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Nachricht 5433 von Pothead am 01.08.2006 um 04:22:34  Land: United States
Happy Birthday Rudi...ope wrong month oh well I guess it gives me a month to celebrate...Rudi Rules!Cool

Nachricht 5432 von Roy am 01.08.2006 um 04:14:35  Land: Australia
Hi Guys
Just wondering when you will make an appearance Down Under?? Hasn't happened so far, but hopefully it will. Play your music on my radio show regularly.
I will be in Germany in Dec / Jan, so hopefully I may be able to catch a concert.
Keep the good times rolling!!!!

Nachricht 5431 von Toni am 31.07.2006 um 23:48:17  Land: United States
Ugh! Your killing me here Scorps. I can't believe I am going to miss that concert in Wacken. Already spent all of my vacation money or I wouldn't have hestitated to fly over.
Thanks for at least simulcasting it through internet. Maybe keep this line up in mind for your next tour to the States. In fact I know the perfect venue for it in San Diego, Humphrey's By the Bay. It would be awesome.
Have a great show and looking forward to new CD.

Nachricht 5430 von emine am 31.07.2006 um 21:02:51  Land: Turkey
Scorps!we hope to see you in Turkey soon.
we love you guys!
keep on rocking!

Nachricht 5429 von MR am 31.07.2006 um 12:56:43  Land: Germany
Euer Konzert in Dresden war echt klasse und ein tolles Event!!!Leider sind meine Fotos nicht ganz so gelungen, hat vielleicht jemand welche?
Vielen Dank und weiterso,

Nachricht 5428 von Gino ( User ) am 31.07.2006 um 01:19:40  Land: Canada
I forgot to write somemore messages this time I wanna see if my Translation machine works so Iam about to to type this in english and it will automatically translate in German starting now. Habe ich vergessen, an Sie auf Deutsch zu schreiben, wenn der Skorpione jenes neue Album macht? wird es ist, macht besser empfangen, wie dass Jap Bonus Version der Träumer und zu weit, das es nicht, es hofft, wenn Sie allen Liedern alle auf dem neuen neuen Album, es sogar rauer bringen, dass als wir von seltenen Rohstoffen ist wird empfangen haben. Und Klaus, den Sie wirklich Schaukeln, wie Sie sind, ist ein globales Idol statt eines Amerikanisch Idols. Yes it looks that works yea ! Take care again Scorpions. Iam gehend verrückt wie ein Hurrikan! Wacko

Nachricht 5427 von Ryan Kong am 31.07.2006 um 01:12:26  Land: Trinidad and Tobago
Looking forward to Rocking with The Scorpions on 2nd September 2006, in Trinidad!!!!

Nachricht 5426 von kronos am 31.07.2006 um 00:55:20  Land: Czech Republic
Your concert in Mala Skala was absolutely AWESOME, come to CZ more often PLEASE!!! YOU-KICK-ASS!! Thumbs Up

Nachricht 5425 von Diego de la Fuente am 31.07.2006 um 00:35:55  Land: Uruguay

Nachricht 5424 von RÔMULO am 30.07.2006 um 23:42:48  Land: Brazil
Where's Francis Buchholz?

Nachricht 5423 von Uter am 30.07.2006 um 23:24:49  Land: United States
Instead of listening to the concert on the radio you guys should record it and make a DVD release of the concert in Wacken I would buy it guaranteed!!

Nachricht 5422 von Nathália Suellen am 30.07.2006 um 23:07:32  Land: Brazil
Hi Scorpions.
I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro city and I love Scorpions since long time ago.
I love all your musics! Come on Rio de Janeiro, please!
But I can´t going to watch you again...
Brazilians love you so much..
If possible I wanna be in the backstage, after the show,
to congratulate the boys for all the music and say "Thanks" for changing my life.
You are my dream very distance, but i love forever.
I want a lot of success in the new cd and during the NEW tour..
I'm waiting for new album and hope to see you here!
Please, access my site. The first brazilian site and fan club of Scorpions!
I would like to affiliate my site..
Link me please!! ... =)
Thank for attention,
Nathália Suellen

