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Nachricht 37130 von jessica sheccid zavala am 04.02.2013 um 22:47:00  Land: Mexico
I love ... :B
I love are original ..
none like you

Nachricht 37129 von Forpions am 04.02.2013 um 11:13:40  Land: Finland
Hei guays..whats happend yours website is so quiet Why? We need news or something ..????????? Last news is septemper 2012 ???

Nachricht 37128 von Smyles Spencer am 03.02.2013 um 20:26:03  Land: United States
I've seen you four times (1980's) in concert and look forward to seeing you again. By far the tightest hard rocking-est band in the word!

Nachricht 37127 von Conceição Raulino Batista am 03.02.2013 um 15:28:46  Land: Brasil
OLá Scorpions, gostaria muito que estejam no Rock in Rio!!!!\\o//
nos façam felizes dando-nos a honra de sua presença..pra mim, não há outra banda que supere vocês, simplesmente é a melhor banda de hard rock de todos os tempos,uma banda completa!!!!! lindos e talentosos!!!!! I LOVE YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KISS

Nachricht 37126 von Nada am 03.02.2013 um 00:02:56  Land: Lebanon
Lebanon is waiting for your come back!! we're never getting enough :)
many of us were in the 3 consecutive concerts of Byblos and each of them seemed to us like the first time...your music and charm provides such a wonderful positive energy that gives us "chills from head to toe"... Rock on!....

Nachricht 37125 von Jason Slade am 03.02.2013 um 00:00:59  Land: United States
Hey guys,
I have had the pleasure of seeing you guys in concert twice in my life. Once in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. and once in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. You guys are to important to the music industry and to the world of heavy meatal to retire. I think you guys should be like KISS and say to hell with retirement and keep rockin all the way to your graves. Come back to the music world and deliver us some more of your heavy beatin, groovy, sexy all-time classics so the world can rock alongside you guys again. The world misses you guys and i think you seriously need to consider a coming out of retirement world tour party. C"mon you guys you can do this...Long live the Scorpions forever!!!!!

Nachricht 37124 von Julia am 02.02.2013 um 22:35:47  Land: Russian Federation
We love you!!!!!!!!!! Come back to SAMARA!!!!!!!!!

Nachricht 37123 von christos am 02.02.2013 um 19:02:00  Land: Cyprus
hey guys, how are you. I am from Cyprus and i hope that my country is in your destinations. I 'd love to see you live for once in my life. You are always wellcome. I love you guys YOU ROCK!!

Nachricht 37122 von JL Gonzalez am 02.02.2013 um 18:14:03  Land: None Given
I read Somewhere that you are not going to retire, YEESSSSSSS!!!!! retire for you it's like try not to breathe, comon guys you are too important in this world... I'll Be Waiting

Nachricht 37121 von luisa am 02.02.2013 um 16:46:39  Land: Spain
Hola, espero ansiosa el nuevo DVD de Scorpions.Please came to Spain. I love Scorpions.

Nachricht 37120 von sheng lou am 02.02.2013 um 14:36:55  Land: China
if can please come to china !!!
i love you

Nachricht 37119 von uem am 02.02.2013 um 10:23:44  Land: Japan
Dear member,
When in Japan?
We are waiting for long time.
Do you know it, don't you?

Nachricht 37118 von Alyona am 01.02.2013 um 20:21:23  Land: Ukraine
Our darling SCORPIONS, it should be confessed Ukrainian fans are crying without you... I understand and respect your decision to stop touring but it's really hard to accept it... I was having my exams in a strange city when you were in Ulraine last autumn, and ''it's cutting through so deep'' even to think that there might be no more Scorpions concerts in my counrty, that makes me cry... You're so dear to my heart, your spiritual and inspiring songs save and truly make our lives brighter! We need you so much now, maybe, more than ever; please give us any hope and don't leave us... Sending you lots of love and warm hugs from distant Ukraine, really hope to meet you eventually - '' should give us a chance, this can't be the end, we're still loving you, Scorpions!

Nachricht 37117 von Frank Preuß am 01.02.2013 um 18:04:45  Land: None Given
Hey Jungs ich schau fast jeden Tag Auf eure Hompage in der Hoffnung das ihr noch einige Konzerte 2013 gebt. Ich will euch noch so oft sehen wie es geht. Ich möchte euch im meinem Herzen in Erinnerung behalten und Danke sagen das ich mich in all den Jahren begleitet habt mit eurer Musik Smile Smile Smile . Wünsche euch eine gute und schöne Zeit bis bald euer Fan aus Neustadt an der Ostsee.

Nachricht 37116 von lady starlight am 01.02.2013 um 11:07:17  Land: Bosnia Hercegovina
I would love scorps to come back again,more then anything or anyone in this world but look people...we have to appreciate their will if we really love them, scorps will be living til the end of world, as long as they live in our hearts...THEY ALWAYS WILL!
Btw, i'm from serbia..:)

Nachricht 37115 von Firas am 31.01.2013 um 17:20:21  Land: Lebanon

Nachricht 37114 von Jake am 30.01.2013 um 13:59:06  Land: United States
This is a very bad ass classic rock band

Nachricht 37113 von kirby donaldson am 30.01.2013 um 05:10:20  Land: United States
some times in life you just have to grab the bull by the horn, and realize theres only so much time to spread peace, love and rock n roll and the best place to do that is in washington state where it all started back in the 1980. when you opened up for ted nugent and blew his doors off, its time to get off the couch and rock this place, dont yea think, who is with me.

Nachricht 37112 von Rick Gaumond am 30.01.2013 um 04:07:32  Land: United States
You all ROCK!

Nachricht 37111 von F#rancis wilian am 29.01.2013 um 20:20:14  Land: Canada
all of yours is robber;you stole my song scorpions;turns my angel in lorelei;then in one day or two all of yours is burning in the hell.

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