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Nachricht 4837 von Annika17 am 22.06.2006 um 10:48:56  Land: Germany
Ich habe bald musik mündliche prüfung und werde eure biografien auswendig können müssen. Das Lied WIND OF CHANGE werde ich von euch singen. ES ist schön und drückt für viele momente etwas aus.
Eure annika

Nachricht 4836 von Tatiana am 22.06.2006 um 09:14:20  Land: Russian Federation
HEY! Does anyone here know if SCORPIONS read all our messages? I guess they haven’t got time at all! They are very busy and everyone needs their attention and their visit to pay. They already know how we all LOVE and ADMIRE them! But again and again: WIR LIEBEN SIE!!! At this very moment while SCORPIONS are somewhere far from us in some country, the rest of the world is looking forward to seeing and listening to them at the concert LIVE! And RUSSIA also will be waiting impatiently for SCORPIONS – the most talented rock band in the globe!

Nachricht 4835 von Gumersindo Berrios am 22.06.2006 um 03:16:11  Land: Puerto Rico
Your unbreakable tour concert was awesome hope i can see you again here

Nachricht 4834 von Jessica am 22.06.2006 um 02:40:29  Land: Brazil
I would like to say that I love youuu!!
You are the best!!!
Specially James!! You are perfect!!!
Why don´t you come back to Brasil? There are a lot of fans here expecting you!!
PS: I´m sorry if I wrote something wrong!!!

Nachricht 4833 von Hell am 22.06.2006 um 02:36:03  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions! Please come to Vladivostok again! I love you!

Nachricht 4832 von Angelo Costa am 22.06.2006 um 00:46:50  Land: Portugal
Hi Scorpions!! When you come to Portugal again? You await you desperately... Please do concerts here again... See ya... Continue Rockin... Hug

Nachricht 4831 von kaila am 21.06.2006 um 21:57:31  Land: Canada
i love you guys! your awesome! my favourite song is No Pain No Gain! Keep on rockin! have a great day!

Nachricht 4830 von Michelle am 21.06.2006 um 21:19:54  Land: United States
The southeast US awaits your return. How about a show in Knoxville, Nashville, or Atlanta. Loved you in the 80's, and still loving you baby! MICHELLE

Nachricht 4829 von Danielle am 21.06.2006 um 19:36:46  Land: United Kingdom
scorps rule forever Star still loving you

Nachricht 4828 von CYRIL GUERCHON am 21.06.2006 um 19:24:12  Land: France
Bonjour, je suis un fan français. Je voudrais vous remercier pour votre musique et les concerts que vous faites. Vous jouez du très bon hard rock et faites partie de mes groupes préférés. Vous êtes devenus de grandes stars et vous êtes toujours aimable. J'aime tout ce que vous faites sauf les concerts avec orchestre philarmonique. Cela je n'aime pas du tout. Mais comme je vous respecte, cela ne me dérange pas que vous fassiez de tel concert, un groupe comme vous peut se le permettre. Je trouve tout vos albums très bien, sauf pure instinct où il y a trop de ballade. Je ne l'ai pas acheté, juste écouté chez mon grand-frère. Je trouve très bien les vidéos que vous faites de vos concerts avec un reportage sur les pays où les concerts ont eu lieu. Votre live "TOKYO TAPES" est mon live préféré, tous styles de musique confondus. Je viens de le réécouter pour la 100ème fois, il est super. Je souhaite que vous continuiez à faire des albumes comme UNBREAKABLE et celui sur lequel il y a "ALIEN NATION" dont j'ai oublié le titre.
Continuez, vous avez énormément de fans. Venez jouer au BOL D'OR à NEVERS-MAGNY COURS EN FRANCE. Continuez à jouer du rock'n'roll et du bon heavy metal. Bonne santé à tous. LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL. ROCK'N'ROLL WILL NEVER DIE. UN FAN FRANÇAIS

Nachricht 4827 von Elizabeth Falconi am 21.06.2006 um 19:23:47  Land: United States
Scorpions are one of the best bands I've ever seen. I was a fan in the 80's while living in NY. Now I live in South Florida as a teacher and still love your music!

Nachricht 4826 von sara gustavson am 21.06.2006 um 18:51:01  Land: Sweden
you really are the best! i have baught a new patch with you. so now i've got two!Thumbs Up And i saw a shirt with you, but it was to big!!!Cry
but i hope that there is more stores what's got bandshirts.
i can't say that i'm your biggest fan,
but i'm shure one of them!
take care you guys!

Nachricht 4825 von Katia Maria am 21.06.2006 um 18:30:16  Land: Brazil
Wacko HELP, KLAUS!!...
Minha casa foi invadida por ESCORPIÕES.Eles estão no computador e no fundo de tela (cada dia uma imagem sua,Klaus,no DVD,no aparelho de som,CDs,fotos...É uma febre que começou nos anos 70 e contaminou o mundo inteiro.Febre que não deixa a gente gostar de outro cantor,dê outra banda ou de outra musica.E não têm cura essa febre de "SCORPIONS 24 horas".Já está até me dando vontade ouvir agora "TROUGHT MY EYES",e depois " SEND ME AN ANGEL",e depois "YOU AND I"e depois...e depois...e depois... HELP KLAUS Wacko
Obrigada por essa "febre"que nos faz tão bem e nos deixa tão felizes!!

Nachricht 4824 von ALINE AMORIM am 21.06.2006 um 18:26:05  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 4823 von Gabriela am 21.06.2006 um 16:52:35  Land: Brazil
I still loving you!!!!

Nachricht 4822 von luis am 21.06.2006 um 16:40:56  Land: Spain
Hello SCORPIONS, after the fantastic concert of Zaragoza, unemployment not to think about, will never forget it, you are the best ones! we waited for your new disc in a moment and serious very happy if you presented/displayed it in Barcelona in 2007, Klaus please to come to Barcelona, I want to be able to narrow my hand with yours you are unique in the world! you transmit so many good things, the music of Scorpions is pure poetry. to come please soon to Barcelona! SCORPIONS FOREVER Clap Thumbs Up

Nachricht 4821 von Riptide126 am 21.06.2006 um 11:59:23  Land: United States
Question I notice you are coming to the USA for a bunch of shows... Why only on the west coast. There are a ton of fans in the south east that would love to see you guys.

Nachricht 4820 von Petra am 21.06.2006 um 11:07:18  Land: Hungary
Hi! You're the best group in the world! My two favourite songs the "Wind of changes" and the "Alien nation" Smile The first is melt the second have a good lyric and a good tune
With much love: Petra Wink

Nachricht 4819 von ELENA KOLETTI am 21.06.2006 um 09:23:53  Land: Cyprus
hey guys im from cyprus ...waiting for you at 23 of july in lmassol:) i m so happy to see you again :):):) for second time:):) love you guys:) ...want you to dedicate for me still loving you:) i love it..and say it to see if you received my comment:):):):)Tongue

Nachricht 4818 von john dijkman am 21.06.2006 um 06:48:18  Land: South Africa
you guys really rock i was listing to you on the way to work today
all the best on the forthcoming usa tour wish i was there . but being in sa i can only see you on dvd
they rock

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