Nachricht 5421 von Gino ( User ) am 30.07.2006 um 22:48:58  Land: Canada
Wow !, what an ultimate reunion, and I thought Micheal,Uli, and Herman would never reunite with the Scorpions but they did. Iam just wondering will there ever be a DVD release of this performance ? if so that's great. And oh well I've got to wait for another long season for your new items to be released, and hope your next album will make my summer a blessing in the sky. Come on ! Scorps you can do better !, all I hear is U2, and Rolling Stones trying to open up a major North American tour ?, but where are you ? Scorpions are cooler, a British band like the Stones, and U2 as the Irish band, is still no match for our Scorpions who're a German band remember you guys conquer in Europe and I am not talking about World War 1 & 2 Iam talking about you dresser cooler than the other bands, and I didn't know the man who controls the Europe and American economy is living in Germany he is also the owner of the Bankrupt Companies for National and International. I was watching CNN and I saw the cnn anchor name John Roberts who was a former CBS, he became more of a star in CNN when he just new on the job, he sat in for Paula Zahn, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Larry King and it was John Roberts who is the only man on CNN that did an interview with Klaus and Rudy long ago I remember that interview.
Rightnow my main favourite theme songs
that Iam mostly listening to is No One Like You, Rock You Like A Hurricane, and We Let It Rock You Let It Roll. Plus the song called " Sweet Child " that Klaus sang with Liel in Jerusalem
dedicates to song of peace ! but now I hear about the Middle East War it feels
to me that song won't last long in spirit, but it will in your heart.
peace to the Scorpions !!!

Nachricht 5420 von Dorota am 30.07.2006 um 22:26:33  Land: Czech Republic
Dear Scorpions, i want to thank you for your THE BEST CONCERT in Mala Skala.I have a big wisch- i would have aour autographs.
I say hello to all of you especially to Matthias :o)))
Pozdrawiam Pawla i dziekuje za kostke, mialam duzo szczescia i dluga reke :o)))

Nachricht 5419 von Tomas am 30.07.2006 um 22:11:11  Land: Czech Republic
Ahoj Skorpioni, byli jste skveli,
jen tak dal. Zdravim z CR. Tom

Nachricht 5418 von wild..child am 30.07.2006 um 22:01:09  Land: Germany
Man das war ja ENDGEIL!!! nur hab ich leider,leider "We´ll burn the sky" wegen ´nem kleinen "Blackout" verpasst, aber das macht nichts! freu mich riesig auf Berlin und wünsch euch viel Spaß in Wacken!!! c u,

Nachricht 5417 von Katia Maria am 30.07.2006 um 21:53:04  Land: Brazil
Scorpions,dobradinha Brasil/Alemanha na Formula 1 (ferrari).Que tal repetir em 2007 essa dobradinha vindo mais vezes ao Brasil
HeartKlaus your voice is my life//Katia

Nachricht 5416 von andre bärbel am 30.07.2006 um 21:35:13  Land: Germany
Hallo aus Hamburg, absolut geil das konzert gestern in Dresden, haben es nicht bereut und jeden Gig genossen, Eure Musik ist einmalig schön , wir drücken die Daumen und weiterhin viel Erfolg
Bärbel und Andre

Nachricht 5415 von Doris Hamilton am 30.07.2006 um 20:49:58  Land: United States
We miss you here in the States! When will you be back? (hopefully on the east coast)

Nachricht 5414 von Dark Dxvolt am 30.07.2006 um 19:38:55  Land: Portugal
Olá Novamente! Estou a escrever aqui novamente para esclarecer um mal intendido. Quando referi que o meu site que ainda se encontra em desenvolvimento é o primeiro site português dedicado aos Scorpions, quis dizer Português de Portugal. Nunca querendo de forma alguma menosprezar o primeiro site brasileiro Até possuo importantes parcerias com sites brasileiros ligado a outra página de outra banda que eu administro. Aliás a língua portuguesa é que se apresenta o centro das atenções, dada a abundância de sites em inglês.
Até me proponho a referir que visitei o referido site e gostei imenso, tá bem construido e aconselho que visitem... Uma última nota, para o comentário menos agradável dirigido a mim e aos portugueses no fan club, deixando claro que os portugueses respeitam muito o trabalho dos Brasileiros, os Brasileiros, a Lingua Portuguesa e ainda todas as outras linguas e cidadãos, comentário que considero apenas como irreflectido e sem qualquer importância que não sei se se tratará de quem gere o próprio site ou outra pessoa. Por isto gostaria de um pedido de desculpas, já que nunca ofendi nem menosprezei ninguém nem o trabalho em questão. Coloquei aqui o meu esclarecimento e gostaria então de ver uma resposta ao meu esclarecimento.
Quanto ao meu site, avisarei todos aqui assim que estiver concluido.
Obrigado, cumprimentos