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STING IN THE TAIL #1 album of 2010

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posted on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 6:03:24 PM

The Scorpions announced their swansong tour and released the best album since Love at First Sting in 2010. The band are still on there Farewell World Tour and will continue to say goodbye to fans throughout 2011. How fitting they end on a high note, as Sting in the Tail is a great hard rock record that features all of their trademark sounds. "Raised on Rock" and "The Best is Yet to Come" are prime examples of why the world fell in love with these leather wearing Germans. The Scorpions have a sound that is all their own and they deserve to enjoy their retirement when the day comes. They also deserve the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame but for now they will have to settle as being the band with the best release of 2011.