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Nachricht 37154 von Mahfiz Mahfiz am 11.02.2013 um 11:21:34  Land: Malaysia
Always somewhere , sly foreverHug

Nachricht 37153 von Anna Jane Bond am 11.02.2013 um 01:54:54  Land: None Given
Dear Scorpions, please do tour 2013 and include UK, fans struggling without u!!!!! Love forever!

Nachricht 37152 von #1FAN am 11.02.2013 um 01:52:17  Land: United States
Back in 2005 or 06 the scorpions came to the usa to do two shows, one in arizona and the other at the O.C. Fair with U.F.O. as the openning act. What made this show stand out from the others was the set list the scorpions did. These are some of the songs the mighty Scorps did....In Trance, Hes a woman, Shes a man, When the smokes going down, Speedys coming,and all the other good hits we all love. One signature song is You Give Me All I Need, maybe on your next tour youll do that one, but nothing after Savage Amusement. Do you know what bands like Michael Schenker,and Uli Roth are playing at their shows? Old School $corpions!!!!

Nachricht 37151 von Grażyna am 10.02.2013 um 19:57:09  Land: Poland
Witam gorąco chciałabym dowiedzieć się jak można otrzymać Wasze zdjęcie z dedykacją. Mój syn Tomasz w tym roku kończy 18 lat i jest Waszym fanem, ma to po tacie, który zaraził moich obydwu synów Waszą twórczością. Chciałabym podarować mu Wasze zdjęcie z dedykacją na urodziny.
Pozdrawiam i proszę o informację.

Nachricht 37150 von Nikolas am 10.02.2013 um 16:18:33  Land: Беларусь
Scorpions, please go tour 2013!!!Comback in Belarus!!!!!please...

Nachricht 37149 von Sergey am 10.02.2013 um 12:49:32  Land: Russian Federation
Scorpions, please go tour 2013!!!Comback in Russia!!!!!please...Disapprove

Nachricht 37148 von ENRIQUE PACHECO am 10.02.2013 um 06:20:05  Land: Mexico
Hello Scorps!!!!,
Please come back to Mexico City. Just one concert more.

Nachricht 37147 von Emma H (Event Security Steward am 10.02.2013 um 04:59:34  Land: United Kingdom
Dear Scorpions,
Please consider playing at one or more of the venues our company AP Security work at in England: Wembley Stadium, Brixton 02 Academy, 02 Arena (Greenwich or nearby{I've never worked there as yet myself}) ?
I hope that I receive a reply to my enquiry/question as I would love to help :) plus would love to see you play live as a spectator.
Yours Sincerely,
Emma Hipkin

Nachricht 37146 von Jordana Simões Trarbach am 10.02.2013 um 00:21:55  Land: Brasil
Scorpions é tudo de bom! Músicas fora do comum que fazem muito bem aos ouvidos e a alma! Scorpions forever!!!

Nachricht 37145 von Russ in LoUiSiAna. am 09.02.2013 um 22:22:12  Land: United States
The "GREAT" Scorpions..... U Rock @ We Roll ! nuff' said!! Russ in LoUiSiAna , U.S.A. !!

Nachricht 37144 von Mark am 09.02.2013 um 12:16:20  Land: United States
Everyone repeat after me ZUGABE, ZUGABE, ZUGABE in California (name your country, state or city)!
I'm a long time fan since the late 70s. I have seen you many times in concert in Germany and in California. Just one important thought, if you come back to make love to your fans "one last time" (musically) then make it your best ever! Only then can you truly retire in peace. Love you guys. Thank you for the great memories! God bless the Scorpions!

Nachricht 37143 von Alejandra am 09.02.2013 um 09:01:17  Land: Spain
PLEASE come to Spain!!! I'm a great fan of yours but I have never had the opportunity to go to any of your gigs :( We need you here to inspire us with hope with your amazig music!!!! Bitte!!!!! :P

Nachricht 37142 von ronald am 09.02.2013 um 00:55:55  Land: Netherlands
yes scorpions shame shame to not coming with the last tour in holland 2012.i am al so 30 years fan from the scorpions.shame you shame you.

Nachricht 37141 von danielle vergne am 08.02.2013 um 17:59:25  Land: France
Super top site and forum high sound rock Scorpions!!!!

Nachricht 37140 von mag am 08.02.2013 um 11:56:29  Land: France
go to ski all day with you on my ears... so great... thank you!

Nachricht 37139 von Cécile am 08.02.2013 um 11:03:39  Land: France
Am I right, the tour date section has been updated?!! No date so far BUT a new heading called “TOUR 2013”. Two words : THANK YOU !!!
You know how to make your audience spellbound!! Ok, I know what I have to do from now: keep an eye on the tour date section !

Nachricht 37138 von jan am 08.02.2013 um 08:46:49  Land: Netherlands
You ar great in Holland
We need you at Wisseloord in Hilversum for remixes
We had our record company in Holland
And the last tour,NO WE DON,T come
30 Years FAN

Nachricht 37137 von Christian am 08.02.2013 um 00:09:00  Land: Sweden
I have seen you playing 3 Times' in Sweden! 1991,2007 and 2012!
Great shows all Times' and the. Last gig was big to me when Rudolf
Throw his guitar pic to me after the last song on the gig. Amazing moment,
And it did get stronger of it when i shout i out" that i got one" an Rudolf
Was hearing My shout an i did get i kiss mouth from him. Great moment.
I did also giving Mathias My thumb upp and i did get eye contact to him to
I Will live on this all My life, thanks
And thank to à great 2012 finish in Sweden, sold out, 10 000 rocking fans.

Nachricht 37136 von aliv am 07.02.2013 um 11:43:08  Land: Bangladesh

Nachricht 37135 von Rudy Moraga am 07.02.2013 um 01:50:51  Land: None Given
Did U f%#@#^&* retire or not? Made enough $$$$$? Thasnk GOD for Uli Jon Roth , Michael Shank,and UFO for living like Rock stars. They know where all the $$$ came from.Classic hits. Toyko tapes on last tour wouldve brought down the staple center house, but noooo, u had to do comeblack???? Why? Comeback and do it right, go out with pride.

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