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Nachricht 3565 von STEVE RICHEY am 19.03.2006 um 18:47:21  Land: United States
please come back to the Bay Area Ca. we are ready to be Taken By Force. Please convince Ulrich to return. You guys are the best, thank you for all the years of true rock.
your BAy area bashers and friedns...

Nachricht 3564 von lorenajabs am 19.03.2006 um 18:28:35  Land: Brazil
Hello scorpions!!!!!
good luck in your life!!!!!
Come back for Brazil please!!!!

Nachricht 3563 von Iván Villanueva am 19.03.2006 um 18:22:42  Land: Mexico
Hey Scorpions, Hey Klaus, Hey Rudolf, Hey Matthias... I Heart that song, that excellent song "We'll Burn The Sky" it was interpreted for Ulrich Roth, Uli Jon Roth, in Colmar Tapes I heart that song in bad quiality but I Liked so I wanna buy or download a very good quality fot that song... anyway ALL COLMAR TAPES, specially He's a Woman with Uli solo, Please, PLEASE!!! or you guys should be present again with Ulrich... In Guadalajara, Mexico jaja I know that's too hard, but Rudolf Schenker said: "Nothing is Impposible" See you guys.

Nachricht 3562 von Jeff am 19.03.2006 um 17:47:51  Land: United States
Please hurry up with a new record, and hurry back to America. You guys are the best, thanks for all your great music.Thumbs Up

Nachricht 3561 von janaina am 19.03.2006 um 16:39:51  Land: Brazil
hi!!!Klaus,Matthias,Rudolf,James and Pawel...i LOVE you so much!!!...Come back to Sao Paulo-BRAZIL!!!Please!!!

Nachricht 3560 von Toshiko am 19.03.2006 um 15:23:15  Land: Japan
Dear Scorpions,
I was watching one of your DVDs and you were performing "The Zoo."
The drums and heavy guitar sounds beat thuddingly through our stomachs, and Mr. Schenker and Mr. Meine's synchronized head banging motion make us so excited.
I always wondered when Mr. Jabs would take a breath while he was playing his talking modulater, but it is still a mystery to me.
"We eat the night, we drink the time
Make our dreams come true"
This line reminds me how the 80's were so lively and we were enjoying the changes of our lifestyles.
Since it changed so much in such a short time from the 80's to the 90's, people now want to look back at that time and enjoy it again. Even though many things have changed, your music gives us the same atmosphere, THE SAME GREAT EXCITMENT !!!!!!
I don't think I can stop attending your concerts and miss out on feeling the gigantic anticipation of the show and then be blown away into the Rock'n Roll dimension. We are all in the cage of the Scorpions Zoo!
The Scorpions, you are the real ones !Cool

Nachricht 3559 von Linda am 19.03.2006 um 10:16:42  Land: Poland
Hey jesteście fajnym zespołem. :)

Nachricht 3558 von tom.13 am 19.03.2006 um 09:42:07  Land: Austria
kommt wieder mal nach Österreich,we let it let it roll!!!!!

Nachricht 3557 von Jad kastoun am 19.03.2006 um 09:40:10  Land: Lebanon
You are the greatest... come back to lebanon and rock the country... many fans such as myself are waiting for you

Nachricht 3556 von go am 19.03.2006 um 08:11:13  Land: Russian Federation
Scorps! Come on! Come back to Russia! We are still waiting your concert here in Moscow with new albom! Please!!!!!!!

Nachricht 3555 von Nickos am 19.03.2006 um 06:46:17  Land: Malaysia
Hi!SCORPIONS!!I miss u all,please come back to Malaysia,ur fans are really crazy waiting for you all to come back here..I realy love u guys....ROCK WILL NEVER END!!!

Nachricht 3554 von md@sw am 19.03.2006 um 05:05:25  Land: United States
I paid you 80.00 freakin bucks back in November for two lousy shirts. You have ignored all of my emails, of which there have been several. No less then a dozen. Where the Hell is my money or my shirts???!!!

Nachricht 3553 von Redman am 19.03.2006 um 04:30:51  Land: Canada
Evil Smile when you guys comin too Canada eh

Nachricht 3552 von Vanessa am 19.03.2006 um 02:44:43  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 3551 von Leandro am 19.03.2006 um 02:10:59  Land: Brazil
Hello guys ;], i like so much your musics, and i fan of Matthias Jabs, my god, this man are a god ;p
all band is perfect
come to brazil, im waiting for you ;]

Nachricht 3550 von putoooooooo am 19.03.2006 um 01:58:40  Land: Finland
soy gay Klaus te hago el amor

Nachricht 3549 von PaZoTTi(Fernando Pazotti) am 19.03.2006 um 01:56:28  Land: Brazil
Hello Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, James and Pawel...GOOD LUCK FOR YOU, waiting for you here in Brazil,
PaZoTTi(Fernando Pazotti)

Nachricht 3548 von ezequiel am 19.03.2006 um 01:55:19  Land: Argentina
hello????? scorpions, quiero decirles q scorpions es una banda muy buena?????, la conoci bien hace2 agracias a los exitos de STILL LOVING YOU, WIND OF CHANCE y SEND ME AN ANGEL,me gusta mucho el disco LOVE AT FIRST STING, q tiene un rock/ melodico muy bueno en sus canciones, pero no entiendo q un disco tan lindo como EYE TO EYE no haya tenido el exito esperado, tiene lindas canciones lentas, pero bueno, no era lo esperado, ojala que el proximo disco sea de la linea de EYE TO EYE,
aguante NO ONE LIKE YOU?????????, y espero q esto me lo lea KLAUS MEINE, q es un idolo, chauuuuuuuu

Nachricht 3547 von Aziz am 18.03.2006 um 20:25:26  Land: Morocco
I appreciate a lot your deep lyrics and I hope that you will continue with the same goal especially in our actual erea. Your role is more important than before. keep on

Nachricht 3546 von Guillaume M am 18.03.2006 um 20:10:10  Land: France
We would would like to see you to the Arena of Geneve... Please, please, There's no one like you!!!

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