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Nachricht 4014 von Gabriela am 27.04.2006 um 18:14:05  Land: Brazil
Dear Klaus.
Your voice is my soul.

Nachricht 4013 von Laima am 27.04.2006 um 14:17:24  Land: Lithuania
Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Nachricht 4012 von Hexen am 27.04.2006 um 13:04:23  Land: Poland
Play this year in Woodstock Festival like Michael Schenker !

Nachricht 4011 von g am 27.04.2006 um 13:03:37  Land: Estonia
Very good band ! :) One of my favourites. :)
go on !:)

Nachricht 4010 von spaceman206 am 27.04.2006 um 11:53:00  Land: Lebanon
scorpions are the legend of heavy metal ,ur music will always wake our feelings and our minds ,i hope u come 2 lebanon soon ,i would sell my cloth if i have 2 just 2 buy a ticket and watch u,

Nachricht 4009 von Eva Schenker am 27.04.2006 um 11:14:11  Land: Greece
Hey you guys!You're my favorite band!

Nachricht 4008 von shadows am 27.04.2006 um 08:18:49  Land: United Kingdom
hi scorpions and freinds hows you please email me cos i get sooooo lonely being the only scorpions fan or 100 miles squared please email me the forum is crap i dont like it anyways rock on scorpions and fell the wind of change

Nachricht 4007 von marilena am 27.04.2006 um 04:34:43  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 4006 von deborah_uhdre am 26.04.2006 um 19:52:51  Land: Brazil
Hi scorpions...Klaus,Rudolf,Matthias,Jamesand Powel...You are fantastics and perfects...I lHeartve scorpions...come back to Brazil...bye

Nachricht 4005 von Rizzen III am 26.04.2006 um 15:36:49  Land: Italy
Hi I'm David III, Scorpions Rockkkkk!!
Still Loving You is the best!!!!
I hope you come to Italy soon!!

Nachricht 4004 von Avril am 26.04.2006 um 14:21:59  Land: Canada
Wink Hoping you will come to Toronto Canada. keeping my fingers crossed.
Love Unbreakable CD cannot listen to it enough. Please come to Toronto. Hug

Nachricht 4003 von beirut :'( am 26.04.2006 um 14:00:15  Land: Lebanon
comeee onnnnnnnnn we need u down here in beirut arnt u comin .. well 50 cent is coming next month Big smile ; about million fan in beirut .. doesnt ring the bell .. ??

Nachricht 4002 von Sundararajan>J.D am 26.04.2006 um 09:12:02  Land: India
You are the greatest till now

Nachricht 4001 von Bella am 26.04.2006 um 03:57:45  Land: United States
Scorpions have always been the best.......keep rockin'on.........see you soon!!

Nachricht 4000 von lorena jabs am 25.04.2006 um 22:59:12  Land: Brazil
Scorpions!! Read my history!! Please!!
Hello scorpions!! Please, read my history!!
My name is Lorena, I’m from Brazil and scorpions is the band of my life!!
When go to Brazil in 2005, I may not go to in your show because I have 14 years old and in my state people minority of 16 years old may not go to in the show!!
I tempt go to in the show, but I not get…
…I call with production of show, talk with he, but he can’t make nothing!!
In the day of the show in Vitória (October, 14) I stay in my room crying!!
I talk with people go to in the show and they say of me “ The show of Scorpions is the best!!” “Is emocionant hiss with Klaus and 50.000 people wind of change!!”
I stay very sad about this!!
I’m always different of other girls!!
I love Scorpions!! They aren’t!!
I not enjoy life my life!!
I alone think of you!!
My best felicity is when may see you!!
I buy your DVD moment of glory today and watch you!!
My holiday happier because of you!!
Scorpions are wonderful in this DVD!!
Matthias, you are very beautiful of blue hair!!
I adore this DVD and every DVD of scorpions!!
You’re the best!!
My major dream is know Matthias, Klaus, James, Rudolf and Pawel!!
This is the reason of my life!!
Please Scorpions!!
Speak with me!!
Send e-mail for me!!
Even to tell me “No!!”
I not get of like you about this…
…answer me!!
You seem dream but I necessity believe of you!!
Answer me please!!
If not, I die of sad!!
Thank you because you exist!!
I always love scorpions and always continue loving!!
Kisses for you Scorpions!!
Special kisses for Matthias!!
I hope your answer!!
Bye my babies!!

Nachricht 3999 von Martin Louzada am 25.04.2006 um 20:58:46  Land: Brazil
Please, come back to Brazil!!!!!!
Ah! Eu so Gaúcho!!!!!

Nachricht 3998 von Joaquim am 25.04.2006 um 19:51:40  Land: Brazil
Please come to Brasil again.
You are the best!

Nachricht 3997 von Gabriela am 25.04.2006 um 18:03:17  Land: Brazil
Hey Scorpions!!!!!
How are you?
Please,come back to the Brazil again!!!
I love you!!!

Nachricht 3996 von Caroline am 25.04.2006 um 07:49:52  Land: United States
You guys are the best, I had posters of you covering the walls of my bedroom as a teenager, I've been a fan since 1982. I saw that you have only one stop in North America in 2006, it is in Quebec City, I am from Montreal but now I live in San Francisco, I hope I can fly back to see you guys in July.
But you really really have to come to San Francisco, the City and all of Silicon Valley would go wild!!!!
You guys are hot, love you.
Caroline Smile

Nachricht 3995 von Chau am 25.04.2006 um 03:35:05  Land: Canada
Cha`o Scorpians,
meaning Hi in Vietnamese.
I love your music very's irristible. I love the song "When the Smoke is Going Down" and "Still Loving You". I listen to them everyday...especially when i am down and needed something uplifting.
Love your music...thank you very much.
Cha`o tha^n a'i (Sincerely yours)

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