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Message 1506 by Thomas Kanzler on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 8:13:31 AM (GMT) Country: Germany
Hey Matthias,
möchte mich herzlichst den vielen Geburtstagswünschen anschliessen - vergass ich total in meiner
zweiten mail von heute - wünsche schöne Feier - lass es krachen und bis hoffentlich bald in
Deutschland - Mannheim/Ludwigshafen oder Umgebung - siehe meine vorherige mail. Und viel Spass
bei den Gigs im arabischen Raum!
PS: Bucht Euch doch mal aufs Rock Hard Festival in Gelsenkirchen im Juni 06 ein - Accept haben dieses Jahr kräftig abgeräumt !!! Hier spielt Ihr mal vor richtigem Heavy-Publikum!!!
Bis bald.
Herzliche Grüsse aus Mannheim

Message 1505 by Akemi on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 7:54:35 AM (GMT) Country: France
Hi Matthias !
I wish you an HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a very nice day ! I wish you joy, happiness... all in positive !
Keep on rocking and best regards to the whole band..
Lot of kisses...

Message 1504 by RainbowGirl on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 7:32:06 AM (GMT) Country: France

Message 1503 by all Chihuahua's Scorpions fa on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 7:11:47 AM (GMT) Country: Mexico
Thanks for a great show, hope we see you again here in the north of Mexico or south USA

Message 1502 by Rudi Roth on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 7:09:42 AM (GMT) Country: Finland
Happy birthday, Matthias!

Message 1501 by Thomas Kanzler on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 6:52:59 AM (GMT) Country: Germany
Hallo Scorps,
als alter Fan würde ich Euch mal gerne wieder in unserer Region in good old Germany auf
Tour sehen - mit Eurem aktuellen Album habt Ihr Euch bisher in Deutschland eher rar gemacht -
der liebe Tourstress rund um die Welt - ich weiss....
Es gibt aber sicher noch genug Fans in Deutschland die sich auf eine ausgiebige Tour in der Heimat
freuen würden (spreche hier sicher etlichen Fans aus dem Herzen) - testet als Tip mal die brandneue SAP-Arena in Mannheim an (Deep Purple/Alice Cooper eröffnen hier in 2006 die Rock-Saison - 14000 Plätze) - vielleicht klappts mal mit Euch - wird Zeit - lasst es mal wieder auf "Deutschem Boden" richtig krachen - auch mit den alten Songs, es gibt auch bei uns noch eine Heavy-Fraktion.
In freudiger Erwartung verbleibe ich mit herzlichen Grüssen - machts gut Jungens - und denkt dran:
Immer nur vom Besten!!

Message 1500 by Slávka on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 6:38:12 AM (GMT) Country: Czech Republic
Dear Matthias,
I wish you the best, have a nice birthday. You are the most important man in my life, even if you are so far. Czech Republic did not forget you, this morning, on my way to office, Czech radio wished you happy birthday. It´s great! Don´t you think?
Let all your dreams come true, Matt. You will be in my heart forever. I will never let you out of my mind, I swear! Never lay down your guitar!

Message 1499 by on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 5:57:49 AM (GMT) Country: Puerto Rico
Le envio un afectuoso saludo y muchas felicidades Matthias en su cumpleaños!
Matthias: have a very happy birhtday and thank you for give to our fans your energy, pretty smile and your fabulous way to play guitar.You are the best. God Bless You.
Your fan from Puerto Rico

Message 1498 by PEPE FIGUEROA on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 3:56:37 AM (GMT) Country: Mexico
Mi grupo favorito.... Scorpions... Muchas felicidades por su presentacion en Guadalajara, Jalisco, estuvo muy padre. Los sigo desde que tenia 14 anos, ahora tengo 35, y fue increible verlos en vivo, fue un super concierto, el primer boleto que salio a la venta lo compre yo. Tengo entendido que hoy es el cumpleanos de Mathias, le mando un fuerte abrazo y tomate un buen tequila derecho a mi salud. FELICIDADES.

