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Nachricht 3993 von Stefan aus MA. am 24.04.2006 um 20:36:11  Land: Germany
hallo scorpions,
bitte kommt nach mannheim
stefan aus mannheim

Nachricht 3992 von Henrique Facchini Rodrigues am 24.04.2006 um 20:06:40  Land: Brazil
Heyyyyy ScorpionS!!
Come to Brazil in "Rock in Rio"!!
You´re the BEST!!

Nachricht 3991 von Pothead am 24.04.2006 um 19:05:41  Land: United States
Please SCORPIONS come do your Magic in the US this year, summer aint summer, without our SCORPIONS........

Nachricht 3990 von Michael am 24.04.2006 um 18:37:32  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions forever!

Nachricht 3989 von Gabriela am 24.04.2006 um 17:27:26  Land: Brazil
Hi Scorpions!
You are in my heart,forever!!!

Nachricht 3988 von Toshiko am 24.04.2006 um 16:59:51  Land: Japan
Dear Scorpions,
The city started to turn to dusk and the town began to be spotted with orange lights, growing in number.
Everyone began rushing to their homes, and the roads were streaked with red and white lines.
Each car had music playing or sounds from the radio. Some souls were laughing and some looked really tired.
I just imagine what their day was like.
Whether you are someone's big fan or not, more or less, everyone lives with music.
To end the day with your favorite songs is the best way to relax, at least for me anyway.
Start the ignition key, set the CD, play the Scorpions very loudly, and then all the stress I had that day disappears in a second.
Let the feelings run with the early evening air and disappear in the dark.
Goodbye, stress, till tomorrow.
I will survive and thrive day after day after day after day......
Thank you so much, Scorpions !Cool

Nachricht 3987 von Claudio am 24.04.2006 um 16:28:32  Land: Brazil
Scorpions, you are the best rock n' Roll band in the world. I jike you very very much! When come back to Brasil?

Nachricht 3986 von Anja am 24.04.2006 um 14:59:51  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Scorpions! You are the best! We want to see you hear again! Come back soon! We love you!!!

Nachricht 3985 von Manuel am 24.04.2006 um 14:38:01  Land: England
hallo super musik

Nachricht 3984 von jola am 24.04.2006 um 08:09:56  Land: Poland
I Can't Wait To Hear New cd
Greetings - fan from Bielsko-BiałaSmile

Nachricht 3983 von Dmitri am 24.04.2006 um 07:06:48  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Scorpions! We are very much glad to see you in Russia and on Russian TV!!! Come to Russia more often! We love you

Nachricht 3982 von Edy am 24.04.2006 um 06:53:13  Land: Argentina

Nachricht 3981 von Jimi am 24.04.2006 um 04:46:54  Land: United States

Nachricht 3980 von Rafael am 24.04.2006 um 00:16:10  Land: Brazil
Hi Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, James and Pawel...I am a real fan of you. I like your musics very very much. You were the bests 25 years ago and you're the bests today too. Don't forget - you've got a friend here in Brazil, in São Paulo, Here I am - Rock you like a Hurricane!!!! Im you'r 1st. fan - taks for your songs - they changed my life!!!
The dream of my life is meet you( and have an autograph)
your songs are the 1sts on my CDS
Tanks for existing!!!

Nachricht 3979 von Kahla am 23.04.2006 um 23:15:51  Land: United States
Are you guys going to play in the U.S. sometime this year.I have never been to any of your concerts and I would love for you guys to play in Sacramento this year or Fresno Please?

Nachricht 3978 von lorenajabs am 23.04.2006 um 22:57:51  Land: Brazil
Scorpions!! Read my history!! Please!!
Hello scorpions!! Please, read my history!!
My name is Lorena, I’m from Brazil and scorpions is the band of my life!!
When go to Brazil in 2005, I may not go to in your show because I have 14 years old and in my state people minority of 16 years old may not go to in the show!!
I tempt go to in the show, but I not get…
…I call with production of show, talk with he, but he can’t make nothing!!
In the day of the show in Vitória (October, 14) I stay in my room crying!!
I talk with people go to in the show and they say of me “ The show of Scorpions is the best!!” “Is emocionant hiss with Klaus and 50.000 people wind of change!!”
I stay very sad about this!!
I’m always different of other girls!!
I love Scorpions!! They aren’t!!
I not enjoy life my life!!
I alone think of you!!
My best felicity is when may see you!!
I buy your DVD moment of glory today and watch you!!
My holiday happier because of you!!
Scorpions are wonderful in this DVD!!
Matthias, you are very beautiful of blue hair!!
I adore this DVD and every DVD of scorpions!!
You’re the best!!
My major dream is know Matthias, Klaus, James, Rudolf and Pawel!!
This is the reason of my life!!
Please Scorpions!!
Speak with me!!
Send e-mail for me!!
Even to tell me “No!!”
I not get of like you about this…
…answer me!!
You seem dream but I necessity believe of you!!
Answer me please!!
If not, I die of sad!!
Thank you because you exist!!
I always love scorpions and always continue loving!!
Kisses for you Scorpions!!
Special kisses for Matthias!!
I hope your answer!!
Bye my babies!!

Nachricht 3977 von Marian am 23.04.2006 um 20:33:39  Land: Germany
Weiß schon jemand was genaueres über das Konzert am 9.9.06? Also wo das in Düsseldorf statfindet oder so?

Nachricht 3976 von Marko am 23.04.2006 um 20:07:40  Land: Germany
Servus ! Ihr seit echt spitze !! Weiter so.....
Deutschland und der Rest der Welt braucht euch no lang !!

Nachricht 3975 von Agnes am 23.04.2006 um 19:14:13  Land: Germany

Nachricht 3974 von Maria am 23.04.2006 um 18:13:23  Land: Mexico

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