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Nachricht 3322 von Sara Gustavson am 26.02.2006 um 09:28:44  Land: Sweden
you are the best rock stars ever! i am a fourteenth years old girl from sweden. my father have been lisen to you since he was like twelve. i love all of your hits, you haven't done even one bad song! but my favourits are "always somewere", "make it real", "holiday", "dynamite" and "don't stop at the top".please come to gteborg in sweden soon, beacuse i just got to see all of you! and keep up the good work of doin great hits! your the greatest! love from sara gustavson.

Nachricht 3321 von Ara Ajamian am 26.02.2006 um 08:44:57  Land: United States
what can i say i've lived the best and worst times of my life listening to these guys (HOLIDAY) rules

Nachricht 3320 von joanne am 26.02.2006 um 06:45:10  Land: United States
Hey you!!! How are my boys? I love ya!! You guys will always be number one in my book !!!!!!!

Nachricht 3319 von a rocker am 26.02.2006 um 05:54:00  Land: Brazil
hey scorpions when will you come back to Brazil???....come soon ok?... Catch your train and come..
Hey scorpions quando voces voltaro para o Brasil?... venham logo ta certo?... Peguem seu trem e venham...

Nachricht 3318 von GEORGE am 26.02.2006 um 05:30:04  Land: Greece

Nachricht 3317 von Gabriel-Crstian Olteanu am 26.02.2006 um 03:47:04  Land: Canada
Hi guys, I just want to say that you are amazing and I truly respect you. It's been over 40 years since start the band in 1965. Don't stop at the top now and continue to rock the world. I also want to ask you when will you come to montreal (Canada) again? In 2003 I missed (cause at that time I didn't know the band) and I would like to see you guys on stage. Long live the unbreakable Scorpions!

Nachricht 3316 von Ryan Brooks am 26.02.2006 um 03:15:13  Land: United States
hey scorpions, I just bought another album. You never seem to disappoint when it comes to listening to your music. I love the band and you're all a class act. Keep it up guys.and rock on.

Nachricht 3315 von Pothead am 26.02.2006 um 00:04:28  Land: United States
Scorpions are the best..., Friends...Family....Best Rockers in the World, and there aint a thing I would change, unless I could make them my next door neighbors...OOOWWWWWW!

Nachricht 3314 von Juliana am 25.02.2006 um 18:52:31  Land: Portugal
hello Scorpions!!!please, come back in Portugal

Nachricht 3313 von Achilles am 25.02.2006 um 18:47:19  Land: Greece
I hope you will come again to Greece!

Nachricht 3312 von dominic am 25.02.2006 um 17:52:51  Land: Canada
lots of people wanna see yah in canada gang, before you take like... your retreat, we would really want to see you

Nachricht 3311 von Kamrad am 25.02.2006 um 17:49:50  Land: Russian Federation
From Russia with love! We're waiting for you!

Nachricht 3310 von LIsa am 25.02.2006 um 17:41:04  Land: United States
Will you be touring in the United States any time soon?

Nachricht 3309 von mirian am 25.02.2006 um 16:08:45  Land: Andorra
axel me encanta tu musica!! aunque es muy dificil conseguir tu cd. soy de mexico, y casi nadie sabe de tu musica, pero yo hago lo posible por que bajen canciones tuyas pero solo he podido conseguir 14 canciones pero quisiera tu cd!! y no se en donde conseguirlo! lo he buscado por todas partes. me encantaria que me contestes el mail. amo tus canciones!!!!!

Nachricht 3308 von Edde am 25.02.2006 um 15:49:41  Land: Germany
Dear Pawel!
I know I'm late but better late, than never: Happy Birthday!

Nachricht 3307 von Fan am 25.02.2006 um 13:50:45  Land: Greece
Hello Scorpions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you will come again to greece, because I'm very sad with my self.
I have lost 3 concerts of you!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 3306 von Virginie Heavy and Loud am 25.02.2006 um 11:12:14  Land: France
Very special thanks to Seika our friend who spend many of her time to make our dream comes true (meet the Scorpions in Metz on May 2006)My children are very exciting too!

Nachricht 3305 von Niko am 25.02.2006 um 10:09:52  Land: Finland
Please, take part on finland!!

Nachricht 3304 von nadim am 25.02.2006 um 09:20:10  Land: Lebanon
scorpions, when u came into my life, world was not the same!!! i think is the one of the most beautifull song in this world!!! congratulation!
lebanon is waiting for you!

Nachricht 3303 von Gabriele am 25.02.2006 um 07:55:14  Land: Germany
ich schicke euch ein Lcheln, denn ihr gebt meinem Leben Musik und erfllt damit mein Herz, dafr sage ich DANKE !
Gabriele Dietz

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