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Nachricht 3740 von Elide Aparecida am 01.04.2006 um 01:28:05  Land: Brazil
Broken Heart Why not Rio?Exclamation Unhappy We are missing you!Heart Come again , please!!!!!Exclamation

Nachricht 3739 von Seth am 01.04.2006 um 00:21:17  Land: United States
Hey guys, I just want to tell you that your awsome and I love your music.

Nachricht 3738 von mélissa am 31.03.2006 um 22:59:58  Land: France
i'm a french's fan and I have a question.sorry for my bad english but i'm 17 years and it's not easy.
the question is: why did you stop the song holiday since some concerts (just before the guitar start) ?

Nachricht 3737 von Alvaro Matos am 31.03.2006 um 16:53:52  Land: Brazil
hi,i hate yours songs and for me the KILLERS TO BE THE BIGGER BAND

Nachricht 3736 von Brian Timpanaro am 31.03.2006 um 05:49:51  Land: United States
I have seen every concert you have had in the united states in california. The last was in San Jose you still are the greatest rock band of all time. Rolling Stones who I would have rather seen you at the super bowl then a bunch of geriatrics lol. When are you coming back to San Jose? I hope soon your loyal fan Brian.

Nachricht 3735 von emine am 30.03.2006 um 23:42:08  Land: Turkey
hello scorps!!
turkish fans are waiting for u!
please come to Turkey!!
we love you so much!

Nachricht 3734 von Thanasis am 30.03.2006 um 23:27:02  Land: Greece
thank you for coming to thessaloniki we are waiting for you!!!!we love you so much!!!

Nachricht 3733 von janaina=) am 30.03.2006 um 23:06:20  Land: Brazil
hiiii!...i love you!come back to brazil!please!!
you´re the best!
;) kisses

Nachricht 3732 von alon moskovic am 30.03.2006 um 22:48:53  Land: Israel
ur my favorite band your great !
israel love u plz came again !

Nachricht 3731 von ekeson guyman am 30.03.2006 um 21:53:11  Land: Togo
nice site keep it up ok

Nachricht 3730 von Marconi Bracciano am 30.03.2006 um 19:53:07  Land: Canada
You should do a world-tour this summer.

Nachricht 3729 von Benas am 30.03.2006 um 19:14:54  Land: Hungary
Hungary love Scorpions and Omega 4 ever!!!!!

Nachricht 3728 von angie-christos am 30.03.2006 um 19:12:10  Land: Greece
we love you very very much and we are waiting for you again and again..Greece will love you forever!

Nachricht 3727 von Benas am 30.03.2006 um 18:45:40  Land: Hungary
Please come Hungary:) We love you!!!!!

Nachricht 3726 von Chantal am 30.03.2006 um 11:54:46  Land: France
Thumbs Up Scorpions in France Amneville !! Wahou!! I wait for this moment for a long time
See you soon!!

Nachricht 3725 von Alexandre am 30.03.2006 um 03:36:51  Land: Brazil
Guys, you are the best !
I use to listen you since 1982, more than a century's quarter.
I've been in Rock in Rio in 1985, for both days.
Keep Rock, always !

Nachricht 3724 von Nathalia Suellen am 30.03.2006 um 03:25:48  Land: Brazil
Helooo FANS!!!
Please, access my site of Scorpions.
The first brazilian site of Scorpions!!!
All you are invited to participe
With Love
Nathália Suellen

Nachricht 3723 von isabel am 30.03.2006 um 00:10:52  Land: Brazil
hi, scorpions how are you?
klaus very, very, very kisses for you.
your fan isabel.

Nachricht 3722 von Doug am 29.03.2006 um 20:07:56  Land: United States
You guys ROCK! Please come back to Colorado Springs, CO. I hope to see ya soon.

Nachricht 3721 von Rebekah Sterger am 29.03.2006 um 19:38:52  Land: United States
I LOVE THE SCORPIONS!! However, im very dissapointed that they're never in the USA!! I live in SAn Diego, California and it would make my dreams come true if they could come ANYWHERE in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA to play!!!!!

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