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posted on Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 5:18:18 PM

I shot about 650 pictures yesterday at the Soundcheck, the Show and some other places. They are online in the Gallery Colmar 2005 

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Here is the Setlist:

1. New Generation
2. LoveŽem or leaveŽem
3. Bad Boys Running Wild
4. The Zoo
5. Make it Real
6. Deep and Dark
7. Coast to Coast
8. In Trance + Uli Jon Roth
9. Pictured Life + Uli Jon Roth
10. Kojo No Tsuki + Uli Jon Roth
11. WeŽll burn the Sky + Uli Jon Roth
12. Holiday (Long Version)
13. Wind of Change
14. Loving You Sunday Morning
15. Tease Me Please Me
16. Kottak Attack
17. Blackout
18. Hit between the Eyes
19. Big City Nights

1st Encore

20. Still Loving You
21. No One Like You
22. HeŽs A Woman SheŽs A Man + Uli Jon Roth & Rudy Lenners
23. Rock You like a Hurricane

2nd Encore

22. When the Smoke is going down