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Nachricht 5469 von Martina am 03.08.2006 um 21:01:57  Land: Yugoslavia
Mislim da ste jedan od najboljih bendova na svetu po meni jedan od dva! Nadam se da ćete doći u Belgrade, jednom, nadam se što pre jer ja umirem da vas vidim i čujem uživo, jer sam ispušila u Bugarskoj zbog "nevremena", nadam se da ćete mi se iskupiti za to...
DODJITE U BELGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile Heart

Nachricht 5468 von erkan am 03.08.2006 um 20:19:33  Land: Turkey
please come turkey we are waiting you there is very much fun of scorpions
we love u very much
and we are waiting u please come come come we wanna see u u are the best pleas please

Nachricht 5467 von wild..child am 03.08.2006 um 20:16:20  Land: Germany
ich muss gleich heulen!!! ich wär so gern auch mit dabei!!! *HEULLL!!!!* aber naja....kann man nix machen... *schnief* *seufz*..viel Spaß!!! ich freu mich für alle die dabei sein können!! bzw...dabei sind :-)

Nachricht 5466 von wild..child am 03.08.2006 um 18:34:39  Land: Germany
Der Countdown läuft..bis zum Konzert und bis zur Live-Übertragung!!!
ich wünsche allen Anwesenden viel Spaß und singt und kreischt für mich mit wenn die Scorps auftreten!!!
männi grietinks *lol*

Nachricht 5465 von Danielle barbosa am 03.08.2006 um 17:20:38  Land: Brazil
sou louca pelos escorpians tenho 18 anos e cresci ouvindo, amo eles principalmente Mathias JabsClap

Nachricht 5464 von fluppe am 03.08.2006 um 17:14:29  Land: Belgium
simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 5463 von ERIC BURGAT am 03.08.2006 um 16:05:20  Land: Brazil
Dear all!! I have 2 children Victor ( 12 ) and Vanessa ( 10 ) that are requesting me to check the possibility to receive a poster from you SCORPIONS with the signature of each one. You are the best group. Your music is high quality !! many regards from BrazilMany regards from Brazil !

Nachricht 5462 von TORSTEN am 03.08.2006 um 10:27:06  Land: Germany
Euer Song Wind of Change, wird in die Musikgeschichte eingehen und den Menschen zeigen, wie wichtig dieser Umschwung in der Welt war! Torsten from TenLay-Tenors and a Lady

Nachricht 5461 von Tony Porfirio am 03.08.2006 um 06:43:37  Land: United States
Hello from Texas Scorpions!! I’ve been a fan for 26 years and just wanted to tell you thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life. From Lonesome Crow on I have enjoyed all of your music through the years. I’ve been lucky enough to see you live three times (my favorite in Houston for the Monsters of Rock tour 1987.) I loved Unbreakable- listening to it was like sitting down and having a few drinks with some old friends. Your music transcends age, gender, race and ethnicity and unites the world under the common flag of Rock! You were a light to so many through the Cold War and continue to be now in these difficult times. God bless all of the Scorpions, past and present! Sie Noch Lieben!

Nachricht 5460 von deborahluciana am 03.08.2006 um 03:45:29  Land: Brazil
nao a sonhos que voce pode tornar realidade,se voce esta em busca do amor... achei big city nights, e sonho tlves esa noite, sempre impacientes... sadades..

Nachricht 5459 von Mike Hughes am 03.08.2006 um 03:05:36  Land: Canada
I have been a scorpions fan now for many years its great to see that they are still in action. hope that they will come back to western canada soon it would be awesome to see them world live one more time.
keep kickind as# .come back to canada soon

Nachricht 5458 von Gabriela am 02.08.2006 um 19:45:07  Land: Brazil
I love forever Klaus Meine!!!
I love forever Klaus Meine!!!
I love forever Klaus Meine!!!
Always I love Klaus Meine!!!
Klaus,you are forever in my heart!!!
Your crazy fan,Gabriela.Heart

Nachricht 5457 von Anka Julia Barry am 02.08.2006 um 16:02:37  Land: Canada
Returning home after 15 Years, I am still your biggest fan - with tons of
memorys ... the music still "rock`s"

Nachricht 5456 von Mehmet Taçalan am 02.08.2006 um 15:00:42  Land: Turkey
Hi Scorpions. Turkey people need real music so we want to see you in Turkey. Now I'm listening "Still Loving You" and I never before listen a love song like that, you're so marvelous. Watching your live performance will be so marvelous too :)

Nachricht 5455 von Azure Eyes am 02.08.2006 um 12:37:41  Land: Bulgaria
YEAH! Come to BULGARIA again! We all LOVE you!
Kisses especially for Klaus-my love!Embarrassed

Nachricht 5454 von Stela am 02.08.2006 um 11:23:02  Land: Bulgaria
HI Scorpions!!!Please, come again in Bulgaria.It was such a bad luck the concert to be posponed because of a thunder storm.

Nachricht 5453 von Claus Oberkirch am 02.08.2006 um 08:03:58  Land: Germany
Hello Scorpions, for ever the good guys

Nachricht 5452 von JR. am 02.08.2006 um 02:51:43  Land: Brazil
Hey SCORPIONS don't have another way to see or listen the Wacken show I try a lot of time this radio site germany but is too dificult to understand germany, please answer my question. Matthias I'm your bigest fan, your the best.

Nachricht 5451 von mohannad am 02.08.2006 um 00:48:49  Land: Jordan
"scorpions" are the legend,41 years of magical letters:
S: soul of instruments
C: contagious chords and solos
O: old musicians
R: revival legends
P: patiency
I: idols
O: over achievement
N: new born continuasly
S: superstitional composers

Nachricht 5450 von angela_jabs am 02.08.2006 um 00:15:22  Land: Greece