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Nachricht 37953 von George Guest am 14.09.2013 um 07:55:50  Land: Canada
I've been a big fan for a very, very long time now. I caught your last concert in Edmonton and it had to be the best one you've put on there ever. The Best is Yet to Come is such a great power ballad. My band is playing at my wedding tomorrow, and I'll be using a wireless headset to sing this song to my bride during the first dance. I just home someone catches it on video! The song has to be one of the top 5 greatest farewell songs of all time in rock and roll. Going to miss you guys here in Canada!

Nachricht 37952 von alejandro cortes am 14.09.2013 um 05:38:02  Land: Mexico
please co not forget ous , heare in mexico we love you guys
how can i get my fan club card and a picture signed from you , i die for this

Nachricht 37951 von Fiona am 13.09.2013 um 23:58:15  Land: Greece
Thank you for a wonderful evening in Athens, we really enjoyed it!! Looking forward for your DVD!

Nachricht 37950 von Pothead am 13.09.2013 um 21:45:42  Land: United Kingdom
Sounds pretty good there in Athens, SCORPIONS. I like your Dancing With The Moonlight rendition. Really dig on Klaus's style,an always consistent kind of swing you around amongst the stars kind of vocals, a high all in its self, (SWEET!) takes you to the moon and back for a dance of the senses. Love the rendition of Rock You Like A Hurricane. Nice to have something good to wait on. You make my days so much nicer, then they would be without you. Thanks most sincerely. You give me a coolest of chills, and thrills. Yeah!, the way I like it. Another killer album, worthy of more then five stars, I give the whole Milky Way.

Nachricht 37949 von Nick P am 13.09.2013 um 20:46:11  Land: United Kingdom
So wanted to be in Athens but couldn't. See you in Vilnius. To everyone who can be there. I wish you enjoy the moment forever. A moment in a millions years.

Nachricht 37948 von Amir Gohar am 13.09.2013 um 10:08:11  Land: Egypt
YOU GUYZZ are simply the awesomest thing rock has ever seen. Can wait for a new album (Y).

Nachricht 37947 von Rose Edna Bazan am 12.09.2013 um 18:42:45  Land: United States
SOOO!!! WiSH ~ &lt;3 ~ I was there in the ancient city of Athens,Greece to FEEL! the ~ MUSIC ~ of the WONDERFUL
*SCORPIONS* under the banner open ~SKY~ for the "MTV"
Unplugged, Lycabettus Theatre. WHAT *SPECIAL* VENUE *;)

Nachricht 37946 von luisa am 12.09.2013 um 12:10:24  Land: Spain
Hola, hoy es mi cumpleaños y mi mayor ilusión es hablar un ratito en persona con Klaus, Matthias y Rudolf, como no es posible les pediré que vengan a España, que no se olviden de la ilusión que aportan a quienes son afortunados de oírles en directo. Muchos besos y gracias por formar parte de las maravillas del mundo.

Nachricht 37945 von Martin Conte am 10.09.2013 um 17:16:15  Land: Argentina
To all Scorpions fans in Greece: Enjoy it for all the other fans that wish to be there! The best is yet to come.... in a few hours!

Nachricht 37944 von Владислав Мотыл am 10.09.2013 um 00:35:47  Land: Украина
Необычно осозновать, что я пишу Вам. Вы моя любимая группа с 1985 года(мне тогда было 13 лет).Жаль, что время так скоротечно, но дай Бог чтобы Вы были здоровы, а мы как можно дольше наслождались Вашими шедеврами.

Nachricht 37943 von Margarita am 09.09.2013 um 22:26:57  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!I want to be with you! Heart

Nachricht 37942 von Bill am 09.09.2013 um 22:04:20  Land: Greece
You rocked my life!!! Can't wait for the concert in Athens.I have watched all your lives here in Greece since 2005.And now I'll be there in Wednesday 11 and Saturday 14.I hope I get a chance to see you from the front row.And remember: You let it rock we let it roll!!!

Nachricht 37941 von Yana am 09.09.2013 um 18:26:44  Land: United States
Awesome concert in Phily last year. Please come to US again.Hug

Nachricht 37940 von Maria Gorett Bitu am 09.09.2013 um 16:58:35  Land: Brasil
I am an extremely parochial worship my Pernambuco, like MPB, but is to be skinning fan who does not have to earn SCORPIONS.
Love to love you forever.

Nachricht 37939 von oscar am 08.09.2013 um 02:00:04  Land: México
soy un gran fan de ustedes, por favor vengan a Monterrey, se que estan en su gira de despedida, pero seria muy feliz, traten de venir por favor, solo he ido a 2 conciertos suyos, me diverti mucho, por favor vengan, gracias

Nachricht 37938 von Doni-Jane Rogers am 07.09.2013 um 08:43:22  Land: United States
I have been a registered fan for the scorpions since 1990's. May I please register once more to the scorpions fan club? many years ago all fan members were mailed an official SCORPIONS card with their name on it... my card expired years ago and I have been waiting to sign up on the SCORPIONS web page to renew my official fan status. I have been a fan of the SCORPIONS since 1979, I was 12 and Animal Magnatism played all summer!
May I please register in the SCORPIONS fan club? I just want Klaus Meine Autograph Picture, and of course Rudolph, Herman, Matthias, Frances, Uli, and Rudolph's little brother Michael. I'm sorry if dont include the new band members, it's late here in california and I'm graduation College in 3 weeks. The only thing i want for my graduation is the scorpions to send me an autograph picture. here is my address... DJ. Rogers at 6290 Gunter Way San Jose, CA. 95123

Nachricht 37937 von oscar am 07.09.2013 um 06:06:49  Land: Mexico
I am a big fan of you, come please to Monterrey, Mexico, I want that you come, Im wating you, thanks.

Nachricht 37936 von Anna am 06.09.2013 um 15:44:08  Land: France
S'il vous plait revenez en France!!!!

Nachricht 37935 von Alicia am 06.09.2013 um 02:19:17  Land: United States
Hi Guys , I am fan number one in long Island New York , When are you going to play here?, your love songs take me out of the planet. Best wishes.

Nachricht 37934 von Mark Egerton am 05.09.2013 um 09:14:00  Land: United Kingdom
Come on guys, when you going to perform an acoustic set in England???
I first saw "The Scorps" way back in the late 70's & you are even better now! So come on guys, hurry up & get over to the UK we miss you!