Message 1497 by Keko Chapa on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 3:56:14 AM (GMT) Country: Mexico
felicidades por su cumpleaños Mr Matthias Jabs, es una dicha felicitar electronicamente al creador del mas bello requinto: lady starlight...Mil felicidades Mr...
Keko 2005.

Message 1496 by Vivian Barros on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 3:37:30 AM (GMT) Country: Brazil

Happy birthday!!!
Congratulations for you, in this dear date...
A lot of health, peace, love and opportunities!!!
Live with disposition and enthusiasm,
doing what likes and accomplishing your dreams...
I want that you
Be always very happy
Have many years of life
Congratulations for this so beautiful date!
Congratulations for you to be such a special person!!!
Today it is day of party and happiness.
Day of wanting happiness for your birthday!
Birthday can be the moment of revaluing the lived time.
To enjoy the present moment and to fill out our soul with dreams and plans for the future.
That the obstinacy permeates your roads and the divine light leads your steps.
That this celebration has the presence of those who you want well, with a lot of happiness
in the heart!
I still wish you, a long, prosperous and happy life!
Happy birthday!

I adore your smile and I hope you smiled when you read this message.
Many kisses in your heart
I adore you


Message 1495 by marilena on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 3:09:39 AM (GMT) Country: Brazil

Message 1494 by Vlasta on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 3:02:22 AM (GMT) Country: Australia
I hope all your dreams come true.
Mine is to see Scorpions down under.
Have a good one. See you somewhere one day.

Message 1493 by Marsha on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 2:51:58 AM (GMT) Country: Canada
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dearest Matthias HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.......your still looking hotter than ever enjoy & cheers to you and Beatie...xoxox

Message 1492 by Kahla Silveira on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 1:27:51 AM (GMT) Country: USA
I would like to wish Matt a big happy birthday and I hope you have a fun party. Still even at 50 years old Matt you really look good for your age. I also have a rather shocking question to ask Klaus in some of the concert pictures you look pregnant If I embarrised you in any way Klaus sorry Oh one more thing will you guys ever come to califorina?
Love you guys lots

Message 1491 by Paulucha on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 12:53:01 AM (GMT) Country: Brazil
For you all, Scorpions - thank you. That glory nigth in Vitoria, ES, is writed in golden letters in my heart, in my soul...I'll never, never, forget...I hope we can see you again, very soon! Oh, my! You bring
me back to my adolescent years... you gave me back all those dreams. How can I explain?...
All that I can say is THANK YOU, BOYS! AND COME BACK..... SOON!
I kiss you all!

Message 1490 by Evil Jay on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 12:39:39 AM (GMT) Country: Germany
Ihr seit so scheiße, wart ihr schon immer und werdet ihr auch immr sein.
Evil jay will rock you away!!!!

Message 1489 by oswaldo jauregui lopez on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 12:38:24 AM (GMT) Country: Mexico
scorpions wow yoy are amanzing. what i loocked at the chihuahua's cocert just was amazing. thanks for came to chihuahua an d gave us a really crazy nihtg. never in my life i was never imagine that one nigth was the most cool rock nigth thankkkkkkkkkkkkk you scorpions you are the best .thanks to came to pancho villa's city helived here and he death here and i hope you cold came again to rock like hurricane again. look i were at el paso tx 2 twice an could see played so cool, but in my country in my city that is a small but it's our city and you really did what almost not much goups or artist can win.
win the all respect of a city that mor less of did'd like . heavy metal. and you really did it. so cool thanyou again and don't have more worsd for try to expliend to you keep rocking harder. and we will wait for you . please came againg and don't forget us ." VIVA SCORPIONS Y CHIHUAHUA CABRONES"

Message 1488 by @juliaa on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 12:38:01 AM (GMT) Country: Brazil
That the sun continui to shine through its smile...
Especially for you
***** virtual Kiss!*****
(most cold of all... but to make what? It is the only kiss that I can give to you...
With love.

Message 1487 by Elide Aparecida on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 12:20:43 AM (GMT) Country: Brazil
Dear Scorpions, please, come to Rio on your next tour. We love you very much!!!!!!!