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Nachricht 36521 von Alisa am 25.10.2012 um 16:06:48  Land: Беларусь
why is the message on the home page address to the Turkish fans and a gift from the !Belarusian! fans? It's irregulary) thank you very much for the concert in Minsk! it was cool) come again! We love and miss you!((((((
Happy Birthday, Matthias!))

Nachricht 36520 von Bente am 25.10.2012 um 16:04:45  Land: Norway
Happy birthday, Matthias ! Thank you for all your beautiful, breathtaking guitar playing that has made Scorpions my favourite band. You've got animal magnetism, and, in my opinion, the sexiest man of rock n'roll ;) Wish you all the best for yourself and your family. God bless. Kisses

Nachricht 36519 von Sabina Loose am 25.10.2012 um 15:40:14  Land: Germany
Hallo Matthias,
herzliche Glückwünsche zu Deinem Geburtstag,Gesundheit,Liebe und einen schönen Tag. Viele Küsse und rock and roll forever SabinaHeart Heart Heart

Nachricht 36518 von luisa am 25.10.2012 um 14:02:46  Land: Spain
Happy Birthday Matthias, have the best day. I wish you all love, peace,good luck, health and rock forever. I love you Matthias and always will, love your music. I will go to the Munich concert again because Scorpions is my life, my sunshine. I send you million kisses and hugs. Please came to Spain.

Nachricht 36517 von Boglarka am 25.10.2012 um 13:43:32  Land: Hungary
Dear Matthias! Many happy returns of your day! We wish you the best!!! Forever Rocking MASTER!!!!
Kisses from Hungary:-)))

Nachricht 36516 von Daria am 25.10.2012 um 13:33:19  Land: Russian Federation
Happy Birthday Matthias! All the best to you. Russia loves you!

Nachricht 36515 von Elena am 25.10.2012 um 12:28:10  Land: Russian Federation
Happy birthday congratulations,
A lot of joy I wish.
A lot of singing and dancing,
Never lose heart.
Медиатры not to lose,
And the more we play.
In life's little drunk,
And a bigger smile.

Nachricht 36514 von Garance am 25.10.2012 um 12:09:17  Land: France

Nachricht 36513 von am 25.10.2012 um 11:49:53  Land: Germany
Happy Birthday Mathias, have a great dayHug you are the best Clap

Nachricht 36512 von Агнэс Долд am 25.10.2012 um 09:38:32  Land: Germany
may god bless you and grant you all your wishes, today and always!

Nachricht 36511 von Andrei am 25.10.2012 um 09:29:23  Land: Romania
Happy Birthday Matthias!!!! Greetings from Romania!!!!!

Nachricht 36510 von Mirsa am 25.10.2012 um 09:11:20  Land: Greece
Happy birthday my friend Mathias!!! All the best for you, your familly and the persons you love. Have a great day!!!

Nachricht 36509 von Marina am 25.10.2012 um 08:36:30  Land: Russian Federation
Dear Matthias!!! Happy Birthday!!! Health, Happyness, Good Luck, Success!!! Smile From Russia is Love!!! Heart Wink

Nachricht 36508 von Christine Carmona a.k.a. Chris am 25.10.2012 um 08:11:29  Land: United States
Frohen Geburtstag, Matthias! (Happy birthday, Matthias!). May you experience lots of fun, presents, delicious food and drink, but more importantly: good health, prosperity, and many many more Scorpions concerts all over the world, including Phoenix, Arizona! I'd sure love to see you again! Keep looking good and playing good! KEEP ON ROCKIN

Nachricht 36507 von Waltraud Hirthe am 25.10.2012 um 08:04:24  Land: Germany
Hi Matthias, right now you and the Scorpions are touring through Russia. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best for your birthday, best health, good luck and fun and happiness. You are a great guitarplayer, a good looking man and a wonderful human being and very inteliigent. Love forever from somebody of the middle of Germany. Love and peace to the other Scorpions.

Nachricht 36506 von jesús antonio mendez laguna am 25.10.2012 um 07:34:05  Land: Mexico
Muchas felicidades Matthias jabs gracias a dios q te dio la vida para q fueras ejemplo de los mejores guitarristas del mundo pero muchas felicidades y recuerda the best in yet to come con SCORPIONS MATTHIAS JABS ERES GENIAL -:)

Nachricht 36505 von montserrat bimbrera reyes am 25.10.2012 um 07:28:15  Land: Mexico

Nachricht 36504 von Dafne Kottak♥ am 25.10.2012 um 06:45:50  Land: Mexico
Thanks for you music, you're awesome!!!
You ROCK Matthias!!
Have fun today!! I hope to see you again some day!
You are so cute♥ The best guitarrist!!
I send you kisses and hugs!!
Ich liebe Scorpions♥
Come to Monterrey again please, haha love you guys!♥
Scorpions forever!!
Happy Birthday Matthias Jabs!!

Nachricht 36503 von Karina García am 25.10.2012 um 06:01:15  Land: Mexico
All the fans´SCORPIONS are very happy for your birthday Matthias Jabs...don´t know if u read all those messages, so I really wish u the best days full of happiness and health a pleasure to deleate our ears with your music, and our eyes too hehehehe....I will never forget when that eyes yours looked at me in a concert....never.
I always be your fan ...

Nachricht 36502 von cinthya am 25.10.2012 um 05:34:27  Land: Mexico
hey Matthias!!! just here to send you the best birthday wishes, hope you have an excellent day and it's a honor to have the same birthday that you :) a very huge hug and a big big big kiss best regards from Mèxico.

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