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Nachricht 36500 von Catarina am 25.10.2012 um 05:06:59  Land: Sweden
Happy birthday Matthias.
See U soon in Sweden and Oberhausen and Munich.
Rock on :)
Hugs from Sweden

Nachricht 36499 von SHADIQ am 25.10.2012 um 05:05:09  Land: Malaysia
Happy Birthday Matthias Jabs,my favourite guitarist of all time. have a hard rocking birthday!!

Nachricht 36498 von Vik am 25.10.2012 um 04:25:37  Land: India
Happy b,day Matthias.KEEP ON ROCKINN!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 36497 von Sylvia am 25.10.2012 um 04:21:28  Land: Uruguay
Happy birthday Matthias!!! I wish you have a wonderful day. Love from Uruguay!

Nachricht 36496 von LOYAL CANADIAN FAN am 25.10.2012 um 03:51:31  Land: Canada
I hope you have a good one wherever you are. Best wishes on your birthday & more good ones to come'
Loyal Canadian Fan
Big smile Big smile Cool

Nachricht 36495 von aloo yousaleth am 25.10.2012 um 03:20:29  Land: Mexico
muchas felicidades por tu cumpleaños matthias jabs k te la pases de lo mejor en tu dia y k kumplas muchos años masWink

Nachricht 36494 von Rosa MarthaLobato am 25.10.2012 um 02:44:45  Land: Mexico
Matthias, last sept 6th you made an 8year kid's birthday the happiest when you gave him in his own hand your pick, during Mexico City Show. I am his mom, and I ca'nt express my gratitude for what you did. He asked the Scorpions Show as his present, imagine how important you are for him. There is a whole story behind his tears at the show, with your smile, you made magic. With all my heart, I wish you to have such ahappy birthday as the one you gave him!! Happy birthday and blessings not olny to the rock star, but to the human being. Lots of love!

Nachricht 36493 von Franciane Druszcz Buss am 25.10.2012 um 01:39:13  Land: Brazil
It’s very good to see you playing guitar with your beautiful smile ... take me to another world. I had a very special moment in September. I had a chance to take a picture with you. For you it was one more picture with one of a million fans you have, but for me it was a unique moment. It was great to be near a person whom I admire so much and I thought that would be impossible. Thanks for all the love and respect that you dedicate to your fans. Happy birthday !

Nachricht 36492 von Metal Mike am 25.10.2012 um 00:37:42  Land: Germany
Lieber Matthias,
alles alles gute zum Geburtstag!
Wünsche dir viel Gesundheit und weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg auf der Bühne. Wir sehen uns...Wink
Metal Mike

Nachricht 36491 von Chantal LE GOFF am 25.10.2012 um 00:14:05  Land: France
Hello Matthias
I would like to wish you a very happy birthday with your family and friends. I hope you realised all your wishes . You are a man who have a big heart. I love your smile and it's a great pleasure to see you play guitar. Don't change ! love you forever and the other members of Scorpions too. Thanks for all the love you give to your fans ! happy biirthday once again !

Nachricht 36490 von Vicki B am 24.10.2012 um 23:17:49  Land: United States
Happy Birthday Matthias, hope you are able to enjoy a fews days off from your tour. Much love, Vicki Big smile

Nachricht 36489 von Константин am 24.10.2012 um 22:34:30  Land: Russian Federation
Привет парни! Вы просто Лучшая Группа в мире! К сожалению не успел побывать на прощальном концерте в Москве, а в Германию меня не выпустят. Надеюсь вы еще когда нибудь поситите Москву.
Желаю Вам всем творческих Успехов и всего самого лучшего в жизни. Здоровья долгих лет.

Nachricht 36488 von ELizabeth am 24.10.2012 um 20:34:53  Land: Paraguay
Hi Matthias, happy birthday tomorrow. I love and i admire you. Super hug and kisses, kisses, kisses......
I hope you come back to Paraguay soon.
I love youHug

Nachricht 36487 von marie am 24.10.2012 um 19:54:10  Land: France
dear beautiful matthias jabs- its a so long time -more than 25years-i follow you and love you and all your work in music- the scorpions are a great band- i wish you an excellent and so happy birthday for tomorrow- i love you so much my dearest-im just a girl a fan from france- ive got a very hard life but you your my angel my god of beauty and all the hope i can have when it was possible for me to see your on stage-i miss you so much i kiss you and hope you will have the best- i kiss you again with all my french love-

Nachricht 36486 von Andrew8142 am 24.10.2012 um 16:20:16  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Scorpions, I Love You!))) Your music helps me so much to beat negative emotions,
it helps me to believe in myself, helps me to grab my guitar again and again and inspires me to compose my music) You're one of those greatest bands who will always be in my heart and who always help me to Rock Like A Hurricane \mm/)

Nachricht 36485 von K Craig am 24.10.2012 um 02:31:52  Land: United States
With all the changes going on in the World we need a updated VIDEO to Wind Of Change. Obviouly use the older stuff but add new events - I have been thinking alot about the 14 yr old girl shot in the head by terroist - because she stood up and was counted for wanting a better life, education, rights, etc in the Middle East. How brave of her and to think that they are so AFRAID of her that they stoop to trying to kill her. I have loved you for years and am older than I am willing to accept. This would be a great thing to do an promote across the world. You have access to the world stage - help us be better. Thanks for all you inspire

Nachricht 36484 von Adrian am 23.10.2012 um 21:51:19  Land: United Kingdom

Nachricht 36483 von Эльнара am 23.10.2012 um 19:22:55  Land: Русские Федерации
Hello dear scorpions) your concert in Minsk just class)))) I just love your team you are the best rock band Scorpions No. 1)))))Smile

Nachricht 36482 von Tanya am 23.10.2012 um 18:58:18  Land: Belarus
Thank you for a concert in Minsk on October 21!Big smile
My baby (his 1.8 years) sleeping under your songs "Holiday" and "Still loving you" Sleepy
You are THE BEST!!!!

Nachricht 36481 von Linda am 23.10.2012 um 17:45:28  Land: Norge
I start crying today. And the reason was that my favoriteband is coming to Norway. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made my day, my week, rest of my life! 10. december = OYES!!! scorpions foreverrrr!

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