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Nachricht 4735 von luis am 15.06.2006 um 17:24:05  Land: Spain
hello scorpions! Sunday 18 we see ourselves in Zaragoza! the dream of my life! it is possible to have a photo with you, greetings! SCORPIONS FOREVER

Nachricht 4734 von Toshiko am 15.06.2006 um 17:14:42  Land: Japan
Dear Scorpions,
It seems like your show in St.Petersburg was really great and successful. I saw some great pictures of you guys in the forum and it is always good to know our heroes are at their best condition.
I recently purchased an old music magazine at a used-music store (There is always something good to find at those stores), and inside was a 1996 interview with Mr. Meine.
It doesn't relate to this message, but I like the hat with the word "No Fear" on it that Mr. Meine was wearing.(hint hint)
Mr. Meine, you said that you had co-starred with Mr.Jose Carreras on TV and sang a piece of classical music, arranged from Puccini's "Nethan Dorma," called "Bridge To Heaven." Mr. Uli John Roth arranged the music and added the lyrics, and Mr. Roth was in the same TV studio with you and Mr. Carreras.
I thought it was such an epoch thing to do. A rock musician sings and plays classical music. The idea of this project was so original. A Scorpion singing Puccini !!! You have sung a Japanese song which has been taught in high schools here for many years and which was made into a CD that showed several ways to sing the song in several languages and your version was one of them. I love your unique ideas like this and your ability to make us excited in both ways, hard core rock and soft melodic music.
I heard there are strong hard rock fans who don't like soft so-called...what was that...plastic pop?
But I like them both. You are very, very few groups who can do both perfectly.
Now you have your next destination, Spain, but you might have a little time to enjoy a soccer game and I think your beer is pretty cold by now.Big smile
Thank you for being who you are !Cool

Nachricht 4733 von Melle am 15.06.2006 um 17:13:40  Land: Sweden
Scorpios I realy love you guys! keep Rocking! Cool please make a new Album Wink Many hugs from me

Nachricht 4732 von Scream am 15.06.2006 um 15:39:57  Land: Romania
I've been a fan since 1989 and I still am...right now I'm listening "I'm going mad"...I really love that song and it was made before I was born :)
Anyway what else can I say ?I sure would like to see u back in Romania someday, u really changed my life. Your music is like a drug to me.I know that you are the best on this planet and please go on guys...don't give up no matter what...I love Unbreakable so much because it's dedicated to us, the true scorpions fans. I hope the next one will be the same :)What's to say...I have recently read some web pages saying something like "Scorpions lost it when uli roth left"...Man that's such a stupid thing...Trust me guys, u sound much more better with Matthias (Hello Matthias :P) not that I have something against Uli, he's a great artist, I admire him for what he did...but he just wasnt ment to be...Matthias was and is ment to be a scorpion :))and I thank God that he're the best guys...
Rudi, Klaus, Matthias, Pawel and James thanks for all these years of great music !

Nachricht 4731 von Alex am 15.06.2006 um 15:32:22  Land: France
Cool , you are the best band of my friend !!!! i like you so !! his name is valentin ( en chaire et en arretes ) thanks for every things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tongue

Nachricht 4730 von sara gustavson am 15.06.2006 um 15:15:25  Land: Sweden
i really love you scorpions,
you are not like other rockbands,
when i begun to listen at your music were when my dad played 'savage amusment' in our car,
it was about seven mounths ago,
i took up the cd to my room, and it's still there.Wink
i've got other cd's with you to:
blackout, crazy world, eye to eye,
face the heat, best and ballads.
i hope that i'm gettig lovedrive and love at first sting soon.
take care: love//sara

Nachricht 4729 von M.K. am 15.06.2006 um 11:26:48  Land: Germany
Ich finde eure Musik beeindruckend, wenn eure Songs wie Always Somewhere No one Like you oder Rythm of love höre dann bekomme ich eine gänsehaut! Echt eine wahnsinnig geile Mucke! Gruss aus Thüringen M.K. 16

Nachricht 4728 von Mabel am 15.06.2006 um 07:10:07  Land: Spain
Hi I'm Mabbel and I go sunday to the concert of Scorpions in Spain, the tickets are a present for my boyfriend that he is a big fan of a band. I will do another surprise to him that it's possible meet Scorpions. Somedoy can help me sende me an email.
Very thanks

Nachricht 4727 von Stefan aus MA. am 15.06.2006 um 03:36:38  Land: Germany
hallo scorpions,
wie ich schon mehrfach im gästebuch geschrieben habe, wäre es nicht von schlechten eltern, wenn ihr mal nach mannheim kommen könntet.
p.s.deutschland wird weltmeister!!!
gruß aus mannheim

Nachricht 4726 von jana am 15.06.2006 um 02:56:30  Land: Brazil
come back to SP-Brazil please!i love all of you

Nachricht 4725 von Ever am 15.06.2006 um 02:14:41  Land: Russian Federation
Please! Come to Vladivostok!
Klaus I love you!

Nachricht 4724 von sara gustavson am 14.06.2006 um 22:50:03  Land: Sweden
hello you guys!
love you all

Nachricht 4723 von ALINE am 14.06.2006 um 20:11:21  Land: Brazil

Nachricht 4722 von Samih mabsout am 14.06.2006 um 18:30:51  Land: Lebanon
Hello scorpions.

you guys r my favorite band and i always wanted to write to u and to see u live in concerts. so plz contact me on my e-mail plzplzlz i love u guys

Nachricht 4721 von Gabriela am 14.06.2006 um 17:53:05  Land: Brazil
My very love for you is eternal!!!
Scorpions,no one like you!!!!
Very kisses for you!!!!
Your crazy fan,Gabriela.

Nachricht 4720 von Kahla am 14.06.2006 um 16:43:42  Land: United States
Hay guys looks like you all had a lot of fun in Russa yesterday. Good luck with writing the new album I bet it will be better than "Unbreakable"

Nachricht 4719 von Tatts am 14.06.2006 um 16:22:46  Land: United Kingdom
Nice to see you've released the Summer tour dates.
Why no dates in the United Kingdom?!?!
Come on guys! PLEASE come over!!

Nachricht 4718 von McSzaby am 14.06.2006 um 14:30:36  Land: Hungary
Scorpions THE KINGStar
Scorpions a király!!!!
From Hungary-PÉcs

Nachricht 4717 von olennek am 14.06.2006 um 13:31:42  Land: Russian Federation
I am just full of emotions after the concert we had in Petersburg. I have never seen the group that was really waited here in Russia by everybody. Hope it wasnt our last meeting,cause unfortunatly i couldnt watch the whole concert (metro was closed).And i also wanted to add..yeah..seems important..thank you for being in Russia and thank you for the wind of change. I had never heard such a song that would unite our nations. Thank you very much. And you are always welcome to Russia (to eat pancakes with caviar). And are there any photos from the concert in Petersburg?
Your russian friend.

Nachricht 4716 von ram am 14.06.2006 um 10:37:09  Land: Guinea
happy birthday!!!!!! we can't wait to enjoy your concert!!!!! rock us!!!!!!! (with your own way!!!!) we love you and we support you!!!!!!! we are waiting for you album!!!!! we know it will be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big smile

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