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Andy from Liverpool uk wrote on 2016-02-06 on 6:50 PM:
Been seeing you since 1978 when I was a little lad . my fave band then and still loving you . But what about the UK in 2016 ? Have you forgotten us ?
Sanne from The Netherlands wrote on 2016-02-06 on 11:31 AM:
Hi there! When are you comming to the Netherlands? Please come to Holland!!!!!!
kRoPP from Chisinau wrote on 2016-02-05 on 2:18 PM:
Hi Scorpions! Will you visit Chisinau (Moldova) this year? A lot of peoples from Moldova wants to hear again Scorpions after 5 years.....:D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C16qLgjBc4Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ilVRCrJCbE
James Pope from Commerce Georgia USA wrote on 2016-02-02 on 3:14 PM:
Come On Guys Book Some Southern States , In April 2016 . Atlanta Fox Theater A Beautiful Place In The Spring . We Built That House On A Rock Just For You ! ... See Ya Then & Do 3 Shows
Arnau Mirรณ from Barcelona wrote on 2016-02-01 on 10:34 PM:
Dear Scorpions, I'm 15 years old and you're my favourite band. And I'm very excited to see you live on stage, but I haven't got enough money to travel. Would you please come to Barcelona? I'll be the happiest boy in the world :) Thank you and Rock N' Roll Forever. Arnau.
Jerome from Luxemburg wrote on 2016-02-01 on 4:37 PM:
Danke Matthias fรผr das Interview heute auf RTL Radio Letzebuerg. Freuen uns aufs Konzert in Frankfurt. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sandra from Heilbronn wrote on 2016-02-01 on 10:34 AM:
Sorry, ich habe meine E-Mail -Adresse vergesseb einzutragen: Also alle Gewinner der VIP-Tickets aus Baden-Wรผrttemberg, die an Fahrgemeinschaften am 23.03.2016 zum Konzert nach >Berlin interessiert sind, bitte meldet euch unter: sandra22k@aol.com
Sandra from Heilbronn wrote on 2016-02-01 on 10:31 AM:
Hallo, gibt es noch mehrere Gewinner eines VIP-Tickets am 23.03.2016 in Berlin, die aus dem Raum Heilbronn/Stuttgart kommen? Falls ja, meldet euch doch bei mir, vielleicht kรถnnen wir gemeinsam nach Berlin fahren.
Ksenia from Novosibirsk wrote on 2016-02-01 on 8:45 AM:
Hello, dear band! ๐Ÿ˜ Thank you very much for your songs , music. Thanks to you and your creativity , I believed in myself. Your music makes one believe that this life is not all bad . Those emotions and feelings that you give to your concerts , is simply not transferable . Thank you that you have given hope! See you in Russia! Novosibirsk madly in love with you ! THANK YOU!
paulo de sena from santa barbara ca wrote on 2016-01-31 on 6:13 AM:
from fly to the rainbow when older brother played you guys to today love the scorps-we gonna see you in Vegas-gonna be rocking-rock and roll like only the scorps can do ๐Ÿ‘
Luis Felipe Domรญnguez Mascarรบa from Estado de Mรฉxico wrote on 2016-01-31 on 4:25 AM:
Hi, just want to tell you that Scorpions music has been a part of the history of my life and yesterday I bought my tickets to see them in Mexico City. After 32 years of being your loyal fan, I would like to suggest the VIP for these venue. It would be a great experience for me to meet my band.
Erica Senecal from Castleton, Vermont USA wrote on 2016-01-31 on 2:55 AM:
Is there any way to convince you to come to any of these places: Albany or Saratoga Springs New York, Manchester or Gilford NH, Portland Maine, Boston or Montreal? Thanks so much!
Heidi from Finland wrote on 2016-01-31 on 1:37 AM:
Hi guys! I'm impatiently waiting to see you again; 179 long and boring days till I see you back in Finland! ๐Ÿ˜ I was the happiest woman in the world when I saw the news about you coming here. Already bought 1 ticket tho I'm going to see you both nights. ๐Ÿ˜œ You are my world, my life! Love youuuuuu! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
Grambo from Grand Bend wrote on 2016-01-30 on 3:52 PM:
Best Band Ever Period! No Canada dates? Can't leave Toronto out!
Tony Hansson from Solroed Strand (Copenhagen) wrote on 2016-01-30 on 10:43 AM:
When I was young, I used to see Scorpions every year in SAGA, Copenhagen, before you became really famous. So my question, have you forgotten Denmark ? Would like to see you again :-)
Victoria from Bergen wrote on 2016-01-30 on 12:45 AM:
Great great band you guys. I remember monsters of rock.. I believe it was 1983 or something! Greeeat stuff!! Also remember when I was 11 years old and bought Blackout on good old school vinyl :-) Best Regards, Victoria Forbrukslรฅn kredittkort
Sergey from Stavropol wrote on 2016-01-29 on 6:26 PM:
Hello, Scorpions! On a DVD "Acoustica" you've performed a wonderful ballad "Back To You". Don't you plan to release a studio version of this GREAT song? Regards, from Russia.
Pothead from Hightown wrote on 2016-01-27 on 9:53 PM:
Hello SCORPIONS! Was wondering if you have any virtual reality projects in the works? Megadeth's coming out with with a VR package with goggles on there new album, yet to be released. It would be awesome if you came out with one, and beat them to the punch. Being the groundbreaking trendsetters that you are. Just wondering. I think more of the older bands should should come out of retirement and show these younger people what real music they are missing. Thanks SCORPS, see ya around.
Heli from Hรคmeenlinna wrote on 2016-01-27 on 9:15 PM:
Can't wait to see you guys in FINLAND! These news really made my day!!!
Joseph Buttigieg from Hamrun Malta wrote on 2016-01-27 on 3:35 PM:
You played in every single country in Europe but not in Malta. Please come and do even if it is a small warm up gig. Please come and make my wish come true. Thanks!