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Nachricht 37968 von Maria am 19.09.2013 um 09:25:05  Land: Greece
I was able to be only at the Saturday 14th September concert. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great evening full of awesome songs and energy. It was one of the best concerts you've given in Greece. I look forward to the DVD.

Nachricht 37967 von Tony Lopez am 19.09.2013 um 03:10:42  Land: Philippines
I am your biggest fan...I love your brings back my best memories...I am now 59 years old and I have not seen ou yet in live....hopefully you could come to california for a series of guys have millions of followers....Scorpions forever....

Nachricht 37966 von Konstantinos am 18.09.2013 um 21:47:53  Land: Greece
There are not enough words to describe this breathtaking unplugged concert in Athens one week ago. It was the 8th concert that i have watched live and i hope that there going to be more...The best is yet to come!

Nachricht 37965 von ferly yulianto akbar am 17.09.2013 um 07:43:54  Land: Indonesia
I want to make your clinic concert in Indonesia, can you tell me how to make it happen ???

Nachricht 37964 von Uwe Nack am 17.09.2013 um 00:42:02  Land: Germany
Hi Klaus, I was on September 12 in Athens on your MTV Concert unplaggnet. The over 3 hours concert was absolutely great. You and your friends have give all without interruption. Ich was all excited about your new songs that you absolutely have to bring on a CD. I hope there is a live concert of this brilliant CD. This security would be me a sales success. Such a concert in Germany, and you could play for days to sold-out aromatics. Keep up with your insane Angagement!! Your freind Uwe :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Nachricht 37963 von Margarita am 16.09.2013 um 20:31:45  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus!You know I just wanted to say that you don't need to be nervous or afraid of anything!I will always support you!I believe in you! Heart Heart Heart

Nachricht 37962 von Anna Shvayuk am 16.09.2013 um 12:35:18  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus, Follow your heart SUPER!!! I love you)))))

Nachricht 37961 von sabre am 16.09.2013 um 09:14:06  Land: Bosnia Hercegovina
Planning to come to Belgrade?
I love your music and I'll be honored to watch and hear you in live. You are the proof that real music still exist.
Best wishes from small Balkan country.

Nachricht 37960 von 2013 Die Hard am 16.09.2013 um 02:46:01  Land: United States
Die Hard SCORPIONS fans come from every country. Especially from my neck of the woods. SCORPIONS seem like home to me. I say long live SCORPS. I Love You. Even though we are dust in the wind, I collect with you, a beginning of sorts.......

Nachricht 37959 von MAKIS L. am 16.09.2013 um 00:44:16  Land: Greece
It's been 24 years since i saw you with my friends live at your first concert in Greece back to the 1989 at the Peace & Friendship Stadium, when I was just 17 years old. Now I'm 41, I was at Lycabbetus on the 14th of September and still cry when I hear "When The Smoke Is Going Down". You gave me the same emotion, having my lovely wife beside me this time, when you sung it on Saturday night at the end of the concert. Thank you for being a part of my life all of these years.

Nachricht 37958 von Gebrüder Grußbach am 15.09.2013 um 22:58:20  Land: Germany
Hallo Jungs,
was ich auf You Tube gesehen war cool.
Der Gitarren - Auftritt von Klaus hat uns vom Hocker gehauen.
Ihr seid immer noch so Verrückt und geil wie immer.
Schönen Gruß aus Saarbrücken sagen die Gebrüder Grußbach Wink

Nachricht 37957 von Tatiana_E am 15.09.2013 um 21:02:42  Land: None Given
The guest book these days was almost empty because those who was lucky to be in Athens were completely blown away,shocked and exhausted after awesome shows! When Klaus sang new songs, it was unusual atmosphere, like everybody stopped breathing. Nobody has known the melody and the lyrics. Even Klaus was a little nervous.At the second concert we already knew the refreain. 3-d time these songs were already adopted into Scorpions family and were welcomed as old ones.
A big respect and love to Greek Scorpions Fun club!They united the fans from many countries and orginized Scorpions overdose party! It was night to remember!!

Nachricht 37956 von DIMITRIS - FEDRA am 15.09.2013 um 21:00:59  Land: Greece
Thank you for the magical nights in Athens. We love you so much. Always in our hurts.

Nachricht 37955 von Rf am 15.09.2013 um 19:23:38  Land: United States
War heute mit den Scorpions im gleichen Flieger und in der Reihe dahinter. So doofe Typen habe ich selten erlebt. Arrogant was nur geht. Schämt euch! Wer bezahlt eurr Lohn? Die Fans!!!!

Nachricht 37954 von KOSTAS am 15.09.2013 um 02:37:47  Land: Greece

Nachricht 37953 von George Guest am 14.09.2013 um 07:55:50  Land: Canada
I've been a big fan for a very, very long time now. I caught your last concert in Edmonton and it had to be the best one you've put on there ever. The Best is Yet to Come is such a great power ballad. My band is playing at my wedding tomorrow, and I'll be using a wireless headset to sing this song to my bride during the first dance. I just home someone catches it on video! The song has to be one of the top 5 greatest farewell songs of all time in rock and roll. Going to miss you guys here in Canada!

Nachricht 37952 von alejandro cortes am 14.09.2013 um 05:38:02  Land: Mexico
please co not forget ous , heare in mexico we love you guys
how can i get my fan club card and a picture signed from you , i die for this

Nachricht 37951 von Fiona am 13.09.2013 um 23:58:15  Land: Greece
Thank you for a wonderful evening in Athens, we really enjoyed it!! Looking forward for your DVD!

Nachricht 37950 von Pothead am 13.09.2013 um 21:45:42  Land: United Kingdom
Sounds pretty good there in Athens, SCORPIONS. I like your Dancing With The Moonlight rendition. Really dig on Klaus's style,an always consistent kind of swing you around amongst the stars kind of vocals, a high all in its self, (SWEET!) takes you to the moon and back for a dance of the senses. Love the rendition of Rock You Like A Hurricane. Nice to have something good to wait on. You make my days so much nicer, then they would be without you. Thanks most sincerely. You give me a coolest of chills, and thrills. Yeah!, the way I like it. Another killer album, worthy of more then five stars, I give the whole Milky Way.

Nachricht 37949 von Nick P am 13.09.2013 um 20:46:11  Land: United Kingdom
So wanted to be in Athens but couldn't. See you in Vilnius. To everyone who can be there. I wish you enjoy the moment forever. A moment in a millions years.