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Nachricht 4685 von Hell am 12.06.2006 um 05:24:31  Land: Russian Federation
Come to Vladivostok!
Please! I listen to you 6 years! I very much wish you to see!

Nachricht 4684 von jessica neves am 12.06.2006 um 02:47:07  Land: Brazil
matthias please make my dreams come true..send me a e-mail..i know that u don't have time enough but iti beg you i will love you forever

Nachricht 4683 von JUNINHO am 12.06.2006 um 00:13:32  Land: Brazil
I live music! I live SCORPIONS! I love play guitar! Matthias is the best guitarplayer of the world I wanna be like him, I love Matthias! I love Rock!

Nachricht 4682 von bel2006 am 11.06.2006 um 21:55:04  Land: Brazil
hi klaus i love you. i love the scorpionsHug[&^&

Nachricht 4681 von Deborah Helena am 11.06.2006 um 21:23:38  Land: Brazil
Matthias send me a e-mail.

Nachricht 4680 von vintergard am 11.06.2006 um 18:21:10  Land: Turkey
still loving youHug

Nachricht 4679 von Siegfred A. Tanjay am 11.06.2006 um 17:39:08  Land: Philippines
Hi to all scorps fans around the world, please give me some financial assistance.
Pls. send to my address below:
Sangat San Fernando

Nachricht 4678 von Katia Maria am 11.06.2006 um 16:39:50  Land: Brazil
Heart My dear Klaus,hello scorpions
I am very desirous a new album the scorpions 2007.Umbrakable foi demais,James and Matt arrasaram no DVD and you...Who resist to you,Klaus Meine!?!
HeartTodas as musicas do CD são otimas,canto todas principalmente"I remember the good times".
HeartGostaria de estar in Germany para a world cup,torcendo pelo Brasil e tambem por Germany,já que tenho descendencia paterna e meu sobrenome é Germany.(golaço do Frings, camisa 8 yeahh)
Heart Scorpions the Best,Umbreakable is wonderful.
Heart Good show Day 13.Love //KatiaHug

Nachricht 4677 von sara gustavson am 11.06.2006 um 16:13:44  Land: Sweden
today i've bin listening at savage amusment.Wink
it's great!!!Thumbs Up
you are so special, your not like other rockstars....mabye thats why i love you so mutch.Embarrassed
next one to salebraight is rudy,
i hope i'll be home then to whrite to you!
take care, you are the best!

Nachricht 4676 von machikas dimitrios am 11.06.2006 um 13:47:38  Land: Belgium
i like to tell you all that your music and songs are more then just great. The music, lyrics and vocals that you have showing us, learns us that you are conserned about the world and his people. when i hear your music , depend of the song, i begin to think and tears are rolling. Only people with an open and pure heart can make such music and thats why i respect you guys! Maybe i am to sentimental but dont stop making music because people around the world needs guys like you and i am not writing this just like that to write something no! People needs support sure now in this world whos changing day by day. People need to hear music so that there spirit calms and see light in the darkness. And that light is you guys. So please dont stop at the top go further! I hope one time to meet you guys in a tearoom and chat as old friends but iknow its only a dream. but for now on keep playing music!

Nachricht 4675 von Kev am 11.06.2006 um 12:59:41  Land: Ireland
u guys are the best rock bandf ever please play ireland!!!!

Nachricht 4674 von anda am 11.06.2006 um 12:30:09  Land: Romania
Heart hey...when will you come to romania...hmm...please come...we are very many fans in here...we love you guys....keep on rockin'Wink

Nachricht 4673 von Elizabeth am 11.06.2006 um 06:31:00  Land: Canada
I to hope that they make it to van. I'm 19 now, but I've loved them since I was 7 and they are definately on the top of my list of bands to see.

Nachricht 4672 von mirco am 11.06.2006 um 05:08:19  Land: Canada
Hi, hope the band makes another appearance in vancouver, had my flying V signed by michael schenker alitamite dream to get rudolf to sign other side of the pick guard.

Nachricht 4671 von Deborah Helena am 11.06.2006 um 04:04:31  Land: Brazil
Matthias I appreciate its work, i like the way that you burrow, you have great passion for what you makes, but unhappyly i did´nt have the chance to watch a Live show. Continues with its wonderful work in the band.

Nachricht 4670 von Stefan aus MA. am 11.06.2006 um 01:01:59  Land: Germany

Nachricht 4669 von Cédric am 10.06.2006 um 19:29:48  Land: France
Thumbs Up please could you gime the complet set list in Red Square in Moscou sept 2003 ?
send me a e mail on :

Nachricht 4668 von Gustavo am 10.06.2006 um 19:25:06  Land: Argentina
When will you come to Argentina????
We want to see you, on stage, burning the Argentina's sky, this family of spiders is longing for fire!!!
We are waiting for you!!!!

Nachricht 4667 von David am 10.06.2006 um 19:08:43  Land: Germany
Fan Fest Hannover!Also ich muß sagen Schade daß ich nicht dabei sein dürfte!Aber wenn ich es gesehen habe bei NDR war dies der Wahnsinn!Die ganze Zeit habe ich den verdacht Ihr Scorps Rockt ab wie in den Alten Zeiten 80ern!
Hochachtung!Bloß wie gesagt von Dir Klaus! Warten wir alle auf was ganz Neues von Euch!Endlich wird es aber auch Zeit!!Nochmal auch Danke an DEAN GUITARS für die Wahnsinn SchenkerBrothers Flying Arrow!!.Rockige aber auch Hungrige grüße!David!Bis in Wacken!
An Wolfgang Bitte nochmal Kannst Du meine Bilder in der Galerie veröffentlichen!!!!Vielen Dank!Und Viele Grüße!

Nachricht 4666 von YoSSi am 10.06.2006 um 17:40:00  Land: Turkey
u didn't come here after your concert of Turkey in 15. You tourdate everywhere didn't come here.. all scorpions fun in Turkey waiting for your great concert in Turkey!!!

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