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Nachricht 4529 von tanque am 01.06.2006 um 01:59:46  Land: Argentina
heyuyyy rockeressss
we are waiting too much!!!!!!
pleeeaaasseeee come to argentina I`m begging youuuuuuuuuu
come on
god gave rock and roll to you, show it to me

Nachricht 4528 von Janis am 31.05.2006 um 22:56:38  Land: Poland
Your website is not only informative, but one that I can refer to with confidence! I will write this on my site recently.

Nachricht 4527 von Katia Maria am 31.05.2006 um 22:18:04  Land: Brazil
Heart My dear Klaus,
HeartYour smile is irresistible!!!!
HeartThere´s no one like you!!!!!
HeartYou´re here in my heart!!!!
HeartI loose control because of you!!!
HeartThe world is your !!!!
Heartrock with me...Katia Maria

Nachricht 4526 von Peter am 31.05.2006 um 21:16:48  Land: Germany
Wie schlecht!
Nachdem RTL schon so einen tollen Playback-Auftritt von "Wind of Change" verkraften musste, pfeift der liebe Klaus nun auch bei Sat1 ins nicht angeschaltete Mikro!
Sowas nennt sich dann Rockband...absolut lächerlich!
Glücklicherweise gibt's in Hannover auch gute Rockbands: Fury in the Slaughterhouse allen voran!

Nachricht 4525 von iva am 31.05.2006 um 19:59:37  Land: Croatia
hi!!! please come to croatia
i love you Heart Hug

Nachricht 4524 von Alessandro am 31.05.2006 um 19:37:00  Land: Brazil
i liked very well to last show, and i would like be when you come to vitória once.

Nachricht 4523 von sara gustavson am 31.05.2006 um 19:12:54  Land: Sweden
sorry. i'm from SWEDEN. iam always doing wrong.Embarrassed
love you all!

Nachricht 4522 von Kelly am 31.05.2006 um 18:52:56  Land: Brazil
When will you come back to Brazil ?
I love The Scorpions !Heart

Nachricht 4521 von sara gustavson am 31.05.2006 um 18:21:39  Land: Tunisia
just whanted to say hi!
wish you well!

Nachricht 4520 von Me am 31.05.2006 um 17:40:01  Land: United States
Rock will never die, cause we got SCORPIONS. The Best Ever!

Nachricht 4519 von eduardo alcayaga am 31.05.2006 um 17:12:38  Land: Chile
my name is eduardo alcayaga and want to have friends
my address is
eduardo alcayaga
las acacias 11
ovalle chile
many tahnks

Nachricht 4518 von Toshiko am 31.05.2006 um 15:52:17  Land: Japan
Dear Scorpions,
It is night time in Japan and the crescent moon was so red. I imagined being up in the mountain to see billions of stars covering the dark blue sky.
Someday, I would like to climb up a very high mountain like Everest and listen to your music. Ok, ok, I probably will drive up there, but anyway, I would like to listen to your music in the dark, on a spiritual mountain with my favorite people surrounding a campfire. I feel like if I climb up to a very high place and send some messages through my mind, they will spread everywhere through space.
I hope it gets to some people I care for and comfort them with the power of nature.
You have added more tour dates in Russia.
Your June and July will be really busy.
I don't know if you like being busy or having a slow schedule, but certainly the fans are happy.
Because of your hard work, we can live with such great excitement, like your shows and CDs.
It is nice to hear that our favorite heros are acting very wildly here and there, and everywhere, to blow the roof off of so many venues with your music.
That is the way I like it and I am going to enjoy it for a long, long, loooooooooooooong time !
See you at the end of June !Cool

Nachricht 4517 von Bob am 31.05.2006 um 14:40:36  Land: United States
Hey Scorps-Keep on doin that rockin thing-You're pretty good at itBig smile
Atlanta Georgia this tour??? Maybe?? Hopefully!!!! Please????

Nachricht 4516 von Send Me An Angel Scorpions! am 31.05.2006 um 12:26:10  Land: Sweden
Scorpions = Forever Fredom Forever Love Wink
Scorpions You Rocks!
Thumbs Up Jusst do it!

Nachricht 4515 von Willen Marques Werneck am 30.05.2006 um 23:22:22  Land: Bulgaria
Poxa, vocês estão fazendo falta, lançem outro CD, como omenagem ao Rock'n'Roll, e a Copa 2006 que vai ser na Alemanha, o grupo de vocês tiveram origem na Alemanha. Vocês são o Máximo, os melhores, é isso ae, até mais. Valeu!!!

Nachricht 4514 von Hugo am 30.05.2006 um 22:26:38  Land: Portugal

Nachricht 4513 von Andres Lopez am 30.05.2006 um 21:05:39  Land: United States
You guys are great. Can't wait to see you in Costa Mesa,CA. Can you please say hi: "hi Andres Lopez" , during the concert. Youi're the best.

Nachricht 4512 von emine am 30.05.2006 um 20:25:00  Land: Turkey
We wish to see u in Turkey soon.
I love you guys!!!
keep rocking...

Nachricht 4511 von smith am 30.05.2006 um 19:14:41  Land: United States
Awesome site! Love the layout!

Nachricht 4510 von Elke! am 30.05.2006 um 18:42:29  Land: Belgium
Happy -too late- birthday Klaus! greetings Elke! Big smile
Keep on Rocking! Cool