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Nachricht 5036 von Pothead am 08.07.2006 um 22:13:49  Land: United States
Yeah give that name a bad name...Thumbs Down

Nachricht 5035 von Evan am 08.07.2006 um 18:05:04  Land: Israel
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you're just amazing..

Nachricht 5034 von Volodymyr am 08.07.2006 um 17:11:31  Land: Ukraine
I liked very much Liel's song "Jerusalem". Pleae, send me an instrumental and text of song. My address is Scobaleb V., 83121 Donetsk, Cievsciy 3, 2.
Thank You!

Nachricht 5033 von Archon am 08.07.2006 um 14:36:14  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions Is The Best Band On Earth!!!! Cool

Nachricht 5032 von sara gustavson am 08.07.2006 um 14:18:14  Land: Sweden
hey guys! i haven't been whriting in your guest book for a very long time, i've been busy. but now i am!Thumbs Up
yesturday i saw a video with you on tv: under the same sun,Smile i love that song.
take care^^

Nachricht 5031 von jana am 08.07.2006 um 04:25:45  Land: Brazil
klaus,james,matthias,rudolf and pawel...Come back to Brazil,please!!
We all waiting for you!!!
bye bye kisses**;)

Nachricht 5030 von REGINA CELIA am 08.07.2006 um 03:56:10  Land: Brazil
Klaus, sou louca por vc.
I'm crazy for you.
Come back to Brasil, urgent.
Kisses in your lips. I love you.

Nachricht 5029 von Loraine am 08.07.2006 um 01:29:31  Land: Brazil
Will u come to Brazil again? I wanna see u again! Come on! The last show here was perfect! But if u come back... uhhhh Clap It'll be fantastic!

Nachricht 5028 von Vinicius Tummler am 08.07.2006 um 00:20:48  Land: Brazil
Hallo guys!
Passing just to say a ´´Hi´´ =P
what about Brazil again next year?
keep on rockin´

Nachricht 5027 von Maria Greece am 07.07.2006 um 20:40:53  Land: Greece
Hello i'm a fan of ur band...I want to ask u a favor...When ull visit Greece for the Concert at Karaiskaki Arena during the perfomance of the awesome song "Still Loving you" i'd like to dedicate it to my boyfriend who is named Alexandros and is a big fan of u and he also has a tattoo of ur band...
I'll be waiting for this to come true in 19 July 2006 because i trust u and this may judge my affair...
Thanx for all...
Wish u the best...

Nachricht 5026 von Cryssa am 07.07.2006 um 19:32:58  Land: Romania
this is the greatest site!Scorpions is a legendary rock band and they rule!LOVE YOU GUYS!ROCK ON!;)

Nachricht 5025 von Martha am 07.07.2006 um 17:10:30  Land: Greece
crazy in loveHug Thumbs Up

Nachricht 5024 von Gabriela am 07.07.2006 um 16:50:17  Land: Brazil
Hey Scorpions!!!!!
I am here!!!! Read my message!!!!
Your crazy fan,Gabriela.

Nachricht 5023 von Fran santos am 07.07.2006 um 16:30:53  Land: Brazil
Smile hi guys!!l love you!!and l always will!!

Nachricht 5022 von Katia Maria am 07.07.2006 um 14:11:54  Land: Brazil
HeartDear Klaus,Você é o "Scorpion"que me picou,seu "veneno"entrou pela corrente sanguinea,chegou ao meu coração e ficou...Agora a emoção de sua musica,balança meu coração.
Heart Adoro"Umbreakable":O balanço de "Remember the Good Times",a batida de "My City,My Town",o agito de "Trought My Eyes".
HeartKlaus,In every corner of my heart there´s no place you wouldn´t be.Você nasceu para brilhar e como uma estrela de luz inapagavel,BRILHE,KLAUS,BRILHE!!Clap.With love,Katia.

Nachricht 5021 von Martina am 07.07.2006 um 13:49:17  Land: Yugoslavia
All my love is for YOU SCORPIONS!!!!!!!

Nachricht 5020 von scorpions am 07.07.2006 um 13:17:38  Land: Norway
hey there scorpions...i am |7 years old and i did hear your music first time when i was nine... i have birthday.12.09.2006..and i hope så much that you guys can send me autigrafs via this adress so i have something to see forward is the adress...bye bye...
adress:ødegårdsveien.17. postboks.1911 flateby espen østli...take care fellas...

Nachricht 5019 von Paty am 07.07.2006 um 05:41:12  Land: Brazil
SCORPIONS! Heart darling, I love you! Smile

Nachricht 5018 von Debbie Rykowski am 07.07.2006 um 03:07:01  Land: United States
Your visit here to Salinas, California was both an honor and the most awesome performance ever! Thank you Scorpions for the best Independence day ever!

Nachricht 5017 von marianna timi am 06.07.2006 um 19:10:39  Land: Greece
you are our favourite rock band and you are super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rock them all!

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