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Nachricht 4997 von Louis Bargas am 04.07.2006 um 17:32:22  Land: United States
I just want to say keep making music and playing So Cali because I will always go and see you guys. I was at the show on the 30th. Ive seen you guys like 10 times already and everytime just gets better and better. Love you guys keep rockin!!! p.s. Dokken was great also thanks for adding them.

Nachricht 4996 von Keisha am 04.07.2006 um 16:26:30  Land: United States
Just wanted to say you guys were AMAZING! Been a fan since I was still in the womb. (Mother was pregnant when i first experienced your guys) HA. Saw the show is Salinas. SOOO glad you came out! Thanks!!!

Nachricht 4995 von PaZoTTi(Fernando Pazotti) am 04.07.2006 um 16:22:54  Land: Brazil
Hello Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, James and Pawel...The best wishes for you...Keep rocking the world as you do...:)...
Brazil is waiting for you guys...
Don´t forget me...We met in October 12 in Brazil...:)
I hope you come back...
PaZoTTi(Fernando Pazotti)

Nachricht 4994 von Stefan aus MA. am 04.07.2006 um 16:04:47  Land: Germany
hallo scorpions,
ich hoffe, dass die neue cd auch so ein knaller wird, wie die letzte.
ich hoffe, man sieht sich 2007 in mannheim. zuerst sieht mal sich aber am 09.09. in düsseldorf
gruß aus mannheim

Nachricht 4993 von Tatiana am 04.07.2006 um 15:55:31  Land: Russian Federation
Today is the football match GERMANY vs ITALY! I’m supporting the German team! Go, Germany, BEAT Italy! This country has the best rock band in the world - SCORPIONS! So it deserves to become the champion in football! I believe in that! GOOD LUCK!

Nachricht 4992 von Mike am 04.07.2006 um 07:51:40  Land: United States
Caught your show in Salinas, guys did an amazing job. I took my 10 year old Zach to the show, his first concert. Thanks for coming to our small neck of the woods. Hope you come back again

Nachricht 4991 von Tyler! am 04.07.2006 um 07:37:44  Land: United States
Hi - I just got home from your show at the Salinas Sports Complex! I'm 10 years old and I got to stand right at the front of the stage! Wow - you guys were great! Thanks Pawel for the guitar pick! I'm the one with the Mohawk! Hope you remember me! Great concert! You Rock!!!

Nachricht 4990 von Michael Plummer am 04.07.2006 um 05:33:04  Land: United States
Just got back today from seeing the Scorpions on tour at Konocti in Clear Lake California. The last time I saw the scorpions was the Savage Amusement tour (almost 20 years ago.) I was amazed at the energy Klause Meine has after all these years. Its nice to no that this band will be entertaining for years to come. The Scorpions are one of the best heavy metal bands of all time!!

Nachricht 4989 von Noel am 04.07.2006 um 04:21:34  Land: United States
Took my boy to Konocti ...great son says how can those guys have so much energy after 30 years in rock n roll!! ( he is wise for his 14 years) We got some cool pics of your performance and my son was a little sad he couldnt get a drum stick or guitar pic...hint hint!!! Thankyou for the great show please come back soon!!!

Nachricht 4988 von Ray Bryant am 04.07.2006 um 03:12:59  Land: United States
Thank you for an awesome concert in Costs Mesa,
also thank Peter for the passes. Also thank you Elliot from Dean and thank you Perez at Nady,
Ray out

Nachricht 4987 von sylvie laberge am 04.07.2006 um 01:06:32  Land: Canada

Nachricht 4986 von David am 03.07.2006 um 20:27:55  Land: Germany
Wir werden jetzt Weltmeister!Germany will be a Worldchampion of World Cop 2006 !!!Auch jetzt weil ich dieses geniale T-shirt erhalten habe SCORPIONS ROCK THE BALL!Danke ganz besonders an Jens Lehmann unseren Torwart an Alex Malek für die Kreation und vorallem an Mich denken für die schnelle Mega Zusendung!!!!
Danke auch an RUDOLF SCHENKER KLAUS MEINE MATTHIAS JABS JAMES KOTTAK PAWEL MACIWODA daß Ihr mit Euren Musik es überhaupt Live dies bewiesen habt!
Vielen Dank David aus Mannheim

Nachricht 4985 von Kahla am 03.07.2006 um 18:51:52  Land: United States
I know this is a difficult topic to bring up but, will you ever get back on frendly terms with Frances again?

Nachricht 4984 von Lorena am 03.07.2006 um 18:30:30  Land: Germany
Hello i´m from germany.. I love your music very much. I´m a big fan of you . Love Lorena

Nachricht 4983 von Katia Maria am 03.07.2006 um 18:29:14  Land: Brazil
Embarrassed Klaus,Também queria pedir sua mão em casamento.Sua mão,seu braço,seus olhos,seu sorriso,seu assovio...Dá prá ser um "pouquinho menos maravilhoso?!"Nossos corações apaixonados agradecem.Tongue
Heart"Nenhum minuto é vazio,desde que possamos sonhar"Heart // Katia

Nachricht 4982 von KristinaR6 am 03.07.2006 um 18:26:09  Land: Czech Republic
Hello dear love-Scorpions!!! Heart Hug Heart My happy day is near only 25 days and I´ll be seeing you. Yestrday I get two tickets for your concert in Czech Republic-Benátská noc. It is so incredibly. I wish You and I meeting individually.Klaus, Matthias, James, Rudolf and Pavel you are world´s best.Your music is supertemporal.Anyone who heard your songs is raver. I´m looking forward to you. Very much kisses for my dear love-Scorpions. Hug Wink Smile Thumbs Up I love you very much.Heart Your Kristina from Czech Republic.
Pleas sorry my English. Embarrassed Hug Thumbs Up Hug Embarrassed

Nachricht 4981 von Big Band Festival? am 03.07.2006 um 18:19:09  Land: Germany
Smile Hi! Have you been at the Big Band Festival?

Nachricht 4980 von Silvia am 03.07.2006 um 17:12:52  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 4979 von Andrew am 03.07.2006 um 12:20:52  Land: Belarus
Hi! I'm from BELARUS and I love your music! When are you coming to Belarus?
ALL EAST EUROPE love you group very much!
Thank you for the Wind of Change))))).
Andrew from Prugany....

Nachricht 4978 von Ruper am 03.07.2006 um 09:51:20  Land: Spain
Thanks for coming to my town, Ponferrada. See you on september, 6th