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Nachricht 4084 von Lukas am 04.05.2006 um 15:32:07  Land: Sweden
I LOVE YOUBig smile !!!
cant you play in sweden some time?
please do that
i know that we koming
youre biggset fan in sweden

Nachricht 4083 von MARILENA am 04.05.2006 um 05:19:40  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 4082 von Kahla am 04.05.2006 um 04:38:02  Land: United States
Hi guys were are you at? I bet your taking some time off before you have to go out on tour again. I hope all you guys are in good health and in good spirits and I will see you on the road.

Nachricht 4081 von Trisha Lopez am 04.05.2006 um 03:29:51  Land: United States
Please please please come to Seattle, Washington....or even Portland, Oregon.. or anywhere near here. I've always wanted to see you guys in concert. My dad got me hooked on your music when I was just a little girl, and now we want to go to a concert together, but you guys need to come closer. Any chance of extending your short leg of the USA tour in July? Just travel a little further up the coastline? You guys ROCK!

Nachricht 4080 von Daniele am 04.05.2006 um 02:59:07  Land: Brazil
Wink Matthias you are like wine how much old, how much betterWink. Whem do you come to Brazil againQuestion. many Kisses, Cool,We love watch you playing the guittar and see Klaus singing,Bye Bye

Nachricht 4079 von Pot am 03.05.2006 um 21:52:41  Land: United States
SCORPIONS ANYDAY..........Ying Yang

Nachricht 4078 von QUINTANA am 03.05.2006 um 21:10:58  Land: United States
thank you for came back to costa mesa last show was fantastic....

Nachricht 4077 von Nathan am 03.05.2006 um 20:09:16  Land: Canada
Hey scorpions! I really am a big fan of your music. Are you going to come to Thunder Bay Ontario Canada?Question I'd love it if you did! SmileThxSmile PigIm a big fan of pigs!

Nachricht 4076 von Deise am 03.05.2006 um 17:26:57  Land: Brazil
Hi Scorpions!
I love yours musics,the music that I taste more is "Still Loving You"
Come back in Rio de Janeiro, please!
Kisses Wink

Nachricht 4075 von Toshiko am 03.05.2006 um 17:17:59  Land: Japan
Dear Scorpions,
I am listening to your CD "Acoustica" right now and "Dust In The Wind" is playing.
I know this is originally Kansas's song, but you did it so beautifully and it just haunts me everytime I listen to it.
I wish I could see your Acoustic show on May 27th in Dachau, Germany.
Ahhh, ahem, I really wouldn't mind you coming to Japan soon for some Acoustic shows!
Please, please, please, come to Japan on an Acoustica tour !
You haven't come to Japan since 2004.
I've just went to a TOTO concert in Fukuoka, Japan and the venue was the same place where you played in 2004. I remembered all about that day, when I saw my very first Scorpions concert, and missed that day a lot.
Please, come to Japan..... please.....
Well, have a wonderful evening, Scorpions !Cool

Nachricht 4074 von Mary Guarato am 03.05.2006 um 15:26:59  Land: Brazil
Broken Heart I love, love, love, love scorpions!
Very Kisses!

Nachricht 4073 von Paul Collins am 03.05.2006 um 11:16:26  Land: United States
Rock! On! forever! Come to omaha, Ne. People here have been waiting for ever!

Nachricht 4072 von deborah luciana am 03.05.2006 um 01:40:01  Land: Brazil
hello! meus mosqueteirinhos,amamos vcs!

Nachricht 4071 von Greg am 03.05.2006 um 01:35:35  Land: United States
The SCORPS ROCK!!! Please come to Atlanta, GA!!! Big smile

Nachricht 4070 von CARLOS am 02.05.2006 um 21:04:27  Land: United States

Nachricht 4069 von Vangelis am 02.05.2006 um 19:27:16  Land: Greece
Waere es moeglich vor- oder nach- dem Scorpions Konzert in Athen, im July 2006 mich mit Scorpions zu treffen und Autogramme direct von ihnen zu bekommen ?
(12 Jahre alt, Athen-Griechenland)

Nachricht 4068 von Flying_Machine am 02.05.2006 um 19:20:29  Land: Greece
Dear Scorpions!We are a five membered rock band at the age of 15,from Greece,called the "FLYING MACHINE",and we are three years together during which we rock N'roll
many cities here in Greece with your songs!C U guys in the following summer for 3rd time in Thessaloniki!Katerini town loves you!

Nachricht 4067 von sara am 02.05.2006 um 18:45:16  Land: Sweden
hey! here i am again. soon i'm goin to bye a dvd with with you!Big smile i just whant to say:you'r still looking good, after all these years!!! and you are still givin the world something beautiful to lisen at! yesturday i was lisen at you. it was so wodrerful,that i feelt to sleep!Embarrassed mabye i'm going to norway or HANNOVER your hometown. to se you! love

Nachricht 4066 von Gabriela am 02.05.2006 um 17:47:39  Land: Brazil
I love,love,love
you!So much.Forever.
Bye.Your fan,Gabriela

Nachricht 4065 von Tamara am 02.05.2006 um 15:52:57  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Scorpions,
I feel shame for all Russia. All these kids in "Fabrica" didn't even bother to learn werds of songs they were going to sing with you. You deserve more.

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