turkmenistan
Hi Scorps and all over the World fans,
See you in World Cup...

Nachricht 3615 von Mania am 23.03.2006 um 10:47:42  Land: Syrian Arab Republic
please please please come to syria i'm really so afread to die before seeing you guys

Nachricht 3614 von DANIELE_80 am 23.03.2006 um 10:00:49  Land: Italy

Nachricht 3613 von Sorel am 23.03.2006 um 09:39:35  Land: Finland
Hei you all! Heart
I'm doing some school work and I have chosen Socorpion in my subject!
Scorpions is the best!! XD
_Sorel, 16_

Nachricht 3612 von Leonardo Martinez Gonzalez am 23.03.2006 um 08:42:58  Land: Mexico
Tengo realmente poco tiempo de conocer a la banda yen este poco tiempo pienso que es lo mejor que hay en estos dias, de verdad muchas felicidades por tan excelente musica, visiten Mexico por favor.

Nachricht 3611 von Beril Sayir am 23.03.2006 um 07:34:13  Land: Turkey
You are the greatest band of all times!!! Thank you very much for the lovely music you have added to our lives for all these years. I am planning to go to Athens this summer just to go to your concert, but it is highly likely that I will not be able to get a vacation permit from my work Cry So, please please pleaseeee add Turkey to your tour this summer. You cannot guess how many Turkish fans of yours will have their dreams come true if they listen to you live in concert!! With love... Hug

Nachricht 3610 von Jordan from Brooklyn am 23.03.2006 um 05:55:58  Land: United States
Was turned on to you many years ago. Keep the faith!!! The spirit that is Scorpions!!!!!! Thank You!!!

Nachricht 3609 von Mikaul Ault am 23.03.2006 um 01:44:04  Land: United States
The Scorpions "RULE" I love all you do.

Nachricht 3608 von Liya am 23.03.2006 um 01:24:22  Land: United States
Big smile Hi guys.Once Scorpions were the sence of my life.They changed my world.Time is flying-I am a grown person now.Please,continue what you doing.Love

Nachricht 3607 von Felipe am 23.03.2006 um 01:17:03  Land: Brazil
come to the brazil

Nachricht 3606 von Ted Boychuk am 23.03.2006 um 01:01:03  Land: Canada
Like What You Do is a song you guys do But I Cant Find it On your site. Which Albums and years is it on etc?Smile

Nachricht 3605 von isabel am 22.03.2006 um 23:52:00  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 3604 von rolf am 22.03.2006 um 23:31:25  Land: Germany
hallo wann tretet ihr mal wieder in hamburg auf?gruß rolf

Nachricht 3603 von Carolinaa am 22.03.2006 um 23:03:25  Land: Mexico
COME TO MEXICO AGAIN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hug Thumbs Up [=D&gt;]

Nachricht 3602 von Jim am 22.03.2006 um 20:21:54  Land: Hungary
Mensch, mag ich eure Musik! Wenn kommt ihr mal wieder nach Ungarn? Es würde toll sein! Nur so weiter!

Nachricht 3601 von Júnior am 22.03.2006 um 18:26:52  Land: Brazil
Hi, guys i like a lot your job in special "Moment of Glory" and "Acoustica".I want to tell you another thing(in ("Acoustica DVD")that girl on cello was very cute. Congratulations!
P.s.Can you give one photo of her? I wait.
Thank you so much

Nachricht 3600 von jess am 22.03.2006 um 13:52:00  Land: Canada
[=D&gt;] Bravo guys...I love so much your Cd's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love ya!!!-JESS-

Nachricht 3599 von Love ya am 22.03.2006 um 12:11:15  Land: Sweden
i realy love youre new box!!!

Nachricht 3598 von ULI'S BROTHER am 22.03.2006 um 11:13:57  Land: Greece

Nachricht 3597 von John am 22.03.2006 um 09:22:05  Land: Russian Federation
Dear, SCORPIONS! I was never be in your consert, but it's dream of my life! Please, come to Russia. We'll be wait!!!Big smile

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