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Nachricht 39975 von clara am 06.07.2015 um 17:04:18  Land: None Given
I love the Kottack interview with Markus !Our James is back!!Big smile
I have a request ...
I know Klaus and Matthias have their copy , so please !!!
We can see The Scorpions at Jaguar club 1967 , This is my song live 1972Heartand the clip I'm going mad and more late Speedy's coming , Sails of Charon and ... We'll Burn The Sky Heart Babe ...What a dancer !Wink
But really i would love to see my favorite song of Lonesome crow live in 1971 !!!
Take care my Scorps , still waiting for you on 3 december ! Hug Heart

Nachricht 39974 von Helen am 06.07.2015 um 11:59:08  Land: France
Hello my Scorpions! What tell to you that I have not already said? That I love you? That you are a member of my life? That every James's strike gives the rhythm in beating of my heart? That the voice of Klaus is the one of my soul? That every notes of Matthias, Rudolf and Pawel make vibrate my body? No ...., I think of having already said you all that things. Well, when you love you don't count the cost!! Take care of you. See you soon.Wink

Nachricht 39973 von r am 06.07.2015 um 06:55:48  Land: United States
hhi my name is roger your music has given me so much inspration in my life please if you can my wife and i are short on funds and would love to see you one last time i saw you in concert in san diego in the early 80 s with girls school and saxon did not want to open for you shame on them i run and excersise with your music it keeps me motivated your the best ever!!!!!

Nachricht 39972 von Jeff am 05.07.2015 um 22:30:34  Land: United States

Nachricht 39971 von Dominik am 05.07.2015 um 22:15:20  Land: None Given
Awesome!!!!! You look like you could loose 5lbs if not more in 30 days . Beacause in the pic you have it looks like your in good shape and healthy!!! so i hope you be happy with who evers or what ever <a href="">seiletcon</a> you choose for your challenge (Ive read some REALLY good options from others) so Good Luck to you And thanx for being so kind on commenting on my options July 18, 2011

Nachricht 39970 von Peter Donath am 04.07.2015 um 14:33:44  Land: Germany
hallo zusammen.
ich höhre eure musik schon seit jahr zehnten. ich bin ein fan aus gütersloh und wünsche euch noch eine lange aera im musikgeschäft.
bei manchen songs habe ich geweint und bei anderen bin ich verrüct geworden. ich danke euch allen für die schöne zeit mit euch.
Schönen Gruß
Peter Donath

Nachricht 39969 von Julia am 03.07.2015 um 10:08:05  Land: Russian Federation
Klaus adopt me please, can I be your dauther. I'm 32 years in Russia and longing for your adoption.

Nachricht 39968 von Alan Hunter am 03.07.2015 um 06:59:38  Land: United States
To whom it may concern (or to someone who isn't the least bit concerned about this but may have a connection with the Scorpions) I have been a devoted Scorpions fan for over 30 years, and have seen them in concert 4 times. My one desire is to meet the band that I have followed for so long! I guess you could call it a bucket list item, but I would love for the Scorpions to come near Southwest Florida one more time, and to get a VIP tickets package that would allow me backstage to meet and hang with the band. I have never had another band that I have been as passionate about, and have no real desire to meet any other band. If anyone reading this can make that happen for me, I would be very grateful!

Nachricht 39967 von Helen am 02.07.2015 um 17:47:49  Land: France
Hello my Scorpions! Of return in France! Admit that you feel good there! My country has this something undefinable which makes that we return there always (either that we stay there, what is my case). And if you are wise, I would tell you about what it is!!!! Good concert this evening and bye for now! I love you beyond the words.Tongue

Nachricht 39966 von Kevin Alexander and Bill Johns am 02.07.2015 um 15:58:13  Land: United States
Hey Mr. James Kottak, Kevin and Gil Alexander told me they went to school with you here in Louisville, KY. They told me that if you don't come back to your hometown of Louisville (Derby City, Bourbon Capital of the World) that they would replace your picture that is in the left hand corner of this website with a picture of you that is not so flattering. Come to Louisville man and ROCK us Like a Hurricane! This city would go nuts!
Wild Bill

Nachricht 39965 von andreasinger am 01.07.2015 um 09:18:34  Land: Germany
Hallo Rudi ich wünsche dir und deiner Freundin herzlichen Glückwunsch für das babyglück

Nachricht 39964 von 80sladyofrock am 01.07.2015 um 03:38:50  Land: United States
Please come to the rocking city of San antonio ,texas.

Nachricht 39963 von Pothead am 30.06.2015 um 23:30:07  Land: United States
Hello SCORPIONS. Hope you have a kick ass Rockin summer. guys sound so good. OOOWWWWWWW! Approve Clap

Nachricht 39962 von Francis William am 30.06.2015 um 01:01:34  Land: Brazil

Why Brazil is out of the new tour??
Rollin Home is the best song of this album!!
Dont forget Brazil Scorpions!!

Nachricht 39961 von D LACROIX am 29.06.2015 um 15:13:29  Land: None Given
AU NOUVEAU Centre Vidéotron
QUÉBEC QUÉBEC QUÉBEC Centre Vidéotron Centre Vidéotron

Nachricht 39960 von Helen am 28.06.2015 um 11:52:39  Land: France
Hello my Scorpions! The summer is there and with him the good mood reigns almost everywhere. The air smells grills and sunscreen. We feel reliving. I hope that you are happy, in the sun and that you share simple moments of happiness with your close friends. I love you. Take care of you. Your place in my heart was, is and will always be a place where you will be immortal.

Nachricht 39959 von hugo boutin am 28.06.2015 um 01:50:12  Land: Canada
hi my cousin who past away in 2006 let me discover you're group and 2 of you're songs play 2 songs at the church and i love all you're songs and music i'm proud of all of you and keeo uo the good work Smile

Nachricht 39958 von HEB am 28.06.2015 um 01:23:53  Land: United States
When are yall coming to Texas, San Antonio at least

Nachricht 39957 von Angela Pearson am 28.06.2015 um 00:44:04  Land: United Kingdom
Please come to Manchester or Sheffield in 2016 you have many fans up here would love to see you again x x

Nachricht 39956 von Max am 27.06.2015 um 23:29:01  Land: Poland
Please comeblack to Poland! We are waiting for you since 50th Anniversary concert!