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Special Exhibition about the Scorpions

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posted on Sunday, February 5, 2012 at 7:37:09 PM

The rock’n’pop museum is proud to present the story behind Germany’s number one rock band.

It’s just a few notes that Klaus Meine, the Scorpions’ singer and songwriter, is whistling with devotion at the beginning of his song – but they would go on to make history as the anthem to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The band’s most successful song, “Wind of Change”, became a symbol for transformation. On the occasion of the Scorpions’ farewell tour, the rock’n’pop museum opens a large special exhibit on the 26th of January 2012.

“Rock You Like a Hurricane” is the title of the exhibition, covering a total area of 650 square meters. Visitors will look back upon the moving years of the most successful German rock band of all time, with looks behind the scenes and access to amazing information. The exhibit includes a plethora of pieces from the band’s past – including stage clothing, instruments, lyrics, awards, honours, photographs and film footage. Interviews with the band members provide proximity to the artists and a profound look into their lives and work. The band’s impressive story, as well as its politically influenced climaxes, will be presented interactively with multimedia, with a 3D cinema giving the illusion of being within arm’s reach of a rock star.

The exhibit, which can be seen in the rock’n’pop museum until 12 August 2012, reveals the band’s development from phenomenon to legend.