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Nachricht 5239 von hanna am 21.07.2006 um 02:51:08  Land: Trinidad and Tobago
OMG!!OMG!!!OMG!!! SCORPIONS is comin to perform live in my country!!!! this is unbelievable.. OMG!!still can't believe it! i'm actually goin to see them perform infront of me!! thanks!!! i'm speachless!! OMG SCORPIONS!! my all time band is comin!!!!!!!

Nachricht 5238 von Pelin am 21.07.2006 um 01:57:52  Land: Turkey
I love Scorpions !! I do not wanna die before seeing them LIVE! When you are gonna visit us :(

Nachricht 5237 von santiago am 20.07.2006 um 23:52:28  Land: Argentina
scorpions that it has with Argentinean which never they arrive here were in brazil, Mexico and never arrives at here I believe that they estan like all the bands “by the silver” the truth that surprises a as good band to me as you and you never came I I am a “fanatic of you” and are thousands of you pardon that they dream in seeing them here that if is by the money never they are going to come. My dream was to see them live touching in the Argentinean if the truth is called on rock by the gustaria passion to see them to me but they touch by money that they are not going to come and in the end you finish by far to pride but our displeased country (holds scorpions)…“they touch rock of the heart. SANTIAGO.CABRERA (ARGENTINA-BS AS-TANDIL)

Nachricht 5236 von anastasios am 20.07.2006 um 22:46:39  Land: Greece
back in greece soon in greece we love you a lot .please we want to see you again and again and again !for us for the greeks you born here you are our blood !thank you so much for all !!!!!

Nachricht 5235 von Nickos am 20.07.2006 um 21:29:10  Land: Greece
Hello,scorpions.I saw you yesterday in Athens.You were FANTASTIC,EXELLENT,and Many many more comments,because you're undiscribed.Hope seeing you next year back in Greece again.You know,you're very popular here in Greece.For Me you're the best rock band the music ever had!!!So,visit us next year and you won't be disappointed (as I Think).Bye

Nachricht 5234 von Fred Mika am 20.07.2006 um 21:00:32  Land: Brazil
I heard the new album, Unbreakble, the best of last 10 years. good shot

Nachricht 5233 von Andy am 20.07.2006 um 18:11:42  Land: Sweden
Hey guys!
Why the hell did you choose to play in Norway instead of Sweden? Oh my god.. can't get the norway in August.. So please do a concert in Seden this year!!
One again.. why the hell did you choose Norway?

Nachricht 5232 von Gabriela am 20.07.2006 um 16:50:06  Land: Brazil
It would like that you they knew how much I love you, it's musics, its charisma and philosophy .You is part of me and this is invariant! You one makes any to perceive how much it can move! You nails to a philosophy of love and friendship, based on optimum of each one, and is this that I more taste in you, and I'm certain that each sung music means very. Congratulations for you and thank you very much for existing! Your crazy fan, Gabriela. Klaus Meine Forever

Nachricht 5231 von Hakan am 20.07.2006 um 14:16:03  Land: Turkey
We are not to far from GREECE! Please let us a chance and feel our energy!! Turkey is waiting for you guys

Nachricht 5230 von Peter am 20.07.2006 um 14:10:09  Land: Australia
Please can you do a concert in Perth Australia, This is AC/DC country and we love Scorpions too.

Nachricht 5229 von stavros am 20.07.2006 um 13:03:43  Land: Greece
It was wonderfull i found ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 5228 von nick am 20.07.2006 um 12:54:06  Land: Greece
It was magic evening!
Thank you for the nice time!
Until the next time...take care

Nachricht 5227 von stratos am 20.07.2006 um 12:42:16  Land: Greece
What a wonderfull show yesterday in athens!you played like it was the first time on stage!!so much energy!it was perfect!i can't wait to see you again next year!let me take you far away.........thanks for the great moments yesterday....

Nachricht 5226 von Giorgos am 20.07.2006 um 11:21:02  Land: Greece
HOLIDAY.....this moment yesterday is the one i will keep for the rest of my life !!
Keep on hurricaning us!!

Nachricht 5225 von ANTONIA PAPPAS am 20.07.2006 um 10:43:06  Land: Greece

Nachricht 5224 von angela_jabs am 20.07.2006 um 10:24:53  Land: Greece
Thank you for the FANTASTIC show were great guys..Matthias...When you came into my became my life!!!I love you very much!!!!hope to see you next year..

Nachricht 5223 von Panagiotis am 20.07.2006 um 10:08:05  Land: Greece
Yesterday it was great as you played songs we had to hear many years as "Always Somewhere", "LoveDrive"," Blackout"
Hope to see you next year

Nachricht 5222 von Alex am 20.07.2006 um 10:07:55  Land: Greece
You are simply the best! Thank you for this wonderful evening and sorry for being a bit down as a crowd -especially at the end- it must have been the long night. Anyway,you rocked us as a hurricane once again and I'm sure everyone in Greece is expecting you back asap!!!

Nachricht 5221 von Bill am 20.07.2006 um 09:17:34  Land: Greece
You did rock Greece yesterday, well done! Thank you for playing Always somewhere, Holiday and Wind of change ine after the other, really had a nice time then...
Hope to see you again in the future, this time with more songs!

Nachricht 5220 von Michalis am 20.07.2006 um 08:43:05  Land: Greece
Thank u 4the great concert yesterday in Athens!!!SCORPIONS U KEEP US BURNING!!!HOPE 2SEE U NEXT YEAR!!Clap