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Nachricht 4342 von leoR619 am 24.05.2006 um 13:52:03  Land: Philippines
hello scorpions!!!!!you guys rock!!!!love all your songs!!!!especially blackout...and wind of change..their the best songs in the world.....please go to the philippines..the last time you went here i wasnt born yet so please come...i really want to see you..tnx...

Nachricht 4341 von Stefan am 24.05.2006 um 10:03:55  Land: Germany
hallo klaus,
alles gute zu deiem geburtstag wünscht dir
stefan aus mannheim
mach weiter so, noch mindestens 10 jahre

Nachricht 4340 von KristinaR6 am 24.05.2006 um 07:23:06  Land: Czech Republic
Hello Dear Klaus, my love!!! Heart
Happy Birthday to you!! I wish you luck, many accomplishments and very much love!! We love you -for all the world!! You are our celebrity, angel and just our darling with incredible amazing voice. Pleas come to Czech Republic to Prague,Brno or Ostrava., pleas'' I love you so much, my dear love. Very much kiss for you!! Your Kristina from Czech Republic.Hug Clap Hug Heart

Nachricht 4339 von Mara am 24.05.2006 um 03:40:13  Land: Australia
I hope you have the most magic perfect day and I love listening to your perfect voice.Smile Star Heart Thumbs Up I would love to see Scorpions rocking in South Australia PLEASE. Take care. Love from Mara. NEVER STOP ROCKING .............No.1.Australian Scorpions fan.

Nachricht 4338 von wilson am 24.05.2006 um 02:56:17  Land: Germany
hi scorpions fans!
there is a really good new band that needs your votes!
they applied to play support for nickelback and bon jovi ... with your help they might suceed!!! thanks.
vote for wilson:

Nachricht 4337 von Funnynunny am 24.05.2006 um 02:50:41  Land: United States
happy birthday daddy klaus...sorry you guys can't make it to reno or lake tahoe...maybe next time ok? hugs nunny!

Nachricht 4336 von REGINA CELIA am 24.05.2006 um 02:46:38  Land: Brazil
Klaus, happy birthday to you. I love you!

Nachricht 4335 von Eny Maria Martins Ribeiro am 24.05.2006 um 01:47:26  Land: Brazil
I love Klaus Meine, happy birthday to you I am with God, you I am an envoy of skies to cheer our spirit, much Peace in your heart, you I wait in Brazil Clap

Nachricht 4334 von SLIP am 24.05.2006 um 01:34:39  Land: United States

Nachricht 4333 von Marsha am 24.05.2006 um 01:08:03  Land: Canada
Happy Birthday Klaus, Love ya Hug

Nachricht 4332 von jock strappe am 23.05.2006 um 23:22:21  Land: United Kingdom
Nice site

Nachricht 4331 von Mirko am 23.05.2006 um 20:26:00  Land: Germany
Hannover96, Oliver Pocher, aber das geilste aus Hannover (und der ganzen Welt)seid immer noch ihr!!!! Scorpions rule the world!!!!!!!

Nachricht 4330 von Jay am 23.05.2006 um 20:20:53  Land: Canada
Holy sh*t! July 8th seem so far away! This is gonna rock so f**king hard on the abraham field, quebec! Me and my friends are going to be right in the front and beat the hell out of us! this is gonna rock so hard! Scorpions foreveR!

Nachricht 4329 von Gabriela am 23.05.2006 um 20:12:41  Land: Brazil
Scorpions Forever!!!
Rock you like a hurricane!!!!
You are in my heart!!!
The new generation of rock
love Scorpions!!!!
I love you,forever!!!!
Kisses of your crazy fan!!!

Nachricht 4328 von billy silber am 23.05.2006 um 19:02:09  Land: Belgium
Deutschland wird WELTMEISTER

Nachricht 4327 von Leonardo Dall´Alba am 23.05.2006 um 17:12:47  Land: Brazil
Your´s the best Hard Rock!!!!
Please, going to Brasil / Curitiba our São Paulo.
Rock you like a hurricane, Big city nights, Still loving you, Don´t stop to the top, Media overkill, Tease me please me, Under the same sun is the best music.

Nachricht 4326 von JüZe am 23.05.2006 um 17:06:43  Land: Switzerland
@ Toshiko, Gabi, Christina, Uschi, David and many other FOS! Thanks for sharing your info and input from the Amnéville/Metz/F-concert! I whish to be eachother with you all again! I'm sorry, but i have problems with my login for the forum - and no help from WolfiUnhappy ! Great review, Toshiko! I read all your statements from all over the world! Hmm, write a fanbook about your visits!!!
Your's Jürgen JüZe Zenner
Waiting for the third baby!!! . . .

Nachricht 4325 von Sharon Szabo am 23.05.2006 um 14:31:31  Land: United States
Hope this works...please come back to Detroit..I flew from Detroit to pacific Apm. last
july to see you for the 12th time but, can't afford it this year .please come back to

Nachricht 4324 von Ala am 23.05.2006 um 13:23:15  Land: Libya
yup i like that. . . am from libya and really like hearing the songs uve made and i love rock too

Nachricht 4323 von Faith am 23.05.2006 um 12:40:51  Land: United States
Just a quick note to say Happy Birthday to Klaus...If this special day brings you half the joy you and the Scorps have brought me over the'll be glowing for the rest of your life.

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